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This DesignCon paper discusses PAM-4 signaling and a new measurement and simulation eco-system. Simulation of PAM-4 signals are done with an IBIS-AMI signal generator, an S-parameter channel model,and remote access software for receiver data recovery. Measured data is from commercially available equipment with specialized waveform processing.

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Keysight EEsof EDA's Tutorials in Signal Integrity webcast series is important to Signal integrity engineers who may not have the time or budget to attend continuing education classes on the latest design tools and techniques. This webcast highlights various technologies used for channel modeling, each with advantages and disadvantages, by utilizing real-world FPGA board routing and USB connector design examples. Several state-of-the-art analysis technologies will be highlighted to illustrate the end-to-end modeling of high data rate channels that include ICs, PCB interconnects, vias and connectors.




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Check out our 6 Q&A collections, with application notes, that target specific topics such as:

• What are the benefits of ADS for SI?
• How to model a high-speed channel?
• What is the benefit of S-parameter simulation?
• How to get TDR impedance from an S-parameter in ADS?
• What are the architectures of the high speed SERDES TX/RX?
• How do you analyze impedance of a PDN?

Signal integrity (SI) is all about the losses and types of signal degradation that can happen along the path (channel) between a transmitter and a receiver. In a perfect world, transmitter communication would instantaneously be heard at the receiver and with no change in the signal. Read more .



Bert Simonovich focuses on signal integrity and other high-speed issues that challenge PCB designers. In this short blog he shares his experience at DesignCon and at the Power Integrity boot camp. If you did not make it to the Power Integrity boot camp you can download the materials from the workshop at:

In this recent technical article our industry experts challenge stand-alone general purpose EM design tools against ADS’s new SIPro and PIPro solutions to overcome SI and PI engineers design limitations while delivering results in a fraction of the time.

My colleague Heidi Barnes has published a great video and a download on "How to Use Fixture De-embedding to Match Signal Integrity Simulations to Measurements." Both the video and the download link are posted on our YouTube channel:



These tools show how to correlate simulation and measurement with a focus on the critical step of either de-embedding the fixture from the measurement, or alternatively embedding a fixture model into the simulation. Useful tips. Thanks, Heidi!