What is PathWave?

Blog Post created by kaelly_farnham Employee on Feb 14, 2018

PathWave is the new design and test software platform from Keysight Technologies. It combines design software, instrument control, and application-specific test software in an open development environment.


PathWave was the big news that Keysight unveiled at DesignCon.


PathWave at DesignConPathWave design and test software platform

PathWave signs were all over the DesignCon floor and meeting rooms. PathWave is an open, scalable, and predictive software platform that integrates hardware and software at every stage in the product development workflow. The PathWave software platform provides you with flexible and immediate access to the design and test tools you need, when you need them. 


Kaelly delivers flash seminar at DesignCon


At the show, I delivered a Flash Seminar about PathWave that was standing room only. Customers were very excited to hear how this new platform will affect them. It will help all engineers who work in design and test save time by connecting and integrating their workflows.


How does PathWave save me time? This was the most common question I got from engineers at the show.


The PathWave platform is built on a software framework that will connect all software and hardware in design, test, measurement, and analysis. On top of the framework, PathWave offers plug-ins and applications, enabling engineers to customize the environment for their specific tasks. It’s the customization combined with the interoperability provided by the common framework that allows for the most time savings. Below is an example.



PathWave Semiconductor Manufacturer Example

PathWave will connect and integrate the entire design and test workflow as shown in this example of a test setup for a semiconductor manufacturer.


PathWave can be customized for many applications, and above is just one example of a semiconductor manufacturer who needs to save test time because they are missing production targets. This customer struggled because they had a growing number of test parameters, were spending too much money on separate software test modules, and had a complex architecture that wasn’t easy to develop in, visualize data flows, or debug.  


With Keysight PathWave, their entire workflow will be connected and integrated with one single platform.  If desired, they’ll automatically get updates for all new releases of the software. They can save even more test time by pushing all the computations to the cloud or a local cloud. They’ll be able to connect to 3rd party hardware, so they can connect to existing equipment they already have. They can choose a software environment that includes a lightweight sequencer, plugin templates, package manager as well as development GUI, results and timing analyzers for best test team collaboration and efficiencies.  They can rely on consistent measurements from early validation to final manufacturing. 


And with Analytics as a big part of PathWave, they will be able to gather, store, and perform analytics on their test equipment and manufacturing data, improving productivity and asset utilization with the built-in predictive algorithms.


This is just one example of how PathWave is saving engineers time. For more information, check out PathWave online or contact Keysight.