Have you run into cases where you could not find agreement between your pre-fabrication measurements and post-fabrication lab measurements?

Blog Post created by KeysightEEsofEDA Employee on May 11, 2017

In the past, the pre-manufacture design could be simulated and tested using compliance tools from an EDA vendor. And the post-manufacture prototype could be bench tested using compliance tools from test and measurement instrument vendors. However, because of subtle differences between the two vendor’s independent approaches to compliance, it was almost impossible to correlate the two.


This opened the possibility of the pre-manufacture design passing and the post-manufacture prototype failing, necessitating a time-consuming and expensive design spin. In contrast, Compliance Test Benches leverage the exact same industry-leading Compliance App used on Keysight Infiniium oscilloscopes. Compliance Test Bench mimics a real hardware test bench, and, using a scripting technology called “Waveform Bridge,” emits the same waveforms that the Infiniium app receives when you are testing in your lab. The new approach allows engineers to apply the same set of compliance tests in all three cases: real-time/on-scope, offline/on-scope, and offline/remote.


In Summary, Compliance Test benches can: 


Break the wall between Design Simulation and Lab Measurement

      • Exact same compliance software used for simulation and measurement


Provide probing point where it is not accessible inside the IC chip

  • Equalization takes place inside the chip for SERDES devices
  • It must be simulated to show if the data can be recovered by the receiver

Provide compliance validation before committing to hardware fabrication


Compliance test benches in Keysight ADS are virtual workspaces that can be customized for specific applications. Most of the connection in the design specification are included on these virtual workspaces. You can simply select them and run your simulation. Below is an example of the process to run a simulation to generate waveforms: 


Through this test, you can look at the host side eye diagram as well as the receiver side eye diagram and save the waveform results. Then you can run the exact same compliance application on the virtual scope that you have on your computer/machine. Now, at this stage when the simulation results pass the specification you can have confidence that there is an agreement between your pre-fabrication and post-fabrication results. This way if you find any inconsistency between the two results, you can target the specific problem area. 




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