A Radically Different Way to Run Load Pull Simulations

Blog Post created by KeysightEEsofEDA Employee on Mar 7, 2017

Say you are designing a power amplifier using a particular transistor. You have run load pull simulations on the transistor, possibly at different source frequencies. Is it possible to use this simulated load pull data to help determine which of numerous impedance matching network parameter values would give the best performance (satisfying gain, power, and PAE goals across a band of frequencies, for example)?

Andy Howard, Senior Application Engineer at Keysight Technologies, is demonstrating this technique with an ADS example.  By following Andy's example you will be able to specify the loads to be simulated by positioning two circles on a Smith Chart. When you are happy with the loads to be simulated, you activate an equation, and the loads are written into a text file. Subsequent load pull simulations read in the loads from the text file. Note that in order to plot the contours, you have to use Python. The Setting_up_Python_for_contour_plotting data display file walks you through the simple steps needed to install and configure Python.


Download Andy's ADS example from Keysight Knowledge Center (a login is required) to learn more:


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