Do you need to optimize various dimensions in your layout?

Blog Post created by KeysightEEsofEDA Employee on Feb 10, 2017

RF and microwave designs are usually sensitive to the physical dimensions of the layout. You can use ADS to vary dimensions and investigate performance. This workshop (that you can go through on your own) shows ways of parameterizing the physical dimensions of a layout so you can efficiently sweep or optimize them, even using EM simulations.

Here is a brief summary of what you will you be learning: 

  • How to automate ADS such that it will vary dimensions and/or location of objects in your layout
  •  How to vary the length of a line and separation between coupled lines of an edge coupled filter to optimize the response 
  • How to create MIM capacitor on GaAs which supports rectangular shapes, with any desired length and width  

Obtain the workshop material from the Keysight EEsof Knowledge Center (a login is required):