Remember the days of 1G?

Blog Post created by kaelly_farnham Employee on Oct 12, 2016

Thanks to Microwaves101.com for providing me a good laugh this morning. They just created a page on 5G, and as always, they provide humor along with their technical information.



They shared the following video from Ericsson made in 1982 that talks about Ericsson’s innovative solutions for wireless communications. We’ve come a long way since then. It’s worth the 3 minutes, if even just for the 80s background music.


Keysight (as HP & Agilent) has been in the wireless communication space since the 1980s too. We were even researching mmWave frequencies back then. Now whole communities of engineers are realizing the need to move to the higher frequencies because lower frequencies are becoming overly crowded. This part of the spectrum is finding use in the new 5G applications and next generation wireless LAN 802.11ad and other standards including electronic warfare, satellite communications, and automotive radar.


After watching the old video from Ericsson, check out this new one from Keysight about applications for the mmWave space.


As Microwaves101 alluded to, we need engineers, not robots to design the next generation of wireless networks. Keysight is uniquely positioned to help engineers who have devices to test that cannot be connected using cables. Our design and simulation software, along with our test equipment provides a full solution for wireless communication measurements at mmWave frequencies.