How To Design Custom RF, Microwave, and Analog Filters

Blog Post created by kaelly_farnham Employee on Sep 5, 2016

I highly recommend this new 10-minute video on custom filter design. How-Siang Yap, RF/MW engineer, breaks his method down step-by-step and shows us how to:

  1. Shape custom filter responses
  2. Choose realizable filter topologies
  3. Transform topologies for easier realization


As a mathematician I loved his introduction to the method of transforming topologies. He likened it to a Rubix’s cube, where mastery takes planning and practice. He shows how easy it is to perform transforms in Keysight Genesys Software. And my favorite was when he showed how to choose a transform that gives you both symmetry in the topology and the filter response, just like the Taj Mahal. You’ll have to watch the video to understand the analogy.


Design engineering takes knowledge and creativity to create something of value & beauty, and How-Siang shows us how in his latest video.

Unlike traditional RF, Microwave and Analog filter designs that start from a template response and topology, such as Chebyshev and Butterworth, this custom filter design technique is based on Direct or Exact Synthesis in which the filter response is first shaped and customized to meet specifications before a suitable topology is extracted and transformed for the most economical realization.


Watch the video and download the workspace to get a jumpstart on designing your own custom filters.