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Li-Ion cell formation is a critical step in the manufacturing process that turns a freshly assembled cell into something capable of storing an electrical charge. Before the forming process the Li-ion cell is merely an assembly of its components; mainly an anode, a cathode, a separator, terminals, electrolyte, and packaging that holds it all… (Show more)
In an earlier posting “The Value of Measuring Self-Discharge on Lithium Ion Cells” (click here to review) I explained what measuring self-discharge on LiIon cells is all about. I also introduced two new solutions for measuring self-discharge, from Keysight. These solutions use a proprietary approach that directly measures the self-discharge… (Show more)
Hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) and  electric vehicles (EV) have multiple architectural variations.  Figure 1 shows a simplified block diagram of a couple of these architectures.  For the strong (or parallel) hybrid and the pure EV (no engine), a high voltage (HV) bus supplied by a large battery, drives the electric powertrain.  Power levels of the… (Show more)