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Ideally electrical cells would be able to hold their electrical charge without any losses for all time. However, all electrical cells have some amount of self-discharge. Self-discharge is the loss of charge over time while sitting unused and not connected to anything. Self-discharge is a normal attribute of all cells. It results from chemical… (Show more)
Hello everyone,   This is the first in what should be a series of blog posts on photovoltaic (PV) simulators, also known as solar array simulators (SAS).  In this introductory blog post, the topics covered will be: Why you would choose a PV Simulator for your application How a PV simulator differs from a standard DC Power Supply What solutions… (Show more)
In my previous post, I shared the exciting developments around autonomous driving and its potential benefits to save more lives, by removing human errors which have been blamed for more than 90% of fatal driving accidents.   Now let’s switch gear to more detailed discussions of the enabling technologies of autonomous driving.   In this post, we… (Show more)
When we think about an RC time constant, also known as  (tau) the first thing that usually comes to mind is its relevance to filters. But when it comes to super capacitors it has a related, but somewhat different connotation. Let me explain.   One of the things we learn about early on in electrical engineering about the RC time constant is its… (Show more)
In my earlier post, I shared the exciting emergence of new possibilities as 5G and automotive technologies merge. Among the use cases, what interests me most is how to reduce latency in network communications. Currently, the latency on a 4G network varies from 30 - 100 ms, half of that of a 3G network. Developers are now working towards 1 ms… (Show more)
There are a variety of electrical disturbance tests for conducting validation tests on automotive electronic devices defined by ISO-7637-2 and ISO-16750-2, and a variety of other comparable standards. Based on the latest revisions of these two standards, ISO-7637-2 incorporates disturbances mostly with very high speed rise or fall times of… (Show more)
Earlier this year, I had the honor of being selected to represent our company for the 5G Automotive Association (5GAA). Having spent a good part of my 30-year career with HP/Agilent/Keysight in the mobile wireless industry, I must admit, this is a very exciting opportunity to be linked directly into the evolution of cellular technology and how it… (Show more)
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