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In my earlier post, I shared the exciting emergence of new possibilities as 5G and automotive technologies merge. Among the use cases, what interests me most is how to reduce latency in network communications. Currently, the latency on a 4G network varies from 30 - 100 ms, half of that of a 3G network. Developers are now working towards 1 ms… (Show more)
There are a variety of electrical disturbance tests for conducting validation tests on automotive electronic devices defined by ISO-7637-2 and ISO-16750-2, and a variety of other comparable standards. Based on the latest revisions of these two standards, ISO-7637-2 incorporates disturbances mostly with very high speed rise or fall times of… (Show more)
Earlier this year, I had the honor of being selected to represent our company for the 5G Automotive Association (5GAA). Having spent a good part of my 30-year career with HP/Agilent/Keysight in the mobile wireless industry, I must admit, this is a very exciting opportunity to be linked directly into the evolution of cellular technology and how it… (Show more)
ISO 16750 is an international standard for environmental testing of the electrical and electronic equipment in road vehicles. ISO 16750-2 (i.e. part 2) addresses electrical loads. Basically, this describes a series of tests depicting subjecting automotive electrical and electronic equipment to variety of standardized electrical disturbances that… (Show more)
As a sci-fi buff when I was a kid, I watched Bruce Willis in the movie The Fifth Element as he navigated his flying yellow cab in 23rd century New York City. I was not only fascinated, but the idea of flying a car fueled my imagination of being able to do that in my lifetime.   Well, some 20-years since the movie’s release, that fantasy doesn’t… (Show more)
In part 1 (click here to review) of this two-part series on power and energy, I delved into the specifics of what energy is about. To continue on this; what then exactly is power?   We learned in part 1 how energy can be increased or extracted from a system by work applied to or derived from that system. Work performed changed the energy level… (Show more)
Energy is becoming an increasingly valuable commodity as the world keeps finding ways to consume it at a faster rate than coming up with ways to produce it. Even if we were able to produce energy in unlimited abundance, its production and consumption leaves an indelible mark on the world. A key part of addressing this demand is making smarter and… (Show more)
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