• Question: Waveform Generators

    Where can I find waveform generators documentation 
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  • Is there a function that supports  one of the rear jacks as a channel output?

    I am installing a Keysight 33522B in a test rack and I was unable to obtain an output in the rear of unit that matched the output in the front of unit. Is there a function that would support one of the rear jacks as a...
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  • Service manual 08110-91031 for 8110A

    Hi, I'm looking for service manual 08110-91031. I searched but found nothing, if ever someone has a pdf copy or information that could allow me to get one, it would be very useful. Thanks you !   Regar...
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  • Sequence does not trigger on External Trigger but works on Manual Trigger

    I created a sequence on the Waveform Builder Pro application. The sequence basically repeats 0V until a trigger, produces a ramp to 0.8V and then stays at 0.8V indefinitely.   After I transfer the sequence onto ...
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  • Loading dual channel waveforms from USB on 33522A.

    Hi, I have a dual channel waveform that I created on benchlink waveform builder. I can load that dual waveform to the generator through direct USB connection to the PC or Ethernet, and all is well. But if I save the w...
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  • 33509B waveform generation capability without ARB

    Is it possible to download (e.g. from an USB stick) and generate my own (arbitrary) waveform with 33509B if my 33509B does not have the arbitrary waveform generator option (335ARB1U)?
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  • Control 33220A function generator with python socket

    Hello! I am trying to control a 33220A function generator using python socket. I am pretty new to socket programming and have no idea why my code doesn't work. I did something like command = 'some command string' s...
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  • Can I add a common mode voltage when using both channel in fully differential mode

    Hello, I have seen people using this instrument (33612A) in Dual mode with the Inverted Tracking option on to emulate fully differential signals. But I am wondering how the signals would behave if we add an offset to...
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  • Missing VISA IO library

    Hello All, what I want to do is update the firmware to my Agilent 33220A function generator. I have tried to do this via USB, and via IP. Both Times, I get a message stating the visa IO library is missing. Please, ho...
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  • Issues connecting to M8190A

    We have real problems connecting to an M8190A via PCIe. The soft front panel will just come up with a simulated unit. I've tried all combinations of the order I start things. The manual says to start the AWG first, bu...
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  • Wrong firmware version detection

    While trying to update the firmware from 3.03 to  3.05, the display show message stating that FW version on USB is older or equivalent than version in the generator.... The generator show version 3.03 at start a...
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  • 33120A "beeps"

       This question concerns the 33120A Function Generator. I am having trouble selecting a Burst Count and Burst Rate. On POR, the unit defaults to 1 kHz and 100 mVpp.  That is all ok for this question. ...
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  • Creating a sequence on N8241A in C++

    I'm testing simple scenarios such as a single waveform played once. I call AGN6030A_CreateArbWaveform to get a handle and pass it in an array to AGN6030A_CreateArbSequence. In this case the loop count array just conta...
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  • 33210A Communication  Error message: -221, "Option 002 (arb) is not instaled

    Hi, I'm trying to design a waveform from the Keysight BenchLink Waveform Builder. I already have communication but show this error message: -221, "Option 002 (arb) is not instaled" for cmd DATA: DAC VOLATILE What can...
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  • 33512B external reference "PLL ERR"

    Dear all, I am trying to use a totally new Keysight 33512B waveform generator. When I connect an external 10 MHz reference signal to the external reference input and set the 10 MHz reference source to "external" vi...
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  • Deleted Question

    Deleted Question!
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  • triggering different stored waveforms from in triggered burst mode

    I have a question about operating the Agilent 33250A 80 MHz Waveform Generator. I'll be triggering the function generator from a remote interface (GPIB).The triggered burst mode seems like exactly what I need, however...
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  • SEQuence of waveforms from python script

    I want to program a SEQuence of "simple" waveforms remotely from a python script.   E.g. to begin with I would like a linear ramp followed by a sine. I can do this by hand from the signal generator itself, but c...
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  • 33220A opt 001 -- add-on ?

    Is the 33220-66503 – External Timebase PC Assembly available for purchase ? This is the module that adds Opt 001 to the 33220A Function Generator.
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  • Sweep a phase delay between channels

    I'm using my signal generator as a trigger to a camera and a laser. The trigger signal is a square pulse and I want the two devices to be triggered with a phase delay between the channels. I've seen that this can be d...
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