• How to generate binary pattern with the 33522B Waveform Generator

    I was wondering how I can generate user defined pattern ex) 11101001 with  +/-5V for X amount of seconds  and 0V for X amount of seconds. How can I set a bit pattern using the waveform generator? Am I suppos...
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  • Service manual 08110-91031 for 8110A

    Hi, I'm looking for service manual 08110-91031. I searched but found nothing, if ever someone has a pdf copy or information that could allow me to get one, it would be very useful. Thanks you !   Regar...
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  • 信号发生器可以发出双脉冲吗

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  • .barb waveform headers

    I am trying to create .barb waveforms for 33600 generators from my computer.   left is the .arb and right is the .barb headers created by the device (using import data) from the same .csv file. I understand t...
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  • Using a Variable To Set a Amplitude (33120A with MATLAB)

    I am trying to program a 33120A, with MATLAB, function generator to output a sine wave at different amplitudes as a test routine.  I am able to do it in a brute force method: " fprintf(funct_gen1, 'SOURCE:APPLY:S...
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  • Is it possible to output both channels simultaneously?

     Hello, I am making an arbitrary waveform for each channel using pgu33622. Those individual arbitrary signals for each channel should output simultaneously, or output with pre-set delay, using MATLAB. I could not...
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  • Single AW pulse on 33250A

    Hi, I want to generate a single pulse with an Arbitrary Waveform when an external trigger signal is received (basically a pulse, that is not square but user defined). Currently I am seeing the AW repeat itself at the ...
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  • Application "garfield.exe" is the bane of my existence

    I've been using this Agilent 33522A AWG for 3-4 years in my lab.  It has had the occasional crash from time to time, but now the crashes are so often I can't use the machine.  A dialog box pops up sayin...
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  • Agilent 33522A - "Garfield.exe" error - must power cycle unit to clear

    Has anyone ever seen the following error message from an Agilent 33522A? "Application Garfield.exe encountered a serious error and must shut down." I have received this error message three times, and it: 1. L...
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  • My 33600A waveform generator is outputting 5Vpp but my Oscope is measuring 10Vpp

    I uploaded a CSV file ranging from 0-5V but my oscope is picking up 0-10V, anything specific that can be causing this?
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  • output glitches when changing parameters in triggered burst

    Hi, we use the 33511B function generator to generate pulse trains in burst mode. When changing pulse parameters (specifically pulse width and high-level), we consistently observe glitches in the resulting output wave...
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  • Pulsing an Arbitrary Waveform

    I want to create a waveform for the agilent 33220a waveform generator. It is a 40us arbitrary wave that I have designed in the keysight waveform builder pro via the Benchvue software, however I want it to then wait 1 ...
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  • Question: Waveform Generators

    Where can I find waveform generators documentation 
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  • Is there a function that supports  one of the rear jacks as a channel output?

    I am installing a Keysight 33522B in a test rack and I was unable to obtain an output in the rear of unit that matched the output in the front of unit. Is there a function that would support one of the rear jacks as a...
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  • Sequence does not trigger on External Trigger but works on Manual Trigger

    I created a sequence on the Waveform Builder Pro application. The sequence basically repeats 0V until a trigger, produces a ramp to 0.8V and then stays at 0.8V indefinitely.   After I transfer the sequence onto ...
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  • Loading dual channel waveforms from USB on 33522A.

    Hi, I have a dual channel waveform that I created on benchlink waveform builder. I can load that dual waveform to the generator through direct USB connection to the PC or Ethernet, and all is well. But if I save the w...
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  • 33509B waveform generation capability without ARB

    Is it possible to download (e.g. from an USB stick) and generate my own (arbitrary) waveform with 33509B if my 33509B does not have the arbitrary waveform generator option (335ARB1U)?
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  • Control 33220A function generator with python socket

    Hello! I am trying to control a 33220A function generator using python socket. I am pretty new to socket programming and have no idea why my code doesn't work. I did something like command = 'some command string' s...
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  • Can I add a common mode voltage when using both channel in fully differential mode

    Hello, I have seen people using this instrument (33612A) in Dual mode with the Inverted Tracking option on to emulate fully differential signals. But I am wondering how the signals would behave if we add an offset to...
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  • Missing VISA IO library

    Hello All, what I want to do is update the firmware to my Agilent 33220A function generator. I have tried to do this via USB, and via IP. Both Times, I get a message stating the visa IO library is missing. Please, ho...
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