• Application "garfield.exe" is the bane of my existence

    I've been using this Agilent 33522A AWG for 3-4 years in my lab.  It has had the occasional crash from time to time, but now the crashes are so often I can't use the machine.  A dialog box pops up sayin...
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  • Sequence does not trigger on External Trigger but works on Manual Trigger

    I created a sequence on the Waveform Builder Pro application. The sequence basically repeats 0V until a trigger, produces a ramp to 0.8V and then stays at 0.8V indefinitely.   After I transfer the sequence onto ...
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  • Issues connecting to M8190A

    We have real problems connecting to an M8190A via PCIe. The soft front panel will just come up with a simulated unit. I've tried all combinations of the order I start things. The manual says to start the AWG first, bu...
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  • Creating a sequence on N8241A in C++

    I'm testing simple scenarios such as a single waveform played once. I call AGN6030A_CreateArbWaveform to get a handle and pass it in an array to AGN6030A_CreateArbSequence. In this case the loop count array just conta...
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  • [M8190A] DAC value range to output voltage

    Hi folks,   I am trying to send my own waveforms to the M8190A via VISA/matlab. The programming guide states that: DAC values have 14 bit resolution in precision mode and 12 bit in speed mode. DAC values are si...
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  • Retrieve waveform/trace out of M8190A

    Hi folks,   Is there a way to retrieve the data of a waveform/trace out of the M8190A? I am wondering in which way the Soft Front Panel synthesizes some multi-tone frequencies. I communicate with the M8190A over...
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  • Generate a sequence in burst mode?

    Hi, Sorry for my basic question but I am a novice. I am using a wave form generator 33612A.  I am trying to generate in burst mode using benchvue or command expert the following signal: - 5 cycles of sine wave...
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  • PYVISA: Problems writing IQ Data to MXG N5182B

    Hi,  I am trying to transfer a 2-ton signal to the MXG and play the signal. If the signal is transfered using the write_binary_values() command the signal has a increased noise floor and is distorted. Command...
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  • 33522b binary upload errors

    It appears that when you use the binary upload command [SOURce[1|2]:]DATA:ARBitrary[1|2]:DAC <arb_name>, {<binary_block>|<value>, <value>, . . .}, integers that end in hexidecimal 80 to 9F do a...
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  • Agilent 33500A/33500B function gen Binary ARB example program

    C#: /**************************************************************************** *  * EXAMPLE DESCRIPTION: *  *  Binary_Arb is a sample program that demonstrates how to send binary waveforms...
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  • 81150A LAN remote control problem

    We are using LAN remote control of the 81150A and a few other Keysight devices. There is a local network and socket is used for 81150A control. While we were using Windows 7 and socket implementation for Python3, res...
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  • I am looking for an example matlab code for loading  the Arbitrary waveform files on a E4433b that actually worksactuially works

    I have downloaded a ton of supposedly working matlab code to load the ESG series dual arbitrary wave form generator I have a e4433b. not of the stuff actually works all of it used commands that are not even in the e44...
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  • M8190A dynamic sequencing

    I am trying to set up dynamic sequencing on my M8190A AWG. I am controlling the AWG via a C++ program which calculates the waveforms and sends the necessary commands to the AWG to upload the data. This program works f...
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  • Agilent 33500 Series Arbitrary Waveform Output Doubled

    I have an Agilent 33500 Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator and created few waveforms (such as sine, ramp, trap, etc.) using the Agilent Benchlink Waveform Creator software. My question is, how come the ouput voltages...
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  • How to hold exactly the same last voltage of an ARB as a DC level after having played this ARB?

    How to force the AWG (eg 33500B series) to hold exactly the same last voltage of an arbitrary waveform after having played this ARB waveform? So far, the difference between the last point of an ARB and the DC level ho...
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  • IVI High Impeadance command for 335x

    I am trying to set my AFG 335x channel output impedance to HiZ. I am using IVI x64 driver downloaded from Keysight. Per my understanding of IVI Fgen commands a value of 0 should do this but I see the output se...
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  • Play the first segment of a sequence only after a trigger

    How to make the AWG (eg 33500B series) to play the first segment of a selected sequence only after a trigger? So far, after selecting a sequence with "[SOURce[1|2]:]FUNCtion:ARBitrary {<sequence name>}" and then...
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  • Loading a huge .arb file by breaking it to pieces

    Hi, I have huge .arb files (about 10-20MB) which I want to load to the device using Matlab by calling MMEM:DOWN:FName and MMEM:DOWNDATA commands (works well for small files).  The device itself has enough space...
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  • USB Communication with Agilent 34405A

    Hi, I am trying to connect a Agilent 34405A meter to my work laptop (HP Elitebook 8440p running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit) via a USB cable. I have installed Agilent IO Libraries 16.1. When I plug in the USB cable...
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  • 81150A Interpolation and Channel coupling

    Dear forum members, I need to use the 81150A to generate a ramp on one channel and an arbitrary waveform on the other channel. The two channels run in continuous trigger mode. I also need to synchronize or phase lock...
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