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Hello, Are there built-in functions to sweep/hold frequency twice, like fstart --> fstop1 --> fstop2 --> fstart? If there is a way or command to do this, could someone please let me know?   The existing build-in function I found sweeps just once, i.e., fstart --> fstop --> fstart.   Thanks!
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The IVI-COM/C drivers for M8195A looks like it is not available anymore? It looks like MATLAB only supports 32-bit IVI drivers.. I found the IVI driver "KtM8195A", but does not work for MATLAB 2020 64bit.    So currently I'm writing my own MATLAB driver from VISA and it's painful; especially generating and uploading waveform via SCPI. The last… (Show more)
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Hello!   I am writing an application that has reached a certain state and needs AgM8190Firmware.exe to be finished starting up before continuing execution; does AgM8190Firmware.exe give off a signal when it reaches this state?   Thank you!
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Hello.   we are already working with a M8195A AWG and its sequencer in our lab. we are interested in the 33500B series for RF waveform generation. It looks like the sequencer on this line of product is similar to that of th M819X series, minus the "Scenario" mode it's not totally clear for me from a quick glance at the operation manual though.… (Show more)
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There are two methods of using the external clock reference to synchronize the outputs of multiple function/arbitrary waveform generators. Each function/arbitrary waveform generator requires an external clock reference. The external clock reference is standard on the 33250A, and is option 001 on the 33210A and 33220A. Option 001 is available as a… (Show more)
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Hi,   We're using a Trueform 33622a that is updated to the latest firmware. (Updating the firmware did not solve our issue.)   We typically load more than 200 arbitrary waveforms over USB, which works fine. Our current waveforms are 11,203 samples each.   We are looping through the waveforms, successively selecting each waveform. The selection… (Show more)
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