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Hi, we use the 33511B function generator to generate pulse trains in burst mode. When changing pulse parameters (specifically pulse width and high-level), we consistently observe glitches in the resulting output waveform that depend on which parameter is changed:   Changing pulse width, glitch is a 3.5ms long positive going rectangle, amplitude… (Show more)
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I want to create a waveform for the agilent 33220a waveform generator. It is a 40us arbitrary wave that I have designed in the keysight waveform builder pro via the Benchvue software, however I want it to then wait 1 second at 0 V DC (or just off) before the same wave is pulsed. There are not enough sampling points available to do this in the same… (Show more)
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Where can I find waveform generators documentation 
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I am installing a Keysight 33522B in a test rack and I was unable to obtain an output in the rear of unit that matched the output in the front of unit. Is there a function that would support one of the rear jacks as a channel output? 
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Hi, I'm looking for service manual 08110-91031. I searched but found nothing, if ever someone has a pdf copy or information that could allow me to get one, it would be very useful. Thanks you !   Regards Yves
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I created a sequence on the Waveform Builder Pro application. The sequence basically repeats 0V until a trigger, produces a ramp to 0.8V and then stays at 0.8V indefinitely.   After I transfer the sequence onto the Function Generator (33511B), I set the trigger to be external and hook up a pulse generator to the back-panel (0 to 3V). This does… (Show more)
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Hi, I have a dual channel waveform that I created on benchlink waveform builder. I can load that dual waveform to the generator through direct USB connection to the PC or Ethernet, and all is well. But if I save the waveform on a USB stick and try to load the waveform through the USB front panel, I get an error that "Dual channel waveforms are not… (Show more)
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Is it possible to download (e.g. from an USB stick) and generate my own (arbitrary) waveform with 33509B if my 33509B does not have the arbitrary waveform generator option (335ARB1U)?
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Hello! I am trying to control a 33220A function generator using python socket. I am pretty new to socket programming and have no idea why my code doesn't work. I did something like command = 'some command string' session=socket.socket(socket.AF_INET,socket.SOCK_STREAM) session.connect((ip_address,5025)) session.sendall(command.encode())… (Show more)
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Hello, I have seen people using this instrument (33612A) in Dual mode with the Inverted Tracking option on to emulate fully differential signals. But I am wondering how the signals would behave if we add an offset to the tracked channel. Does it end up with a common mode voltage or does a negative offset is added to the inverted channel ? Thank… (Show more)
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