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I am trying to program a 33120A, with MATLAB, function generator to output a sine wave at different amplitudes as a test routine.  I am able to do it in a brute force method: " fprintf(funct_gen1, 'SOURCE:APPLY:SIN 10000, 0.6'); % Set the output to a Sine, 10kHz, 600mVpk-pk " Then I repeat the same line with a different amplitude and so on. Is it… (Show more)
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Hi, I want to generate a single pulse with an Arbitrary Waveform when an external trigger signal is received (basically a pulse, that is not square but user defined). Currently I am seeing the AW repeat itself at the given frequency. I played with the Trigger settings, but still was not able to get what I want. Is it possible to do this? How would… (Show more)
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 Hello, I am making an arbitrary waveform for each channel using pgu33622. Those individual arbitrary signals for each channel should output simultaneously, or output with pre-set delay, using MATLAB. I could not find this information in the datasheet and guide; those documents only contain how to output each channel not simultaneously and combine… (Show more)
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I've been using this Agilent 33522A AWG for 3-4 years in my lab.  It has had the occasional crash from time to time, but now the crashes are so often I can't use the machine.  A dialog box pops up saying "Application garfield.exe has encountered a serious error and must shut down", and the entire machine is locked, no serial communication, no GPIB… (Show more)
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Has anyone ever seen the following error message from an Agilent 33522A? "Application Garfield.exe encountered a serious error and must shut down." I have received this error message three times, and it: 1. Locks the GPIB bus (can't talk to it from Matlab, using Matlab instrument control toolbox, NI GPIB-USB bridge, and NI 488.2 software)… (Show more)
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I uploaded a CSV file ranging from 0-5V but my oscope is picking up 0-10V, anything specific that can be causing this?
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Hi, we use the 33511B function generator to generate pulse trains in burst mode. When changing pulse parameters (specifically pulse width and high-level), we consistently observe glitches in the resulting output waveform that depend on which parameter is changed:   Changing pulse width, glitch is a 3.5ms long positive going rectangle, amplitude… (Show more)
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I want to create a waveform for the agilent 33220a waveform generator. It is a 40us arbitrary wave that I have designed in the keysight waveform builder pro via the Benchvue software, however I want it to then wait 1 second at 0 V DC (or just off) before the same wave is pulsed. There are not enough sampling points available to do this in the same… (Show more)
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Where can I find waveform generators documentation 
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I am installing a Keysight 33522B in a test rack and I was unable to obtain an output in the rear of unit that matched the output in the front of unit. Is there a function that would support one of the rear jacks as a channel output? 
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