• Is there a sensible solution for doing a Diff on vee files?

    There are many software tools for doing DIFF functions to compare to program files. But with .VEE files that shows all kinds of superfluous information like location of blocks and line routing that just confuse the se...
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  • Help : new to VEE

    Hello,   I am a new user to VEE programming. I just started last week. I am stuck with few problems. Can someone please help me with the error. I measure the current for a count of 705. After that I want to sen...
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  • A new Vee user, shall I use Win8

    Hi All, I am potentially a new Vee user. Clearly Win10 is not supported. I am considering buying Vee and using Win8. Is this forum still reasonably active for helping a new Vee user?   Are there other forums? &...
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  • cal error in instrumet e4418 with powersensor 8481A

    hey i am having E4418B instrument with 8481A power sensor.  the instrument is zeroing but not calibrating shows "CAL ERROR" and message in VEE RUN TIME show ERROR "CAL ERROR" Object title: raise error   O...
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  • VEE 8 on Win XP vs. VEE 9 on Win 10

    I have some equipment controlled by VEE 8 on Win XP that I'd like to replicate.  The problem is it's becoming increasingly difficult to buy a PC controller that runs Win XP.  So, I thought I'd get a modern P...
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  • How can I control an SPI device using VEE

    I'd trying to write an automated test routine to characterise an RF device that has an SPI interface (ADAR1000).  I would like to program the registers of this device, then measure its RF performance using automa...
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  • Install VEE Pro 9.33 Issues?

    I just got a new laptop with WIN10 as WIN7 is no longer being supported. I have been using VEE Pro 9.3 from a CD on my previous machines with no issue, however, I keep getting a couple different errors trying to insta...
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  • Using SNMP

    So I have used VEE to talk to many devices, mostly serial ones. Now I am trying to find out if I can use it to talk to a device via SNMP. But to be honest, I have no clue where to start. My experience with SNMP is lim...
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  • How can i upload file from PC to spectrum analyzer(N9020A) using VEE?

    How can i upload file from PC to spectrum analyzer(N9020A) using VEE? i can copy file from instrumnet to pc using MMDM:DATA command. but i have no idea how to upload file from pc to instrument.   could yo...
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  • Control over serial port

    Hello,   1_ Is there any way to read all the serial ports connected to a windows machine in VEE?   2_ Can regedit be manipulated (intentionally of course) by VEE? More specifically: can "HKEY_LOCAL_M...
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  • How to build the API connection via HTTP?

    Hi, everyone,   How are you! Below is the connection description for my test instrument. How to setup the connection in the VEE? thanks a lot!   Initializing the Connection (Obtaining Authorization) Befo...
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  • how to remove {} from a collector output array data?

    hello, i need some help. does anyone know how to remove "{ }" from the array output from a "collector"? when saving array output of the collector to file, those {}s are coming along with the data, so i can't use ...
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  • Script result in SystemVue

    Hi all,   I have a question regarding the script in SystemVue. When I run a script in SystemVue, how can I export the script result to another environment?   For instance I generate a part list of a librar...
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  • Is there a way to write files into a UNIX file system from VEE without putting the ^M at the end of each line? I have tried EOL off, but that only leaves it off of the last line written.

    VEE from a PC writes an EOL (End Of Line) in the To File block. Turning EOL off only omits it from the last line. If the ^M is left in the files, other UNIX actions that process those files choke on that characte...
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  • Matlab Script Error?

    Hello. I am trying to convert hex to 32 bit floating by Matlab script included in Vee. Fig1 shows the result of running Matlab alone.   Figure 2 shows the error messages that occur when running Matlab s...
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  • Load flatness corr tble into 83650B swp gen?

    Hello. I am using Vee 9.3. I am trying to load a flatness correction table into a hp 83650B sweep generator.  I am able to load just one value but I don’t know how to index the array to add the other value...
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  • Execute PC Function

    Hi all,   Does anyone know if there is a way in VEE to call a function, pass a couple variables and keep the function alive?  As an example, I make a small python script that in the main I'm asking for 2 h...
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  • After VEE

    Since we are all in the same boat now in terms of deciding what to do as our VEE usage winds down, I have started an "After VEE" section over on veeos.org along with a discussion on VRF. The goal is of course to see i...
    Stan Bischof
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  • test automation

    Hello All,   I have a complete RF test program developed in VEE. Now this test program is going to be used on a test computer to test a product. My problem is that there needs to be a wrapper around this program...
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  • Send email funktion

    Hi Anybody using send email funktion ?  It dossent work for me   B.R. Henrik
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