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Hello, new to VEE (and programming).   I need to connect an 8753D + PC running VEE to a PLC. The VEE program looks at the data and decides pass or fail and just shows pass/fail on the PC screen. I need to connect this system to a PLC to report pass/fail only. Can anyone offer suggestions on what hardware to use and how to send the information?… (Show more)
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I have a nested record. By using the Unbuild Record function, I am able to obtain an array of Name List in Text, which would be fields that are in that record. Say I have 10 fields, I'd have to manually add in the fields to extract them. Is there any method for me to convert a string into a function so that I can automatically extract those… (Show more)
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The screen often stops while using vee.  Is there any way to solve the problem of moving the screen from side to side and stopping for a while, and then waiting for it to work? This is Windows 10.
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I am using the Direct I/O object to control E5071C VNA in VEE. All the commands that I am using in the Direct I/O object come from the VNA user manual. I am trying to perform a frequency sweep on s21 and have all the data saved in an SNP file so that I could analyze the data. So far I have been successful in declaring my start/stop frequency,… (Show more)
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Hello,   I am a new user to VEE programming. I just started last week. I am stuck with few problems. Can someone please help me with the error. I measure the current for a count of 705. After that I want to send the values to excel. I get an error code of 830 when i try to do this. I directly write the variables (allocated as array initially)… (Show more)
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Hi All, I am potentially a new Vee user. Clearly Win10 is not supported. I am considering buying Vee and using Win8. Is this forum still reasonably active for helping a new Vee user?   Are there other forums?   Thanks
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