• N5183A generates a CW signal before the pulsed signal required

    Hi,   We are using this generator N5183A to test our system. We want to measure pulse wave in differente frequencies, PA, PW, and PRF (PRI). The problem is that when we programmed manually or automatically (with...
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  • ESG 44xx wait after *TRIG

    Hi, On a ESG-4438, I want to - turn on RF, - TRIG a user file, - turn off RF again as fast as possible.   I therefore want to pack a series of SCPII commands something like this: OUTPUT 1; TRIG ; "wait" ; O...
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  • Scpii vs pyvisa

    Hi,   I am newbie to instrument programming and need to communicate with an E4483C to do basic things - turn on, send commands, etc using an Ubuntu machine over Ethernet. Should I use SCPII commands or PyVisa - ...
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  • Is a Command Set for N9310A Available in Command Expert?

    Command Expert recognizes my N9310A signal generator but cannot find any command set for it. Is one available and, if so, how do I install it?   Whit
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  • Problems with USBTMC interface of B2901A SMU

    I have trouble with the USBTMC interface of a new B2901A SMU. Specifically, I am using the USB::TMC driver, based on libusb [1]. The same code works properly with other instruments, like the Keysight34470A DMM, Ag...
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  • M3201A PXI marker generation

    Hello,   I have an M3201A AWG in a PXIe chassis (NI PXIe-1082) and I would like to send a marker on the PXI trigger line 0 when my waveform starts. I can't seem to be able to get the AWGqueueMarkerConfig right. ...
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  • Generating a user correction file using SCPI commands on the E8257D

    Hi, There was a question already on this topic on this in the forum but apparently there was no answer. Re-opening the pandora's box again!! I do understand that we can write a program to control the power meter ...
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  • E8257 losing TCP connection

    We control all of our measurement equipment w/ SW.  For only the E8257D synthesizers we have a random problem come up.    At a random interval, we will lose TCP connection to the device (seems like the...
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  • N8241A 'odd and even' waveform handles

    I'm loading waveforms from C++ and noticed that I sometimes get an error saying that even handles can only be used on channel 1 and odd on channel 2. How do I determine what handle is returned by AGN6030A_CreateArbWav...
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  • N7611.DLL and N7621.DLL Compatibility

    I cannot build an application, in C#  VisualStudio environment .NET 4.0, that includes two references Agilent.SignalStudio.N7621.DLL and Agilent.SignalStudio.N7611.DLL,  together for x64 Platform Target . U...
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  • Connection between Signal generator and eNB

    Hello. How an eNB can recognize a signal generator as a UE, to accept uplink signals sends from signal generator to eNB in eNB conforamance tests? (because of the lack of sim card in signal generator (no imsi, no imei...
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  • HP83732A calibration software?

    Hello,   I just managed to repair a HP83732A signal generator (broken ALC loop) and the hardware seems to be working perfect! Setting up a correction table on a separate computer gives excellent frequency flatne...
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  • HP 83640L support in Connection Expert on Win10

    Hello,   I would like to ask if HP 83640L signal generator is still supported in Connection Expert on Win10. The instrument gets detected, but its identification is never displayed in Connection Expert, it says ...
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  • E8267D PSG Signal Generator web interface and the "Options"

    Hi, I saw in E8267D PSG Signal Generator web interface a list of options in the "license" page. What is this list ? It is about all installed options, or just the licenses applied for each option...
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  • Occasional slow response on :SYST:ERR?

    N5181A MXG SigGen responses on :STST:ERR? query very slowly from time to time. Is there any reason for that and any ways to avoid it?   Thanks, Stve
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  • AgilentRFSigGen Issue with IVI Components 2.4.2

    Cannot get the PSG driver to build with IVI Shared Components 2.4.2 and Agilent PSG Driver in a .NET application (driver_ivi_matlab_AgilentRfSigGen_1_6_2_0_x64.msi).   Get the below error when referencing t...
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  • N5182B SCPI/file format info for waveform header

    Hello MXG Users, Where can I find information on the file format for an ARB file header? Chp 5 of Programmers Guide, Table 5-7 offers the command: MMEM:DATA "HDR1:",. Many pages are devoted to explaining byte...
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    When I send GPIB commands OUTPUT:SYNC ON or OUTPUT:SYNC OFF, the output (50 Hz sine wave) glitches and jumps phase.   Is this normal and expected ?   I am switching Sync on and off to trigger DVM...
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  • I'm looking for PC software to operate a HP85990A multi-carrier signal generator.

    I have a used HP 85990A Multi-carrier signal generator with no documentation or PC software to configure it. HP only sold in the catalog in 1997 and 1998. It is used to perform analog distortion testing on ...
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  • How to Initiate User Flatness Correction

    Hello, I am using SCPI commands to remotely control an E8527D Signal Generator. I am attempting to create and apply a Flatness Correction table using SCPI, analogously to the procedure in the Signal Generator User'...
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