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Hi! I have E8257D PSG Analog Signal Generator. I need to create two complex signals. It looks like two tone, but i want to configure each signal with custom modulation. maybe i need to use ARB mode, but i don't know how to do this. what software do i need to create custom waveform files on my PC?
Hello  I need a datasheet or catalog for 11500FC18 and 11500EC02, Can you please help me ? And where can i download them قوقل بلاي
Hi all, I am using a E4432B RF signal generator. It is pretty old. I recently connected the signal generator to a spectrum analyzer to see if I really get the signal that I am outputting. Mostly, the spectrum analyzer readings are pretty accurate, but at times (very rare), I get SA (spectrum analyzer) readings that are completely absurd,… (Show more)
Dear Sir,   We need to generate 2GFSK and OQPSK Modulated signal with below configuration on the E4433B signal generator by applying external trigger signals from the trigger unit.   2GFSK Modulation: BT=0.5 of the Gaussian filter (BT: Filter Co-efficient) Frequency deviation of 35 kHz Data rate up to 100kbits/s NRZ Packet length:64byte… (Show more)
I have an older (HP branded) sig gen and a counter that I want to rack mount.  I have the rack ears, but need the bolts to attach them.  What is the proper size and thread pitch?  There were a couple of 8-32's in the rack ear holes in the counter, but they don't screw in, too big.  Is  6-32 the right bolt or it it a metric size?
Dear Sir,   We have an E3314A Programmable function generator of the Agilent and we need to execute the following test case using it.   Test case Details: We need to generate a Trigger pulse with a time interval between two pulses is around 200ms and for 1000 times repetition only not continues using API or configuration settings.   Queries:… (Show more)