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Hi,   I am working with E4483C SigGen. The WFM1 memory is 64Msa, but the NVWFM is only showing ~ 3Msa in the DualArb menu. It seems counter-intuitive that the hard-drive memory is lesser than RAM. Is there a way to free up more non-volatile memory to store arbitrary waveforms. I have already deleted all NVWFM files.
Hello, I have vector signal generator Agilent e8267d with options 602, UNT, UNW. How can I generate umpulse BPSK signal with Barker code using Custom Arb Waveform Generator mode and Pulse Modulation?
I am trying to program a UXG N5193 with SCPI commands via UDP in C++.  I am able to open a socket and send packets to the UXG; however, the normal SCPI commands that work in Labview with the VISA protocol do not seem to work with the UXG.  I am sending the UDP commands to Port 5025.   Is the N5193 UXG able to accept SCPI commands via UDP on port… (Show more)
Hi,   We are using this generator N5183A to test our system. We want to measure pulse wave in differente frequencies, PA, PW, and PRF (PRI). The problem is that when we programmed manually or automatically (with a tool designed for that purpose) the pulse wave that we want to measure, the generator is generating a cw signal (same frequency and PA… (Show more)
Hello Group,   I have obtained a very cheap HP8664A, but, of course, with issues. Ser no starts with 3744 but internal date codes show well into 2000. It has options 010, 004 and an oven. It has a special high shielding case. Each time upon power-on it will calibrate itself, a long operation. Then it will give the Result code: 3,504,311. MSSG… (Show more)
Hi, I am asking advice on the following issue:   When querying a B2902A Sourcemeter in a loop with the attached LabView program for  ~ 1 hour the Sourcemeter displays an error on the screen and stops responding. The device is connected via USB.   Error Message: "Program memoryis very low. You must select on task to close, or increase the… (Show more)
Hi, On a ESG-4438, I want to - turn on RF, - TRIG a user file, - turn off RF again as fast as possible.   I therefore want to pack a series of SCPII commands something like this: OUTPUT 1; TRIG ; "wait" ; OUTPUT 0   But my problem is that *WAIT probably just waits for the trig to *start*. So it does not help me.   Then I have tried… (Show more)
I want to use the Dual ARB feature of the E4483C to create a 4-tone waveform (e.g 5 MHz, 12MHz, 23, MHz, 41 MHz). I can create an I/Q stream that represents this waveform using matlab or somesuch. What is the procedure to download this waveform to the NVWFM memory of the instrument?
Hi,   I am newbie to instrument programming and need to communicate with an E4483C to do basic things - turn on, send commands, etc using an Ubuntu machine over Ethernet. Should I use SCPII commands or PyVisa - which is the path of lesser resistance?
Hello group. I have a non-optioned 8644B (1030 MHz) and found a doubler kit to 2060 MHz. After installing, the unit fails calibration and self test with error 6,040,117. Manual says attenuator issue (designated by the 6,040 result). Not exactly sure what this indicates as I know the output attenuators are OK (and not even tested, really).   The… (Show more)
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