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Dear Sir,   We have an E3314A Programmable function generator of the Agilent and we need to execute the following test case using it.   Test case Details: We need to generate a Trigger pulse with a time interval between two pulses is around 200ms and for 1000 times repetition only not continues using API or configuration settings.   Queries:… (Show more)
Dear Sir,   We need to generate 2GFSK and OQPSK Modulated signal with below configuration on the E4433B signal generator by applying external trigger signals from the trigger unit.   2GFSK Modulation: BT=0.5 of the Gaussian filter (BT: Filter Co-efficient) Frequency deviation of 35 kHz Data rate up to 100kbits/s NRZ Packet length:64byte… (Show more)
Hello   I need to generate 2-Level FSK signal using real-time I/Q baseband generator (option UN8) with +-40kHz frequency deviation and 9600 smps symbol rate. So I've created custom FSK modulation with +-40kHz deviation and stored it in the internal file. After that I set symbol rate to 9.6 ksps in Symbol Rate menu. But when I try to choose new… (Show more)
I need to varry the AC voltage using hp33120a generator and to read the data by communicating with GPIB. I feel greattful if anyone  will send VB/Matlab/Labview code. Thank you in advance
Hi,   I'm using a B1500A to do some electrical characteristics on EEPROM memories. In order, to study the impact of several waveforms signal on my devices, I would like to synchronize SPGU (B1525A) and WGFMU (B1530A) of the B1500A.   However, if WGFMU (B1530A) have a Trig Out output,  SPGU (B1525A) don't have a Trig In input. So, how can I… (Show more)
Let's assume I have two signal generators coupled via the 10 MHz reference. This means that their phase is locked and constant. However, will the phase change if I adjust the attenuation of the generators, i.e. is the attenuator's phase internally compensated? And if so, is there any way to achieve a constant phase even though the output power is… (Show more)
Hi, can anyone help with this issue i am facing: I've been getting the correct value which is 11.38 dbm. But after some time, we keep getting only at 4.48 dbm. In terms of the settings to the meter, we only set the frequency at 2.4kHz throughout, adjust the amplitude and press the RF button. Any other settings that i might have done wrongly that… (Show more)
Hello,   i want to source a Voltage-value list with the B2902 Precision Source/ Measure Unit with the internal timer and provide a level trigger to the EXT1 pin. I've created a running example that provides a 10Hz square-wave by switching in between 1V and -1V and also sends an edge trigger to EXT1 pin:   (Connect "B2902A", "GPIB0::23::INSTR",… (Show more)
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