• How to transfer csv file from N9912A to PC by using Matlab

    Hi,   I connected N9912A to PC via LAN socket at port 5025, then I want to transfer csv file that I already measure in N9912A to my PC directly by using Matlab. I want to ask all of you that is it has this way t...
    created by amanwora
  • Query regarding E4406A VSA Transmitter Tester, 7 MHz to 4 GHz

    Dear Sir,   I need help to select E4406A VSA with respect to below technical requirements.    We need to do digital modulation analysis tools include constellation diagrams, EVM measurements, symbol t...
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  • HP4195A detector type

    I have old HP4195A Spectrum/Network Analysis, do anyone know the input detector type when i use as spectrum analysis. I know the newer one has selection of PEAK, AVERAGE, or QP, but i cannot find any info on service a...
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  • Can we swap 70422A with 70427A in our E5503B system?

    We have E5503B phase noise measurement system with 70422A down converter installed.   Can we swap 70422A with 70427A down converter to change our E5503B system to E5504B system that can measure up to 26.5GHz? &#...
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  • E5052B phase noise measurement above 60GHz

    Dear Sir: I want to do the 65GHz phase noise measurement at E5052B, but I have some PN test issue is unclear. 1. How  can I make sure that the 11970V harmonic mixer is working well? 2. Are E5052B compensate any...
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  • measure a 100GHz signal

    Hi,  I need to measure a 100GHz signal. I do not have any instrument which can measure 100GHz directly. but I have a N9020A spectrum analyzer(26.5GHz). :) Is there any method which I can use to measure 100GHz...
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  • Missing MaxHold data

    Using N9320B to measure frequency; Setup: Freq = XXXXMHz             Span=100KHz             Amp =0dBm             MaxHold=...
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  • is it possible to extract data from  VSA?

    hi im using infiniium S-series  DSO-S 604A digital storage oscilloscope  6GHZ 10bit ADC and i wanted to extract data from 89600 VSA software to labview or matlab. any suggestions please? regards
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  • Is it impossible use SCPI to catch the amplitude for Delta Pair mode Markers? (E4440 Spectrum Analyser)

    Hi all,   How do you catch the actual amplitude of either Delta pair markers, and not just the amplitude difference between Delta or Reference marker?   For instance, following page 154 and  157 of th...
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  • Is there a Fool proof automate measurements of IRR on Spectrum Analyzers?

    Hi all,   I wonder if anyone could share thier attempts to automate measuring IRR output from a module and what algorithms they use for : RF Peak identification Image Peak identification I wonder what effects...
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  • AM noise E5052B

    Hi All,   In E5052B, while measuring phase noise for 100 MHz clock, the effective offset is mentioned till 10 MHz. Till 10 MHz, the instrument captures all the phase modulation sidebands. Beyond 10 MHz, what doe...
    created by Debasish
  • hp8560a a14 board

    I'm looking for schematics for the a14 board as I think the fault lies on there  .after much searching and having no luck finding the info I need I thought id try on here. any help would be appreciated as I ...
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  • HP 8595E conflict option 101 and 151

    I installed an option 101 card in an HP 8595E with option 151/163 and I get a conflict error when I want to use the Analog+ Display. Is there a way to use both card in the same unit without conflict ???  Is there...
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  • HP8591E Option 130

    Hello, I'm looking for the CLIP of the option 130 (Narrow bandwidth IF filters) for HP859xE series of analyzers. There are all the CLIPS available except for option 130. The board numbers: 08590-60352 or 08591-60...
    created by Slawek
  • N9020A MXA Signal Anaylzer error msg:Command header error:Missing program mnemonic

            I was using Matlab R2013a to acquire IQ Data from a signal analyzer over a TCP/IP interface.The  signal analyzer then prompted the following error msg:Command header error:Mi...
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  • N9010A, RECOVERY FILE and application license

    Hi,    my Signal Analyzer N9010A has a small problem (windows 7), and I would like to use the RECOVERY FILE to return all to the original state. I bought 2 licenses after the original purchase, and I h...
    created by Tardz
  • Add Power Level Offset on Spectrum Analyzer N9030

    Hey,    I want to measure power(amplitude) of my device using N9030. But when I am using attenuator, the power dsplayed not show the actual power ( attenuatof effect)> Can you help me how I can add power...
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  • N9010A Align now all required

    Good morning. I have a N9010A Spectrum Analyzer. It has almost 4 years and it's the second time I have this problem. The first one I sent it to the service, it was repaired and it has functioned fine till a month ago ...
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  • N9030B mark

    how can the instrument automatically mark these three points (red circles)? For example (mark1,mark2,mark3). Then it's convenient for me to  "CALC: MARK1: X?"  read mark1's frequency and  "CALC: m...
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  • Using scpi with E4440A spectrum analyzer

    Hi,   I made a c# program using scpi protocol that controls  signal generators, noise figure analyzers and spectrum. My program worked *well* with other types of spectrums but not with the E4440A.  ...
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