• Does The E5052 display the phase noise measurement result as SSB or DSB phase noise?

    Do I need to account for the lower sideband phase noise or is it accounted for in the measurement result?
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  • How do I get better screen resolution on my UXA screen capture files?

    using .png file format.   Our UXA (N9040B) provides poor resolution screen capture output files.
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  • I need spectrogram software for a ESA

    I need software that will produce a spectrogram plot logged for days on a computer.
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  • SSL Error getting ESA Win7/8 firmware

    Web site issue.. The link for ESA firmware for win7/8 is producing a SSL error.. "SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG"   https://sa.support.keysight.com/ESA/Firmware/A.14.06.zip?id=2401677   
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  • Is the Component Level Info Package available for the E440X ESA line

    Is the Component Level Info Package available for the E440X ESA line as a paper service document or _complete_ download ?
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  • Verify MMEM:STOR created file correctly via USB

    I am connecting to an N9020B via the USB interface and running a Python script that does screen captures to a USB drive using the MMEM:STOR:SCR <filename> command. As far as I can tell, there is no way to copy t...
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  • ESA E4402B Processor nach "Clearing Flash EPROM" ohne Funktion

    Nach Tausch der Processor Batterie kam folgende Start-Fehlermeldung "LO Unlock und LO Unlevel", danach habe ich eine "Clearing Dynamic RAM" und "Clearing Flsah EPROM" gestartet. Anschließen ist nach Neustart mein...
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  • How to get MXA to lock to SS-UQPSK with IQ unbalance of 4x and different rates?

    SS-UQPSK where I is - 6dB power of Q, PN code on I at chip rate of 31/(240x96)xFrequency of transmitter. I modulation is modulo-2 added asynchronously to PN code, Q modulation is PSK or +Pi/2 radians. Aggregate data r...
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  • How to control E5052B using socket programming?

    Hi: I want to control E5052B from my arm board which is running linux. I use socket communication to send SCPI commands to port 5025. The communication can be established, but E5052B doesn't respond to the command. Ho...
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  • N9010A: Recording a Marker when Avg|Hold = 100/100 using SCPI

    Hello,   Recently I have been automating tests with pyvisa and ran into this issue. When testing for average spectral density, I was wondering if I was missing a SCPI command that will allow me to find when the ...
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  • how to set up occupied bandwidth on n9020

    how to set up occupied bandwidth on n9020
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  • Use of multiple FFT analyzer (synchronization)

    Hallo, I'm posting here because it sounds the best place for this topic after all. My problem is the synchronization of two FFT analyzer (either 35670 or 3563, we have two of both) where one is primary and the other i...
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  • ESA E4407B ticking sound trouble

    Hello, I recently got an ESA E4407B analyzer. From time to time I hear a faint creak or regular ticking from inside the unit. It happens at the end of (but not everyone's) sweep. To hear it more clearly, I changed the...
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  • time constant of peak detector

    I am going through the test for DO-160.   In the emission part of it, it states that: "The time constant of the peak detector must be lower or equal to 1/BW."   I am using N9038A for now, and I am curious ...
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  • 8565E service guide incomplete?

    Hello: Well, yes I found the service guide on a previous post...but all the Component Level Information Package (CLIPs) is missing?? Anyway it can be downloaded as a separate file....  
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  • HP8563E YTO FM driver issue

    Hello,   My HP8563E (3305A00721) has had a YTO replacement. Now it is error free upon start-up and seems to work fine. However, if I look at the cal signal at 300 MHz and reduce Span from about 13.5 MHz to 6.8 M...
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  • Can I control display brightness? The Windows control seems to have no effect.

    I need to reduce brightness to balance light for recording and the display is very bright compared to the grey color scheme. Is there a control to dim the display (not OFF, just dim with a few choices maybe 5% to 100%).
    Christopher Kelly
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  • replace by hp8593e option 151 and 160  by option 102

    Hello everyone,   I wanna install option 102 in my spectrum analyzer hp8593e but the PCB bay is full. Because i think option 151 and 160 has no use for my non professional usage (something for telecom company's...
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  • 89441A Calibration Software

    Greetings, At one time automated performance verification software was included with the 89441A. While I realize the instrument is no longer supported by Agilent - is this performance verification software available ...
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  • N9320B USB failure after firmware update

    We have an N9320B spectrum analyzer in our lab that had firmware B.02.52 on it. I've been controlling it via Linux 'usbtmc'. Multiple machines have used it, this one is debian with kernel 4.19. I decided to update the...
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