• N9030B mark

    how can the instrument automatically mark these three points (red circles)? For example (mark1,mark2,mark3). Then it's convenient for me to  "CALC: MARK1: X?"  read mark1's frequency and  "CALC: m...
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  • How to download the complete LTE signal in VSA software

    Hi, this is my first question in Keysight community. I have met a problem in LTE demodulation: I have made a 20ms LTE 20MHz signal (sample frequency is 61.44MHz) in SystemVue. To verify the finite word length effect, ...
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  • VSA 89600 measurement setup

    Hi all, I tried to measure the signal by VSA 89600. I received four channels of signals from the oscilloscope and analyzed them by VSA 89600. In the software, I can set the input signal format to be Single I+jQ or Du...
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  • Spurious Emissions Mode: detecting the carrier as a spur?

    The spurious emissions mode (SEM) is picking up spurs exactly 100 KHz away from the carrier frequency, when in fact there are no spurs to be found. I'm using the N9030b PXA to measure spurious emissions. Let me se...
    created by DanHernandez
  • E4448A - program command to load a STATE

    Hello, Using Vee 9.3. Equipment:  E4448A How do  i recall or load a state. The state name is STATE040.   The manual command is  :MMEMory:LOAD:STATe <reg_number>,<file_name>. I trie...
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  • Just picked up a used E4402B. How can I check for any licensing information for this host/sn?

    Model E4402B S/N US39440938 Host ID D480381E   Firmware A.07.06   Would like to install memory upgrade and new firmware. Will I still have color display? No licensing info shows up via SYSTEM menu.
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  • Agilent E4448 Spectrum Analyzer - Does anyone know when Keysight stopped supporting the Measuring Receiver Opt. 233 in the N7800A TME software?

    Agilent E4448 Spectrum Analyzer - Does anyone know when Keysight stopped supporting the Measuring Receiver Opt. 233 in the N7800A TME software?
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  • MXA N9020A: Phase Noise measurement

    Hi,   Does anyone know if MXA N9020A can measure the phase noise by itself? I mena, I know that I can use a delta maker to get the phase noise, but I would like to obtain a file with the phase noise from, i.e. 0...
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  • How transfer file from Agilent N9030a to PC (instead of using Hard Disk)

    HI All, I remote Agilent N9030a via GPIB by python command. Saved the spectrum data *.csv in N9030a device.  ow transfer file from Agilent N9030a to PC (instead of using Hard Disk)?? thanks
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  • PEAK TABLE in Analyzer Spectrum N9020A get result

    I need information Analyzer Spectrum N9020A about PEAK TABLE, I have five result that I get. I'm used following comand: CALC:MARK:PEAK:THR:STAT ON CALC:MARK:PEAK:THR -12 dBm CALC:MARK:PEAK:EXC 8 dB CALC:MARK:PEAK...
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  • HP-8591E repalcing A16 video/processor board

    Hello everybody, Apparently I have damaged the A16 video / processor card. I have the chance of getting a used one from another analyzer.   I understand that there is inside some factory cal information within...
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  • Higher Order Modulation - Which License?

    I am using N9030B (PXA) Signal Analyzer that has a N9080C-1FP license.   Am keen to measure 256QAM (LTE FDD) as shown here, Refer: Streamline LTE-A 256QAM Modulation Analysis | Keysight's MXA Signal Analyz...
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  • 9030A locks up while waiting for a trigger (not due to failure to have a trigger)

    Randomly (1 out of about 50 runs), the analyzer will lock up with a message "waiting for trigger".  By lock up, I mean the analyzer will not respond to any further remote commands.  The trigger event has bee...
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  • 89600 VSA Syms/errs OQPSK(ZigBee) chip values do not match waveform

    Hi,   I've been trying to see if I can analyze the chip values for a ZigBee signal using syms/errs window. Unfortunately, the data does not seem to match what the actual I and Q waveforms show.   Accordin...
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  • HP 8595E SYTF 5086-7803 PIN switch problem

    I've got a 8595E which works perfectly fine in the high band but it's about 24-26dB down (almost flat) in the low band.Long story short, by doing various measurements, I have confirmed that the PIN diode switch inside...
    created by analogRF
  • E4403B Will not boot from floppy firmware upgrade disc! Flash erased so now I have a door stop! HELP!

    Hello. Was trying to upgrade the SA firmware after the memory upgrade but the system will not start the ESALOADR disc. Now that the flash is erased, the SA is a dead duck. What can I do??? Please help!
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  • HP E4404B powers up to a white screen

    Does anyone have any ideas here: My e4404b powers up to a white screen.  No buttons work (not even the standby).  I hold this button in for 10-20 seconds and it won't power the unit down.  I unplug the...
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  • Help with error code 850 on a 8563e

    I get error code "850 module" when powering on the unit. front panel buttons are unresponsive.
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  • Saving Spectrogram of specific length N9020B

    Hello, i currently send the following commands: 'INITiate:CONTinuous 0' # Set Measurement mode to single instead of continuous XXX # Do 200 Measurements 'INITiate:IMMediate' #Clear everything that happened before ...
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  • Saving Meas report on N9000B remotely

    Hi   How am I going to save Meas report on N9000B spectrum analyzer with EMI mode    The user manual says using ':MMEM:STOR:RES' + file name    however, it turns out that there's no file sa...
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