• HP 8595E option 140 not listed after memory battery replacement and tracking generator

    Question 1 : I replaced the memory battery in my HP8595E and I lost the correction constant and options 105 and 140. I retrieved the correction constant from a backup and I did get back a fully functionning option 105...
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  • Blown E4407B... bad RYTHM?

    I am repairing an E4407B at work (blown attenuator) but I think there is another issue. Look at this screen upon power up: The high noise floor should NOT be there. Drops at almost exactly 3 GHz. Suspect the RYTHM ...
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  • Transmitting a CW or a modulated signal

    Hi All,   I transmitted a CW or a modulated signal at 60 GHz. The baseband signal was generated in arbitrary waveform generator and a VSG was used to upconvert the IQ inputs from the AWG at 5 GHz. To transmit at...
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  • LTE DCI0 Decoding Issue on the N9020 MXA when Signal Playback from N5172B MXG

    Hi , I'm Trying to configure the N5172B MXG with a Configuration consisting of only DCI0 with NDI as 1 and TPC bits as "1" for a RNTI 65 with iMCS4 and NumPRB 4 for computing the RIV bits. This signal is generated and...
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  • Personality Module

    Is there any option to configure the N9010B Signal Analyzer to behave the E444X series spectrum analyzer? The reasoning is that we have automated test code that only recognizes the E444X series and do not have a resou...
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  • HP83640B OPTION H10

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  • ESA Hardware ID Codes

    Hello. Just picked up a used E4407B (needs help) and wondering what's up with the strange results on the hardware screen.    Not sure if HW ID 226 is real or not.   Anyone have a list of these ID co...
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  • MXA- N9020A Signal Analyzer SCPI CMD Not working

    Hi ,   I am trying to use this SCPI command ":CALCulate:DATA?"  in Python but I am facing issue with ValueError: Could not find **** sign (#) indicating the start of the block.   Also If possible ca...
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  • How do I revert my 8594E analyzer back to stock and un-install options 151/160 ?

    Picked up an 8594E relatively cheap (it works fine) but it doesn't have narrow RBW filter, FAST ADC (for analog + display capability) and AM/FM demod options. It came with the TG and option 119 (which is easy to remov...
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  • E4402B, Dead battery caused licensing issue

    I have an old E4402B that hasn't been used for about a year and its internal battery died since it was last used.  I've replaced the battery and now it keeps time, the settings, and it knows its been aligned now ...
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  • Noise power measurements on PSA series spectrum analyzers

    Hi,   We are using PSA series spectrum analyzers in our MMIC validation setup. I had the following question on the use of a noise marker.   I would like to measure the noise density(dBm/Hz). Would there b...
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  • N9344C Frequency range

    We have "N9344C" spectrum analyzer and as per datasheet frequency range is 1MHz to 20 GHz. Can I use this spectrum analyzer for the input frequency of "100KHz to 1MHz"?
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  • N9342C HSA Log Frequency Scale

    The HSA user guide says that using a log-frequency scale is useful for filter analysis: "When measuring filter characteristics, it is useful to look at the stimulus response over a wide frequency range. Setting the an...
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  • Real Time RTSA and FFT

    Hi,   I have the following question with regards to real time. If I work with my N9020B in normal spectrum analyzer mode, I can either have the traditional swept mode or alternatively, I can move to FFT sweep to...
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  • N9030A PXA Average Detector

    I currently am using a N9030A PXA and am getting varying differences in readings when I use Average Detector and EMI Average Detector. Can someone please explain the difference of these two setting to me.   Thanks
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  • Compliance vs. Pre-Compliance

    We are using a N9030A PXA signal analyzer with the EMI receiver option to run CISPR radiated emissions. According to everything i have read, it says this device is for pre-compliance testing. What is it that makes it ...
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  • question about E6640A .seq file

    Hi Keysight experts:    I am using E6640A EXM Wireless Test Set to test 802.11a related equipment. When I configure the software to transmit QPSK modulation .seq file in the ARB, I found that there are...
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  • N9010A Swept FFT freeze ...

    Hi,   I have one problem with my N9010A (13.2 GHz). When positioning the spectrum analyzer at the center of a CW frequency greater than 3.6 GHz and decreasing the span below 20KHz the sweep freeze. At the bottom...
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  • HP 8590 spectrum analyzer screen full of dots

    Hi  I am about to purchase a old 8590 SA, which is quite cheap because of this issue. This unit can display spectrum of calibration signal and all the other characters on screen, but the screen is full of snow...
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  • HP8590 blinking screen with smeared image

    Dear colleagues,  we have HP8590B spectrum analyzer in our lab. After replacing the dead 3.6V Li-po battery the screen on SA stopped working. it is blinking at about 2Hz rate and some smeared dotted image can be...
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