• 89600 VSA Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

    Here is a great starting point for answers to ~120 commonly asked 89600 Vector Signal Analyzer questions ....  Agilent 89600 VSA FAQs   Quick links to key FAQ categories include ....   Calibration &am...
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  • Try out the full 89600 VSA software for 14-days, free ....

    You can order a CD with the full 89600 Vector Signal Analysis software, including all optional modulation formats and measurement hardware interfaces.  The free trial license provides full functionality for 14-da...
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  • How do I measure Chirpped Pulse's SSL and PCR

    Maxim  Afanassiev, an Agilent Applications Engineer from Russia, wants to help a customer measure the quality of a linearly chirped pulse.  The quality metrics are Side Lobe Level (SSL) and Pulse Compression...
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  • How can I program the 89600 VXI Hardware?

    Check out the information here regarding programming the 89600 VXI modules using COM and VISA-based programming tools .... view
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  • Which Agilent Test Products are supported by the 89601A VSA?

    Agilent's 89601A Vector Signal Analysis Software supports a variety of test instruments, including Scopes, Logic Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers, and more.   You can find a nice summary here .... http://www.h...
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  • How can I make Ultrawideband (UWB) measurements?

    How do I make UWB measurements with the 89601A software? PSA has only 80 MHz analysis bandwidth.  Is there something with wider bandwidth? If you want to do UWB measurements greater than the PSA's 80 MHz maximum...
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  • some question of averaging in 89600

    there is 5 averaging cases in 89600 , in the use's guide all are described . can somebody tell me which case i should choose to use in a specifically application. Thanks a lot!  
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  • Automate 89600 VSA software using VEE

    Hi, I created this application in Agilent's VEE to automate the VSA software and gather a screen shot, trace data, etc...Currently, the VSA software is running on a PC connected via GIPB/USB to an Infiniium MSO with ...
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  • Question of IQ measurement and IQ reference signal

    I am confused  IQ measurement signal with IQ reference signal. In the AN150-15,it says that the I-Q reference waveform is mathematically derived from the I-Q measured waveform recovered data bits, providing that...
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  • Spectrogram Display Function

    Hi all, I don't know if anyone has noticed this before or not. In the Spectrogram display mode for spectrum, the x-axis is the frequency domain, and the 'y'-axis is the time domain. (the 'y' here is different from wh...
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  • measuring low PRI signal

    I am attempting to use the MXA with 89601 software to analyze an amplitude instability in my signal. Every so often (it appears to be around 2 seconds but varies) I get some incidental AM, my signal amplitude drops sl...
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  • Power User requirement?

    Is Agilent working on modifying the VSA software so that Windows non-Admin/Power Users can use it?  This is a definite problem for some users...  
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  • unknown signal

    using VSA89600 software is it posible to measure unknown signal (for example what type of modulation and symbol rate or other technical parameters)?. pls indicate some documentation regarding these aspects.  
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  • RFID Burst Index Macros

    The RFID specific demodulation in the 89600 VSA provides a burst index feature which numbers each of the identified bursts in the signal. By selecting the Time tab in the Demodulation Properties, this index value can ...
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  • How to see the demodulated bits from certain location?

    I am trying to demodulate a continuous QPSK modulated signal. I want to see the demodulated bits comparison with the bits transmitted by signal source (the data bits are known), but I can't locate the start bit of the...
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  • Retrieving units from VSA

    Hello Can someone help me ? The example below measures PhaseErrorRMS of a GSM Signal.. I am able to retrieve the measurement but UNABLE to retrieve the units using this command       &#...
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  • 89601A DCOM Error on MXA

    All, I'm running Agilent's 89601A software on an MXA spectrum analyzer, and accessing the 89601 functions using DCOM through National Instruments Labview.  Almost everything works - I'm able to see all the objec...
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  • Cross Correlation with VSA80000A

    I'm working with a 4GHz VSA80000A and have tried to do some math functions to operate on two input channels.  One channel carries a bandlimited (but wide), delayed version of the other. If I use the built-in Cros...
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  • Time resolution for EVM measurements

    I'm interested to know what baseband digitiser rate we need to provide an accurate measurements of EVM. I am evaluating VSA with a standard PSA analyser which seems to be able to produce data at 15Msps, but a QPSK sig...
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  • Interface issues with my VSA 89600

    Currently our suite is configured with a Agilent 4400 , E4438C, and the 89600. Our software is downloaded on an iktronix laptop. Once the VSA program is running, im having issues looking at the desired freq. I want....
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