• Capturing IQ data from EXA

    I'm trying to pull IQ data out of an EXA N9010B for post-processing. I've managed to capture the I/Q samples and dump them to a file and analysed its FFT spectra.  The signal is a LTE, QPSK in a 20MHz signal gene...
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  • HP 8563E display problems

    Hi there. I have a HP8563E unit that suddenly lost its display. After scratching around for a while I found a short CCt cap on the A15 board taking out the -15V rail. Once rectified my display came back but the ref le...
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  • Uncertainty measurement with GUM

    Hi everyone    I have a question about the measurement uncertainty. (Base on CTIA chapter 7) What is the meaning of the receiving device uncertainty? Is it the data on equipment datasheet ? If so, should...
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  • What's the difference between save trace and save recording in VSA?

    Hallo, I am using VSA and matlab to do QPSK and IQ Imbalance things. I opened the measured data (sdf-format) in VSA and resave it as trace and recording in mat-format. Then I loaded those data and ploted them. Howev...
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  • How 89600 VSA decodes the MAC address

    Hi everybody,   I am monitoring the Wifi signal using WLAN 802.11a/b/g/j/p application. There are several wifi AP in the area that I have put the signal analyzer. 89600 VSA software is also installed and everyth...
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  • User-defined Filter

    I use the analyzer N9010A. Tell me please about the User-defined Filter! I can not understand how to correctly set the impulse response in text form. The manual says that the trace should be in the time domain! Please...
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  • E4406A license files

    As this analyzer is now out of support, is there any chance that you'd consider making license files for the options available?   Mine came with quite a few options (202, 204, BAF etc ...) but I'd quite like to ...
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  • Capture Demodulated IQ samples

    Is there a way to capture the demodulated IQ samples. I had captured IQ MeasTime trace earlier but after post analysis on MATLAB it seems to be the input signal. The Syms/Errs table gives the hard decision bits, I wan...
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  • Apply for educational VSA license

    Dear Keysight,   We already filled out the application form for the educational VSA license in March, but no response was received by us not by email and not by phone. So I decided to try to get some help via th...
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  • We are facing the issue while installing the driver for the N9000A CXA Signal Analyser which is downloaded from the keysight website

    We have downloaded the driver for the N9000A CXA signal analyser from the keysight website and facing the installation issue.
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  • What is the role of a 100 Ohm resistor between the input channel Ground and source channel Ground of FFT Analyzer 35670A?

    I am using Agilent 35670A (now is keysight 35670A). When I used it to measure the output voltage noise of my device, I found there is a lot of noise at frequency higher than 30kHz.   I was quite confused,...
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  • Recreating the hard drive on an N9020A

    I just acquired an N9020A that is complete except that the hard drive is missing. All of the other hardware is present and appears to be in good condition. Based on the BIOS screen, I believe it has an older generatio...
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  • Free 30-Day Trial Licenses for X-Series Measurement Applications for X-Series Modular Instruments

    Hi,   I just wanted to post a reminder that *FREE 30-Day Trial Licenses* for X-Series Measurement Applications for X-Series Modular Instruments are available via Keysight.com.   Link: 30-Day Free Tri...
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  • 89600 Video Bandwidth (VBW)

    How/where is VBW controlled when using the 89600 spectrum analyzer software?  
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  • Problem with 89601B custom OFDM measurements

    Hi,   We've been using the 89601b custom OFDM demodulation software for many years now and at some point along the way we have found cases where we are not getting accurate or meaningful I/Q imbalance measuremen...
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  • How to order Transportable license?

    Hi, I want to order 89601B-200 (it has transportable license). According to our data, we have 2 way to purchase this application: 1- in this way, we should buy Signal Analyzer instrument (for example N9020) with ins...
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  • Hi am using N9030A-526 spectrum analyzer and am using 2151-DK-0048 coax cable ,so how can i measure the insertion loss of this cable using spectrum analyzer...Thanks in advance

    Hi All, I am using N9030A-526(3Hz-26.5Ghz) spectrum analyser and am using a 2151-DK-004 coax cable, may I know how to measure the cable loss using N9030A spectrum analyser. Thanks in Advance
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  • Cannot find RawDataValue/RawDataValueUnit properties in Trace object in COM API

    I am trying to use the COM API in LabVIEW running on the Infinium VSA80000A (basically, a DSO81204B scope with VSA SW).  I find the RawDataValueNames property, but there is no sign of the RawDataValue/RawDataValu...
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  • Cannot find RawDataValue/RawDataValueUnit property in Trace object

    Using COM API in LabVIEW running on the Infinium VSA80000A (Basically, a DSO81204B scope with VSA SW).   I can see the RawDataValueNames property, but not the RawDataValue/RawDataValueUnit properties, though the...
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  • 35670A DSA Calibration in progress

    Respected, I had a problem with 35670A DSA using for noise analysis, once after started the device it is booting and it was showing calibration in progress in mid of screen and the system is hanging no button is work...
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