• is it possible to extract data from  VSA?

    hi im using infiniium S-series  DSO-S 604A digital storage oscilloscope  6GHZ 10bit ADC and i wanted to extract data from 89600 VSA software to labview or matlab. any suggestions please? regards
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  • N9020A MXA Signal Anaylzer error msg:Command header error:Missing program mnemonic

            I was using Matlab R2013a to acquire IQ Data from a signal analyzer over a TCP/IP interface.The  signal analyzer then prompted the following error msg:Command header error:Mi...
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  • Transmitting a CW or a modulated signal

    Hi All,   I transmitted a CW or a modulated signal at 60 GHz. The baseband signal was generated in arbitrary waveform generator and a VSG was used to upconvert the IQ inputs from the AWG at 5 GHz. To transmit at...
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  • LTE DCI0 Decoding Issue on the N9020 MXA when Signal Playback from N5172B MXG

    Hi , I'm Trying to configure the N5172B MXG with a Configuration consisting of only DCI0 with NDI as 1 and TPC bits as "1" for a RNTI 65 with iMCS4 and NumPRB 4 for computing the RIV bits. This signal is generated and...
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  • MXA- N9020A Signal Analyzer SCPI CMD Not working

    Hi ,   I am trying to use this SCPI command ":CALCulate:DATA?"  in Python but I am facing issue with ValueError: Could not find **** sign (#) indicating the start of the block.   Also If possible ca...
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  • Real Time RTSA and FFT

    Hi,   I have the following question with regards to real time. If I work with my N9020B in normal spectrum analyzer mode, I can either have the traditional swept mode or alternatively, I can move to FFT sweep to...
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  • How to download the complete LTE signal in VSA software

    Hi, this is my first question in Keysight community. I have met a problem in LTE demodulation: I have made a 20ms LTE 20MHz signal (sample frequency is 61.44MHz) in SystemVue. To verify the finite word length effect, ...
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  • MXA N9020A: Phase Noise measurement

    Hi,   Does anyone know if MXA N9020A can measure the phase noise by itself? I mena, I know that I can use a delta maker to get the phase noise, but I would like to obtain a file with the phase noise from, i.e. 0...
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  • PEAK TABLE in Analyzer Spectrum N9020A get result

    I need information Analyzer Spectrum N9020A about PEAK TABLE, I have five result that I get. I'm used following comand: CALC:MARK:PEAK:THR:STAT ON CALC:MARK:PEAK:THR -12 dBm CALC:MARK:PEAK:EXC 8 dB CALC:MARK:PEAK...
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  • How to apply Excel vba to get Markers table information using 89600 VSA??(API.NET)

    Hi My measurement data is like below link: https://upload.cc/i1/2018/10/30/5PkYZc.png   There are 3 Markers in Markers table (Using 89600 VSA)   I could get Marker 1 X value and Y value by using below co...
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  • synchronization between the waveform transmission and data capturing

    Our hardware setup is: The AWG is connected to the PSG generator to create the wideband I and Q inputs. Then the RF output is connected via cable to the scope. The VSA software is installed in the scope. I need to syn...
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  • Wideband and Narrowband channel measurements

    Hi,   I am doing measurements on channel sounding. Can anyone suggest me how I can measure for the narrowband and wideband signal? As we know if the transmitted signal bandwidth is larger than the channel b...
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  • Extracting Demodulated IQ samples from VSA to Matlab

    I am facing a problem with extracting demodulated IQ samples from VSA 89600 to Matlab.   I have 16QAM demodulated signal in VSA and i want to extract IQ samples to Matlab for post analysis.   I use 2 metho...
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  • XSA software previous versions

    Hello, is it possible to get one of previous versions of XSA software? I have win 7 x86 installed.. and last version which is available for download on keysight web supports x64 architecture only.   Best Regard...
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  • E4405B Spectrum analyzer is not booting. It's stuck on a gray/white screen when powered on. Any suggestions?

    Hello... My E4405B Spectrum analyzer is not booting. It's stuck on a gray/white screen when powered on. Any suggestions?
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  • PSD measurement in 9322C

    Hello, I used keysight 9322C spectrum analyzer for measuring noise spectral density of a LDO right from 9 kHz to 100 kHz. Kept Y-axis scale unit as dBm, took the result in csv format and post processed the output, bu...
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  • Frequency Deviation

    Hey,  I want to measure frequency deviation for my handy talky using N9030. Can you give advice to me how I can do a measurement ?    Thankyou very much. 
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  • Symbol rate error from VXA digital demod

    Hi, I am using the VXA application on a PXA to measure a J.83 B 256QAM signal. When using the :FETCh:DDEMod[n]? command to retrieve the error summary table, the measured symbol rate or symbol rate error is not retur...
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  • Make Command Sequence On N9030A

    Hey,    Now I am create a command sequence on N9030A, when I add command for Reference Level Offset on the sequence, the command is not running but other command running,  Do I need delay on my sequenc...
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  • IQ BW on PXA

    Hello, On the PXA and many of the VSA, in IQ analyzer mode, the IQ BW is set as 0.8 times the sample rate. What is the logic for this 0.8? Thanks, Leyo Joseph
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