• Does The E5052 display the phase noise measurement result as SSB or DSB phase noise?

    Do I need to account for the lower sideband phase noise or is it accounted for in the measurement result?
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  • ESA E4407B ticking sound trouble

    Hello, I recently got an ESA E4407B analyzer. From time to time I hear a faint creak or regular ticking from inside the unit. It happens at the end of (but not everyone's) sweep. To hear it more clearly, I changed the...
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  • HP8563E YTO FM driver issue

    Hello,   My HP8563E (3305A00721) has had a YTO replacement. Now it is error free upon start-up and seems to work fine. However, if I look at the cal signal at 300 MHz and reduce Span from about 13.5 MHz to 6.8 M...
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  • Uncertainty measurement with GUM

    Hi everyone    I have a question about the measurement uncertainty. (Base on CTIA chapter 7) What is the meaning of the receiving device uncertainty? Is it the data on equipment datasheet ? If so, should...
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  • Luminous suppression error when turning off the 8564E

    I have the wonderful spectrum analyzer 8564 E. Only when turning off the light spot is not suppressed. You see a roughly rectangular light field that fades in 1-2 seconds. What could I investigate for lack of circuit?
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  • Missing MaxHold data

    Using N9320B to measure frequency; Setup: Freq = XXXXMHz             Span=100KHz             Amp =0dBm             MaxHold=...
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  • HP8590L A11/A13 adjustments R31 for  crystal amplitude

    I went thru the procedure to adjust the bandwidth filters and everything went fine except I was unable to get a proper signal doing the crystal amp. alignment. Both R31 resistor on the A11 and A13 board didnt help it...
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  • HP ESA-L1500 E4411A and floppy drive

    Hello, I have this old machine (FW 19970603), and I wanted to add floppy drive. Mostly for saving screen shots. So, I bought one E4401-60008 floppy drive board on eBay and installed it in my machine. I checked its pre...
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  • GPIBコマンドでExcellのVBAを使用出来ない (Cannot use Excel VBA with GPIB commands)

    Interactive IO では GPIB コマンドを送れますが ExcellのVBAではコマンドを実行できない。何かの解決方法がありますか? I can send {GPIB} command in Interactive IO, but I cannot execute the command in Excel VBA. Is there any solution?   Interactive IOが実行できる...
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  • #Query regarding the E4406A Vector signal analyzer

    Dear Sir,   We  are planing to purchase refurbished model of E4406A VSA(7MHz to 4GHz) Transmitter Tester to perform following measurement.   We need to check the Error Vector Magnitude and conste...
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  • N9010A Align now all required

    Good morning. I have a N9010A Spectrum Analyzer. It has almost 4 years and it's the second time I have this problem. The first one I sent it to the service, it was repaired and it has functioned fine till a month ago ...
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  • Transmitting a CW or a modulated signal

    Hi All,   I transmitted a CW or a modulated signal at 60 GHz. The baseband signal was generated in arbitrary waveform generator and a VSG was used to upconvert the IQ inputs from the AWG at 5 GHz. To transmit at...
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  • MXA- N9020A Signal Analyzer SCPI CMD Not working

    Hi ,   I am trying to use this SCPI command ":CALCulate:DATA?"  in Python but I am facing issue with ValueError: Could not find **** sign (#) indicating the start of the block.   Also If possible ca...
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  • Compliance vs. Pre-Compliance

    We are using a N9030A PXA signal analyzer with the EMI receiver option to run CISPR radiated emissions. According to everything i have read, it says this device is for pre-compliance testing. What is it that makes it ...
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  • Agilent E4448 Spectrum Analyzer - Does anyone know when Keysight stopped supporting the Measuring Receiver Opt. 233 in the N7800A TME software?

    Agilent E4448 Spectrum Analyzer - Does anyone know when Keysight stopped supporting the Measuring Receiver Opt. 233 in the N7800A TME software?
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  • 9030A locks up while waiting for a trigger (not due to failure to have a trigger)

    Randomly (1 out of about 50 runs), the analyzer will lock up with a message "waiting for trigger".  By lock up, I mean the analyzer will not respond to any further remote commands.  The trigger event has bee...
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  • HP E4404B powers up to a white screen

    Does anyone have any ideas here: My e4404b powers up to a white screen.  No buttons work (not even the standby).  I hold this button in for 10-20 seconds and it won't power the unit down.  I unplug the...
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  • RTSA  Sweep time and Frequency resolution of PXA N9030B

    The datasheet values for said specs could not be set during usage:   Datasheet Frequency resolution: 0.001Hz Sweep time: 1uS to 6000 S   On attempt, Values get shunted to Following LIMIT - Pra...
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  • How can I attach a wideband current probe (e.g., N7026A) to my signal analyzer (N9000A CXA) ?

    I need to see the spectrum of measured current coming from an N7026A 150MHz current probe. Of course, I could do this on my scope (DSOS604A) using FFT, but I need better resolution and some extra functions.   M...
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  • mixer broken for 8595E

    Hello dear friends, I call you to help, the 5086-7952 mixer on my 8595E (6.5ghz) spectrum analyzer is broken.in the first range. I have a mixer 5086-6821 (same range frequency 7GHZ   for HP8561E in good con...
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