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Click to view contentHello. Just picked up a used E4407B (needs help) and wondering what's up with the strange results on the hardware screen.    Not sure if HW ID 226 is real or not.   Anyone have a list of these ID codes? The unit aligns fine (no errors at least) but it does say "Frequency Reference Error" sometimes... intermittently. Not sure what that means… (Show more)
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Hi ,   I am trying to use this SCPI command ":CALCulate:DATA?"  in Python but I am facing issue with ValueError: Could not find **** sign (#) indicating the start of the block.   Also If possible can you please share the sample code for Python.   Regards, Dhanabal.K
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Picked up an 8594E relatively cheap (it works fine) but it doesn't have narrow RBW filter, FAST ADC (for analog + display capability) and AM/FM demod options. It came with the TG and option 119 (which is easy to remove). Option 151/160 chews up remaining expansion card cage slots (2) and I need to free up room to install the other 3 cards. Looking… (Show more)
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I have an old E4402B that hasn't been used for about a year and its internal battery died since it was last used.  I've replaced the battery and now it keeps time, the settings, and it knows its been aligned now but I seem to have lost the bluetooth measurement application (option 228) due to the battery dying.   The measurement keys no longer… (Show more)
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Hi,   We are using PSA series spectrum analyzers in our MMIC validation setup. I had the following question on the use of a noise marker.   I would like to measure the noise density(dBm/Hz). Would there be a difference in the measurement two measurement scenarios listed below?    I turn on the normal marker with an average setting of say 50… (Show more)
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We have "N9344C" spectrum analyzer and as per datasheet frequency range is 1MHz to 20 GHz. Can I use this spectrum analyzer for the input frequency of "100KHz to 1MHz"?
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The HSA user guide says that using a log-frequency scale is useful for filter analysis: "When measuring filter characteristics, it is useful to look at the stimulus response over a wide frequency range. Setting the analyzer x- axis (frequency) to display logarithmically provides this function. The following example uses the tracking generator to… (Show more)
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Hi,   I have the following question with regards to real time. If I work with my N9020B in normal spectrum analyzer mode, I can either have the traditional swept mode or alternatively, I can move to FFT sweep to increase measurement time.   If I understand correctly FFT is also the core also for Real Time Analysis gap free, so if I change to… (Show more)
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We are using a N9030A PXA signal analyzer with the EMI receiver option to run CISPR radiated emissions. According to everything i have read, it says this device is for pre-compliance testing. What is it that makes it pre-compliance only? Is there an option that makes it usable for compliance testing? I have looked for clarification and have not… (Show more)
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