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Hi All,   In E5052B, while measuring phase noise for 100 MHz clock, the effective offset is mentioned till 10 MHz. Till 10 MHz, the instrument captures all the phase modulation sidebands. Beyond 10 MHz, what does the instrument measure? Does it capture all of amplitude modulation sidebands?    Thanks
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We have E5503B phase noise measurement system with 70422A down converter installed.   Can we swap 70422A with 70427A down converter to change our E5503B system to E5504B system that can measure up to 26.5GHz?   If not, what is difference between E5503B and E5504B system? Is there a upgrade path to upgrade our E5503B system to E5504B system?  … (Show more)
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I'm looking for schematics for the a14 board as I think the fault lies on there  .after much searching and having no luck finding the info I need I thought id try on here. any help would be appreciated as I would like to get this unit of my work bench and onto a shelf so I can use it   thanks in advance rob
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Hi,    my Signal Analyzer N9010A has a small problem (windows 7), and I would like to use the RECOVERY FILE to return all to the original state. I bought 2 licenses after the original purchase, and I have the files concerning these licenses (N9063A-2FP, as well as N9060A-2FP, 3FP and 4FP). But during the original purchase, I included an… (Show more)
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Click to view content        I was using Matlab R2013a to acquire IQ Data from a signal analyzer over a TCP/IP interface.The  signal analyzer then prompted the following error msg:Command header error:Missing program mnemonic. Dear experts, How didthis error message come about, and how do I eliminate this error message? Thanks a lot!
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I installed an option 101 card in an HP 8595E with option 151/163 and I get a conflict error when I want to use the Analog+ Display. Is there a way to use both card in the same unit without conflict ???  Is there a way to disable the fast ADC of the 151 OPT ???? There is a DIP switch on the 151 card but I don't know what it is used for ?  Thanks… (Show more)
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Hello, I'm looking for the CLIP of the option 130 (Narrow bandwidth IF filters) for HP859xE series of analyzers. There are all the CLIPS available except for option 130. The board numbers: 08590-60352 or 08591-60055. Regards Slawek/SP9BSL
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Good morning. I have a N9010A Spectrum Analyzer. It has almost 4 years and it's the second time I have this problem. The first one I sent it to the service, it was repaired and it has functioned fine till a month ago (almost one year and a half past the repairment). Now the same problem: and erron occuring just after the instrument start up:… (Show more)
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Click to view contenthow can the instrument automatically mark these three points (red circles)? For example (mark1,mark2,mark3). Then it's convenient for me to  "CALC: MARK1: X?"  read mark1's frequency and  "CALC: mark1 :Y?" read mark1's power. "CALC: MARK2: X?"  read mark2's frequency and  "CALC: mark2 :Y?" read mark2's power. "CALC: MARK3: X?"  read… (Show more)
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Hi,   I made a c# program using scpi protocol that controls  signal generators, noise figure analyzers and spectrum. My program worked *well* with other types of spectrums but not with the E4440A.    The spectrum gets into remote mode, but not respond to any scpi command. I tried to commuincte with the spectrum using keysight command expert and… (Show more)
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