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Hi,   I have the following question with regards to real time. If I work with my N9020B in normal spectrum analyzer mode, I can either have the traditional swept mode or alternatively, I can move to FFT sweep to increase measurement time.   If I understand correctly FFT is also the core also for Real Time Analysis gap free, so if I change to… (Show more)
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The HSA user guide says that using a log-frequency scale is useful for filter analysis: "When measuring filter characteristics, it is useful to look at the stimulus response over a wide frequency range. Setting the analyzer x- axis (frequency) to display logarithmically provides this function. The following example uses the tracking generator to… (Show more)
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We are using a N9030A PXA signal analyzer with the EMI receiver option to run CISPR radiated emissions. According to everything i have read, it says this device is for pre-compliance testing. What is it that makes it pre-compliance only? Is there an option that makes it usable for compliance testing? I have looked for clarification and have not… (Show more)
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Picked up an 8594E relatively cheap (it works fine) but it doesn't have narrow RBW filter, FAST ADC (for analog + display capability) and AM/FM demod options. It came with the TG and option 119 (which is easy to remove). Option 151/160 chews up remaining expansion card cage slots (2) and I need to free up room to install the other 3 cards. Looking… (Show more)
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I currently am using a N9030A PXA and am getting varying differences in readings when I use Average Detector and EMI Average Detector. Can someone please explain the difference of these two setting to me.   Thanks
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Click to view contentHi Keysight experts:    I am using E6640A EXM Wireless Test Set to test 802.11a related equipment. When I configure the software to transmit QPSK modulation .seq file in the ARB, I found that there are only .seq file for 6M, 24M, 54M. How can I find .seq file of 9M, 12M, 18M, 36M, 48M? Or can I make .seq file from related .wfm file?    I opened… (Show more)
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Hi,   I have one problem with my N9010A (13.2 GHz). When positioning the spectrum analyzer at the center of a CW frequency greater than 3.6 GHz and decreasing the span below 20KHz the sweep freeze. At the bottom right of the screen the word "Sweep" changes to "Sweep (FFT)", than display freeze.   If I change the Sweep Option:   "Sweep/Control"… (Show more)
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Hi  I am about to purchase a old 8590 SA, which is quite cheap because of this issue. This unit can display spectrum of calibration signal and all the other characters on screen, but the screen is full of snow and there are few vertical lines. It looks like the CRT draws grids the wrong way. Is it the setting problem or there are something… (Show more)
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Dear colleagues,  we have HP8590B spectrum analyzer in our lab. After replacing the dead 3.6V Li-po battery the screen on SA stopped working. it is blinking at about 2Hz rate and some smeared dotted image can be seen momentarily. I tried to connect another monitor to the output BNC connector and by adjusting H-holdoff I was able to see… (Show more)
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While doing measurement i am getting "Invalid Suffix " error on my N9010A signal analyzer
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