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Hello, I recently got an ESA E4407B analyzer. From time to time I hear a faint creak or regular ticking from inside the unit. It happens at the end of (but not everyone's) sweep. To hear it more clearly, I changed the sweep time to 1s. I Will be grateful for any idea, what could be the cause, or is it a some sign of a possible failure? The… (Show more)
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Hello,   My HP8563E (3305A00721) has had a YTO replacement. Now it is error free upon start-up and seems to work fine. However, if I look at the cal signal at 300 MHz and reduce Span from about 13.5 MHz to 6.8 MHz by rotating the knob, the signal disappears from the screen. Outside this range all is fine. So I guess the YTO is fine. I suspect the… (Show more)
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Christopher Kelly
I need to reduce brightness to balance light for recording and the display is very bright compared to the grey color scheme. Is there a control to dim the display (not OFF, just dim with a few choices maybe 5% to 100%).
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Hello: Well, yes I found the service guide on a previous post...but all the Component Level Information Package (CLIPs) is missing?? Anyway it can be downloaded as a separate file....  
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Hello everyone,   I wanna install option 102 in my spectrum analyzer hp8593e but the PCB bay is full. Because i think option 151 and 160 has no use for my non professional usage (something for telecom company's ?) .   Can i just remove these 2 cards and connections or do i have reconnect something after the removal?   Regards Ben
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Greetings, At one time automated performance verification software was included with the 89441A. While I realize the instrument is no longer supported by Agilent - is this performance verification software available anywhere? Thanks, Alan Keith  
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We have an N9320B spectrum analyzer in our lab that had firmware B.02.52 on it. I've been controlling it via Linux 'usbtmc'. Multiple machines have used it, this one is debian with kernel 4.19. I decided to update the firmware to the newest, B.03.61. This broke the USB communication and the kernel errors are one of the following (shown from most… (Show more)
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I am  looking for a product specific training or workshop or demonstration for PXE N9048B. Please advise if any such resource exists. 
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I've recently started with the SAL demo code to interface with the N6841A RF sensor and I wanted to know where in the code I would go to have the option of increasing the span above 20MHz to say a useful span of 40MHz and have it show as a 40MHz span in the demo plots of frequency vs power.
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