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Hello, or find the list of cathode ray tubes mounted on the HP 8563E and HP8595E spectrum analyzers the 8563E is HS thank you A.M
in Signal Analyzers
Hi everybody.   When you turn on the analyzer, it accepts any parameter of amplitude, span or frequency that are quickly entered. However, at 3 or 4 seconds after switching on...the entire grass line "goes up" and jump to the top of display. It endeed compressed as a single line you still can see, so as you don´t have a normal display image it is… (Show more)
in Signal Analyzers
Digitizer Adapter for E5503B Phase noise system.  We would like to buy the Digitizer Adapter for E5503B phase noise system. Is the part number E5500-60003?  Do you still sell them? How much is that?
in Signal Analyzers
Hey, I want to make a plant for spurious emission measurement using N9030. Can you help me how I can setting reference bandwidth for spurious emission mesurement ?    Thankyou very much. 
in Signal Analyzers
Hello,   I am looking for the TAM interface software or TAM I/F SW to enable the use of a TAM with a 8562E. Nothing found on the Agilent website. Thank you.
in Signal Analyzers
I would like to use the E5052A with the E5053A downconverter and 11970W harmonic mixers for phase noise measurements in The E band( for automotive band measurements).  The phase noise that I would like to measure in the 75 to 81GHz at different offsets is as shown in the table below. Will I be able to get the sensitivity on the… (Show more)
in Signal Analyzers
I have a 8560E which does not display any signal that is applied to the main input.  After initial boot there are six error messages.  After some troubleshooting, I think the problem is with the YTO A11 assembly but since I'm not that familiar with repairing this type of equipment, I thought perhaps some help is in order.  The assembly for the YTO… (Show more)
in Signal Analyzers
Hi,   I have N9020A MXA which has 89601A VSA application. I work on demodulation some signal... and I get the constellation, i.e., QPSK. I would like to save this trace, that is, the constellation. VSA offers me save as MatLab file (.mat), csv file and other formats not well-known for me. However, when I plot it on MatLab, the constellation is… (Show more)
in Signal Analyzers
I need to see the spectrum of measured current coming from an N7026A 150MHz current probe. Of course, I could do this on my scope (DSOS604A) using FFT, but I need better resolution and some extra functions.   My question: If you feed the probe from its external power supply, can you attach it to a spectrum analyzer via an N/BNC adapter ?   Are… (Show more)
in Signal Analyzers
We have E4440 series PSA/MMR analyzers. The option power sensors came with this adapter,85027-60005, and the 2.4 x 3.5 adapter.  Is this adapter used for safety, to prevent damage to the E4440A PSA input connector?  Can a regular 3.5 x 3.5 or 2.4 x 3.5 or 2.4 x 2.4 adapter be used? 
in Signal Analyzers
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