• How do I get an E36233A to retain static IP Address settings during several hours not connected to AC power?

    I have two E36233A power supplies that I have configured with static IP Addresses. The IP Addresses persist through a disconnect from AC power for several seconds. However, two nights in a row I disconnected from AC p...
    created by hamiltonwoods
  • initialization error when calling DCPS_Init  N6752A The Error message is 0XBFFA0010 invalid value ()

    Intermitent  initialization error when calling DCPS_Init   The Error message is 0XBFFA0010 invalid value ()   Configuration is:   N67XX Mainframe N6732B PS N6752A PS N6774A PS N6774 PS
    created by mikesupple
  • why is the average current i fetched from scpi command is different from what i saw in display panel?

     i use this command (FETC:DLOG:CURR? (@1)) to fetch average current value, but it is always different from what i see in display panel.   Sometimes i fetched more than one time, and the returned values are ...
    created by cmnewfan
  • approach for microamp measurements

    Looking for the best approach to measure the sleep current of an IoT device using the N6705B/N6781 power analyzer.  A co-worker uses the scope and records the average current reading, and his values are quite a b...
    created by ken.edwards
  • Power Supply N6752A in parallel conection

    I want to connect 2 Power Supply N6752A  in parallel to increase the current to 40 amps, but when I connect the load the voltage drops from 14 volts to 8 volts. How can I keep the voltage at 14 Volts?
    created by cesarortuño
  • 6032A 60V/50A 1000W Trouble-shooting

    Hi, I have a few 6032A's with various problems. On one supply the front panel indicator lights all come on, but never go off. On two others, the supplies go into over-range error mode at < 1W. I also have two that...
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  • Two N5751A supplies with paralleled outputs - no secondary current

    I have a configuration of two N5751A supplies with outputs wired in parallel.  The secondary unit is not outputting any current. The output voltage is set for 150 VDC, the OVP is at the power-on default (...
    last modified by dave.natrop
  • 6655A Auto-Parallel Issue

    I am setting up three 6655A power supplies in parallel to increase my current while keeping voltage the same.  The problem I am running into is I get a  negative current draw on the two secondary power suppl...
    last modified by KemetLabTech
  • 6612C CV/CC

    I appreciate if somebody can explain me the concept/behavior of CV/CC on a 6612C, sorry for the dummy question. Let me put an example: Let say that I Vset = 12V and Iset=20mA, now let say that I connect a LED on the ...
    last modified by eduaqa
  • 3 phase motor driver mosfet track

    Hello guys, I want to know how to build DC analyze with SIPro/PIpro.I am new in Advanced Design System.There is a GND problem chosen.I mean If I select HV_LINK also I describe GND for it and then as a sink I select hi...
    created by ZekDe
  • Is there new firmware for the E36234A since its initial release?

    Can someone please confirm whether there is a new version of firmware for the E36200 series since its initial release? The link to the firmware updates page doesn't show any new version that I can see as of the date o...
    created by glowitz
  • E36106B has an "L" above the ERR

  • Harrison Laboratories 855C

    Hi,      I recently acquired a Harrison Laboratories 0-18v 0-1.5a adjustable power supply model number 855C I was wondering if there is any documentation or circuit diagrams for it floating around...
    last modified by gwhatley
  • Why negative voltage with zero amps? (E3600)

    I have several E3600 series power supplies that, when current is set to zero, the output voltage changes to a fixed negative value -- something like -0.207V or -0.170V. It doesn't matter what the voltage is actually s...
    last modified by cmains
  • How to change the display of N6705B to data logger view in remote interface.

    i have searched the programming manual and i didn't find the correct scpi command.   i need to change the display to data logger view and do a screenshot of the front panel, but i can only stay at the meter view...
    created by cmnewfan
  • Is there a way to control waveform display controls of N6705B in remote interface?

    Right now i am using trmote interface to program N6705B, and i meet this question. In the user manual, it says that there are no remote interface commands that correspond directly to the front panel Scope functions...
    created by cmnewfan
  •       Get negative voltage from E36312A

    Hello, Is it possible to program Channels 2 and Channels 3 of E36312A power supply to get +10V and -10V ? Thank you 
    last modified by hoanghieu
  • I am using N6972A in my test appicaion, when i connect USB to the power supply it drawing 0.111 A,

    i am using this power supply for current calibration. My test device connected to my PC  using USB.Power supply connected to the test device for current supply and power supply connected to the same PC using USB ...
    created by akhil
  • Automatic restart 6813B

    good morning, I have 6813B Performance AC Power Source. The instrument restarts randomly on its own (both under load and when empty). The defect also occurs a few seconds after switching on (this leads me to exclude o...
    created by g.rossi
  • CP- bit on N673xB

    Hello Someone from four N673xB in the N6700B rack set CP- bit sometimes (current protection negative) but I do think that the negative current is about several mA or if there is any so it is only noise in cables. ...
    created by jezorekdusan