• How do I get an E36233A to retain static IP Address settings during several hours not connected to AC power?

    I have two E36233A power supplies that I have configured with static IP Addresses. The IP Addresses persist through a disconnect from AC power for several seconds. However, two nights in a row I disconnected from AC p...
    created by HamiltonWoods
  • why is the average current i fetched from scpi command is different from what i saw in display panel?

     i use this command (FETC:DLOG:CURR? (@1)) to fetch average current value, but it is always different from what i see in display panel.   Sometimes i fetched more than one time, and the returned values are ...
    created by cmnewfan
  • approach for microamp measurements

    Looking for the best approach to measure the sleep current of an IoT device using the N6705B/N6781 power analyzer.  A co-worker uses the scope and records the average current reading, and his values are quite a b...
    created by ken.edwards
  • 6032A 60V/50A 1000W Trouble-shooting

    Hi, I have a few 6032A's with various problems. On one supply the front panel indicator lights all come on, but never go off. On two others, the supplies go into over-range error mode at < 1W. I also have two that...
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  • Two N5751A supplies with paralleled outputs - no secondary current

    I have a configuration of two N5751A supplies with outputs wired in parallel.  The secondary unit is not outputting any current. The output voltage is set for 150 VDC, the OVP is at the power-on default (...
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  • 6655A Auto-Parallel Issue

    I am setting up three 6655A power supplies in parallel to increase my current while keeping voltage the same.  The problem I am running into is I get a  negative current draw on the two secondary power suppl...
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  • Why negative voltage with zero amps? (E3600)

    I have several E3600 series power supplies that, when current is set to zero, the output voltage changes to a fixed negative value -- something like -0.207V or -0.170V. It doesn't matter what the voltage is actually s...
    last modified by cmains
  • How to change the display of N6705B to data logger view in remote interface.

    i have searched the programming manual and i didn't find the correct scpi command.   i need to change the display to data logger view and do a screenshot of the front panel, but i can only stay at the meter view...
    created by cmnewfan
  • Is there a way to control waveform display controls of N6705B in remote interface?

    Right now i am using trmote interface to program N6705B, and i meet this question. In the user manual, it says that there are no remote interface commands that correspond directly to the front panel Scope functions...
    created by cmnewfan
  • Automatic restart 6813B

    good morning, I have 6813B Performance AC Power Source. The instrument restarts randomly on its own (both under load and when empty). The defect also occurs a few seconds after switching on (this leads me to exclude o...
    created by g.rossi
  • N6701 & N6733B power supply - constant current mode?

    Is it possible to configure the subject combination of parts to run in a constant-current mode and have it not shutdown with an over-current trip when the current-control setpoint is reached?  These are the setti...
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  • Remote control of 6654A power supply with NI 488 USB-GPIB card

    I have NI 488.2 (driver 19.5) USB-GPIB control card connecting a Keysight 6654A power supply to a PC (win7 64bit). Under the Keysight IO expert, the power supply is displayed as "Unknown GPIB0::5::INSTR", and cannot ...
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  • E36102B Labview Driver Error -108

    Hi   I'm using a new E36102B power supply and getting error -108 "parameter not allowed" when I'm trying to enable the output with Labview. I can set the voltage and current limit, also initialize and close is ...
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  • AC6801A USB problem (device not recognized)

    Hello I've problem with AC6801A power supply.       First: When windows 7 (10) is loading device is not detect. (USB problem - code 43). Windows has stopped this device because it has reported pro...
    last modified by KD_100
  • Problems with mode CC of DC electronic load

    Some time ago I bought an electronic load model N3304A, but  we have some troubles when try to apply a constant current from the front panel of the device. We observe fluctuations of the order of 1A in the value ...
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  • AC6801B: Is the output Ground terminal isolated from the equipment ground on the input?

    Hi,   I am designing a system with the AC6801B and I would like to know if the AC input "equipment ground" is isolated from, or connected to the output Ground terminal (G).        ...
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  • How to connect a banana cable to E36233A power supply?

    I cannot find a way to connect a standard 4mm banana cable to the front binding posts of the 30V/20A power supply, model E36233A. There seem to have been designed to accept only large wires. How can i use my banana c...
    last modified by adrien31
  • how to unlock my 6038a all leds on

    Greetings,   I am using 2 alims hp6038a in a bench. I found one of those with all leds on and no control over it this morning. The other is fine. Is there a mean to "unlock" it ? I seem to have no control ove...
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  • Setting voltage with E3631A with knob (pushing the knob)

    Hello, We have the E3631A  power supply and to change the voltage or current we have to press the knob and hold it while rotating the knob. I check the manual and it doesn't say anything about pressing ...
    last modified by FEAS
  • e36312a step size for OUTP:DEL:RISE and OUTP:DEL:FALL

    The May 2019 programmer's manual says on page 72 that the resolution for the time parameter of these commands is one millisecond.  However, when programming these values and reading them back (with OUTP:DEL:RISE?...
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