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Click to view contentHello,    I am using Agilent power supply E3631A 6 V output connected to a Hall sensor terminal.    It was working fine until yesterday, when I connected a new Hall sensor (identical to the old one).   Output voltage started to change and now it's fixed at -8.743 V. I can't change it, adjust knob does not respond.   Digital multimeter… (Show more)
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Hello,   While testing our hardware, we noticed that when our U8031A DC-DC is in the "Off" state (via the output on/off, not the master power switch), the "+" and "-" terminals have only about 1ohm resistance between them. We found this curious. Why does the output of the U8031A do this when in the Off state?   We're just curious more than… (Show more)
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Can N5766A 40V 38A Power Supply take the current for reverse power flow application., If yes what is the current limit.
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I am using power supplies series E3610x with LAN Interface and trying to display a message on the display using the DISP:TEXT  command. I've tried DISP:TEXT "Keysight" and DISP:TEXT 'Keysight'. However, all I'm getting back is the error message -151,"Invalid string data". Otherwise the communication with the power supply works fine, I can set… (Show more)
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Click to view contentHello, I have a B2962A power source and I am trying to set up symmetrical voltages as +/- 9V. By referring to Get ±25 volts from a DC bench power supply and easily set up symmetrical voltages , I will use Channel 1 as positive voltage source and Channel 2 as the negative voltage source. But I don't know if I can set the cable connection like… (Show more)
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We have a 6035A Power Supply. I am trying to use it to power a 300V ignition coil for testing. I am able to set the voltage to 300V and the current limit to 2A. When I try to set these values with the load connected, there is no output. I don't get any errors or OVP. I just have no output. What am I doing wrong? I also note that it always switches… (Show more)
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Not sure if this is the correct forum, but there is nothing with the N3300A in it, and it is sort of power supply related.   I am controlling a N330A DC electronic load from within a VB.NET application using the SCPI.NET drivers via a serial port connection. I have to control the constant current amplitude at a fast rate.  I have been able to go… (Show more)
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I we use N6781A with N6700A frame. With CCload mode, we have 60µA offset between set current value and efective current value. If we set a load of 100µA the effective load is 160µA. Is there a calibration procedure to adjust this offset? Regards Arnaud
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Hệ thống tiện ích đa dạng và hoàn hảo tại VinCity Tây Mỗ   dự án VinCity Tây Mỗ là siêu dự án do tập đoàn Vingroup làm chủ đầu tư đang được đông đảo khách hàng quan tâm. Sở hữu sự cao cấp từ diện tích cho đến tiện ích nội khu lẫn ngoại khu, dự án này có thể chứa đến 10 nghìn cư dân. Chắc chắn rằng, cư dân trong tương lai sẽ có thể yên tâm tận… (Show more)
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The power supply was operating normally, then it went off in the middle of a test. the switch was pressed ON, but the screen was off, it is checked from the back and the 2A fuse is burned, it is replaced by an equal one of 2A, but pressing the switch immediately burns the fuse. Is it possible that a short in the terminals (+, -) could damage the… (Show more)
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