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Hi, I tried out various commands using Command Expert on a E36103A unit. However, I found out that SYSTem:RWLock,REMote does not work on this unit. Is this command really supported, or I need to update firmware?   PS: in SYSTem:VERSion? section, it is stated that the SCPI version should be 2005.0. However, I got 1999.0 when I ran the command  … (Show more)
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The rather old 66103A powersupplies, and similar, has a 48pin connector behind, usually connected to a DC module connector like 5060-3386 which normally gives the pos./neg. terminals and the sens signals. But the pinout of the 48pin connector is hidden and not found in the regular documentation. Does anyone know this pinout? I have determind… (Show more)
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with the 66101 thru 66106 projected to go out of production in 2018, is the 66000A expected to end production as well. 
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I got a brand new N8738A power supply. How to change the IP address from the factory set value to a new value? Leyo Joseph
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Looking to replace a 6612C power supply which can source and sink current.
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Hello everyone. I am looking for 3D CAD files or 2D drawings of N7907A Rack Mount Kit (all parts) for N6952A Advanced Power System. Can somebody help me? Thanks.
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New N6702 with 4 N6774A power modues. Main frame won't power up, Power led stays yellow and flashing. Fans turn on. This is one of 2 we bought, first one works fine
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Hi,   I am using Agilent N6705B DC Power Analyser for current measurement. I want to transfer the logged data from Internal memory to External memory.   Problem: While copying file from Internal to External memory, error message received: “Insufficient space in the destination drive ”. Same error observed while exporting the logged data to… (Show more)
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