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All,   I feel like this is a real simple matter that I am overlooking, yet I can't find anything to support how to accomplish triggering.  Through LabView IVI drivers, I am able to set a "trigger voltage level" and "trigger current limit".  I also set a config to trigger through software, but when I execute the command to trigger the power… (Show more)
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我使用100欧姆的电阻测试线路上的静态电流,想知道在用安捷伦电源供电时直接接了补偿的S+ S-,这样会不会影响静态电流的测量 (I used a 100 ohm resistor to test the quiescent current on the line, wondering if the compensated S + S- was connected directly with Agilent's power supply, which would not affect the quiescent current measurement)
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I am using my E36312A with LAN and communicate with it with SCPI commands. However, the LAN disconnects sporadically, and I have to manually reset it from the front panel.    My question is: can I somehow make it reconnect automatically when the LAN connection is lost?   Regards, Johanna 
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How to communicate with the 60501B Electronic Load module over the serial link?  Is the module using the same protocol as the Load Mainframe? What are Com port settings?
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I need to query the power rating for N8900 series power supplies. I'm able to pull the voltage and current without issue (VOLT? MAX) however am unable to find the equivalent power command.
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Do you have a CAD file for the N6700C Power Supply? I found the N6702 but the length is different.   Thanks!
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Hello everyone,    The following problem:  I want to establish a connection between E3643A power supply and PC via RS-232 cable. I am using the Keysight Connection Expert Software on a Windows 7 PC.   I can connect to the power supply and send commands.The problem is, I'm not getting any response.     Example: Send & Read *IDN?       Response… (Show more)
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Anyone familiar with common failure modes for the A7 Inverter Board used on the HP 6811x / 6812x / 6813x AC Sources?  I've replaced a defective one with a new module and it would be nice to see if I can troubleshoot so this could be used as a spare.   The part number for this assembly is 5064-0110.
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What is the bandwidth and Max sampling rate of U2723A USB Modular SMU?
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I am trying to connect a new device (Keysight U2722A) and it does not appear in /dev. I have tried this in Ubuntu, Fedora, and openSuse, all with the same results. Currently working in Fedora. When I plug it in, I can see it appear in: dmesg: [58451.072367] usb 3-2.4.2: new high-speed USB device number 11 using xhci_hcd [58451.287716] usb 3-2.4.2:… (Show more)
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