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I we use N6781A with N6700A frame. With CCload mode, we have 60µA offset between set current value and efective current value. If we set a load of 100µA the effective load is 160µA. Is there a calibration procedure to adjust this offset? Regards Arnaud
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Hệ thống tiện ích đa dạng và hoàn hảo tại VinCity Tây Mỗ   dự án VinCity Tây Mỗ là siêu dự án do tập đoàn Vingroup làm chủ đầu tư đang được đông đảo khách hàng quan tâm. Sở hữu sự cao cấp từ diện tích cho đến tiện ích nội khu lẫn ngoại khu, dự án này có thể chứa đến 10 nghìn cư dân. Chắc chắn rằng, cư dân trong tương lai sẽ có thể yên tâm tận… (Show more)
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The power supply was operating normally, then it went off in the middle of a test. the switch was pressed ON, but the screen was off, it is checked from the back and the 2A fuse is burned, it is replaced by an equal one of 2A, but pressing the switch immediately burns the fuse. Is it possible that a short in the terminals (+, -) could damage the… (Show more)
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Hello,   I have an error 811 when try to use a Power supply (Rs232 connection) and a 34972A (Lan Connection) simultaneously. If I use a program to control the power supply individuai I have no problem but when I join the Logger I can't control the power supply ( the logger eorks well). The power supply do not saty in a remote mode with this two… (Show more)
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Hi, I am looking for a comparison between Keysight 66319B/D vs Keithley 2302/2306.   As far as I know, they are similar and Keithley has a better price as well as higher rating. In term of functional, they are quite similar. Any better chance to point out the differences or the advantages of Keysight 66319B/D?    I am not looking at 6700C series… (Show more)
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Hi,   Fairly new to Pi but bought a B rev2 a number of years ago and never used it. Now I am getting into home automation I thought I would give it a go before my new Pi 3 turns up. Tried several different images / SD cards and they all seem to result in the same outcome. Some of the images start to load have all the LEDs flashing then go to a… (Show more)
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I have a new E36313A Triple Power Supply and have an unusual symptom. I am working with customer support, but so far have not been able to resolve the cause. In parallel, I'm reaching out to the Keysight community to see whether anyone has experienced a similar symptom.   Description of Problem   When plugged in to a power strip (which also has… (Show more)
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I am trying to simulate a load profile,  I have logged current and voltage values of my load in a csv format and now i want to use this profile to generate similar load on my dc power analyzer N7605B to measure the performance of my battery. Is it possible to simulate N6705B as load? Many thanks.
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We recently purchased below product - 66321B Mobile Comm DC Source w/ Battery Emulation - 14565B Device Characterization Software with Test Automation After getting the delivery of the product, we got to know that we need to purchase the "82357B USB/GPIB" Interface cable separately and it is not part of the Battery Emulation product purchased.  … (Show more)
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