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Dear sir, We would like to program NI GPIB-USB-HS via SCPI to acquire current data from 66319D. How fast can we get data from 66319D? Should we purchase 14565B for power consumption evaluation? Kind Regards, Thomas
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I require modulating the output of the N6774A w/N6705C mainframe to test ripple rejection at 5 KHz and 100 KHz. Is this possible?
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Hi, I'm running my E3634A power supply with Python and have one minor issue with that. Everything seems to work smoothly, but for some reason following messages are printed out in command prompt after I fired my python script. Any ideas? I'm able to e.g. read/write/query voltage values without any problems.   Devsess can be locked. Intfsess can… (Show more)
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I am seeking an external OVP Crowbar circuit.  Due to the cost of the equipment the power supply will be connected, my boss is requiring that an external circuit to protect against overvoltages, be used.   Any thoughts?   (And make your own isn't one of them)
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Hi I hope this is the right forum. I have a N6705B power generator and I am trying to use pyvisa to communicate with it. I wan to try to read in the voltage and current at the same time. I read that the power generator is able to interleave data, but is not able to read both at the same time. How would I do this? I tried to find some example… (Show more)
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OUTPUT 4 of my 6627A is always in UNR state, even without load. When I switch the PSU on, I read 0,35 V on OUTOPUT4, while OUT1, 2 and 3 are at 0V.   Does anyone know the reason why? What could I do to fix?   Tank you in advance
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Hi, I have 4 power supplies E3631A with USB/GPIB connect to laptops, When I send command set voltage from command expert it works fine. But when I send it with Labview program, power supplies get error -108: parameter not allowed. Unfortunatelly this labview program is an excecutable file so I can't see what's going on. This labview program… (Show more)
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After some time configuring my E36104A DC Power Supply, I noticed the letter 'L' on the lower left of the screen adjacent to the Error indicator area.  I have not been able to find anything, anywhere describing this condition.     My guess is it has to do with LAN, and if I go into the LAN settings, I see under the menu LAN Fault a message that… (Show more)
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I am a hobbyist and I have just acquired an Agilent 6623A triple output power supply. I also purchased an Agilent 82357b USB-to-GPIB adapter in the hopes of controlling the 6623A with my laptop running Windows XP Service pack 3. I have downloaded and installed the Agilent IO suite, and the Command Expert and Benchvue Apps. However, after I… (Show more)
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Inside a 6701 mainframe we have 4 modules that have individual voltage/current requirements specific to each module. Currently I am having to program these through the front display. Is there a way to program these units other than using the front display? 
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