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Hi,   In 66319D when we turn on the output getting unregulated error.what could be the reason for getting this error.   Thanks, poornima
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Click to view contentHi! i've got n6700b mainframe in my home lab. I realy want to use remote control via LAN, so i connected mainframe and my PC to one router with had DHCP. I can acsses to web interface, but in my brouser, if click web control tab, i see "This page requied java". If refer to this document i have to install java version 7+, so i tryed it and… (Show more)
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I'm wondering if I'm measuring things incorrectly or I've got things hooked up wrong. Here's what I'm trying to do:   Power a device with the channel 1 SMU (the module is a 6784A). Also measure the current through a particular part of the circuit using channel 2 as an ammeter (the module is also a 6784A). So channel 1 is set as a 4 quadrant… (Show more)
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I have an N6700C system power supply, and noticed that after an over current event is cleared and the LCD powers off, it doesn't come back on after key presses. The LED light has green color, and the unit responds to IDN queries. The only way I can get the LCD to work again is to power off the unit and power it again.
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Hello everybody, I'm currently using the SMU N6950A with Option 301 for a higher accuracy for current sensing. As mentioned in the manual the option 301 offers an additional low-current range up to 11A (high current-range is 225A). To specify the range for sensing I use the command "SENS:CURR:RANG <value>". However, after sending the request… (Show more)
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Hello,   While testing our hardware, we noticed that when our U8031A DC-DC is in the "Off" state (via the output on/off, not the master power switch), the "+" and "-" terminals have only about 1ohm resistance between them. We found this curious. Why does the output of the U8031A do this when in the Off state?   We're just curious more than… (Show more)
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The 66321B/D Specifications declare that the Dynamic measurement system offers a Buffer size of 4096 points (max). Our 66321D has a maximum of 2048 points (checked via the 66321D front panel). The serial no. is: SG43000116 Option: 0 The ROM version is: A.03.01 Can anyone explain why the Buffer size in our 66321D is limited to 2048 points?  … (Show more)
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Click to view contentHello,    I am using Agilent power supply E3631A 6 V output connected to a Hall sensor terminal.    It was working fine until yesterday, when I connected a new Hall sensor (identical to the old one).   Output voltage started to change and now it's fixed at -8.743 V. I can't change it, adjust knob does not respond.   Digital multimeter… (Show more)
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Can N5766A 40V 38A Power Supply take the current for reverse power flow application., If yes what is the current limit.
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I am using power supplies series E3610x with LAN Interface and trying to display a message on the display using the DISP:TEXT  command. I've tried DISP:TEXT "Keysight" and DISP:TEXT 'Keysight'. However, all I'm getting back is the error message -151,"Invalid string data". Otherwise the communication with the power supply works fine, I can set… (Show more)
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