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Hello,   I am writing a python interface for the power supply E36312A, and am wondering if there are any libraries or examples  available?   Thanks, Johanna 
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I require modulating the output of the N6774A w/N6705C mainframe to test ripple rejection at 5 KHz and 100 KHz. Is this possible?
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Hi, We are in the middle of working on our power supply programming examples and wanted to get some feedback.  We are wondering: 1.  What programming languages/IO Libraries you use?  We are thinking of concentrating on VB.NET, C#, C/C++, Labview, Matlab, Excel (VBA), and Python.  Are we missing anything?   2.  Any specific programming… (Show more)
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I had a couple questions regarding N8900 series power supplies:   Are VMON and IMON optically isolated from power subsystem? Does the remote sense compensation voltage maximum spec refer to the drop across both + and - legs of circuit?  For instance if the spec is 5V does that mean we can only have 2.5V drop across each leg?   Thanks,
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What an oversight I have made, I thought I could program this thing one time with the keyboard, and it would retain its settings....   Apparently not.  You turn it off and its gone!
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We have a B2961A in the lab, and I was hoping to provide an input to an ADC circuit. Normally, the equipment under test provides an Excitation voltage, that a passive sensor turns into the signal to the ADC. This Excitation voltage is tied/ratiometric to the Vref of the ADC, so any change in the Excitation voltage is compensated. When I use an… (Show more)
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I'm trying to measure average and peak currents of a Bluetooth device. I can get the average value of the current fine, but to find the peak value, I don't know whether the 'Maximum' current which is shown at the bottom of the Device Characterization software represents the same.   What is the significance of and where are the minimum and… (Show more)
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I am having difficulty getting this functionality to work for the 6812B for the SCPI commands.  More specifically, I cannot determine what would replace: LIST:TERM:LAST OFF (return the output to the state it was in before the pulse) INIT:TRAN (initiate or enable the transient trigger system) TRIG:TRAN:SOUR (Select the trigger source that will… (Show more)
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I am working on automating our environment here. I am having a problem with my E36102A power supply. I can issue write commands to it and it works fine but if I try to read anything (even *IDN?) I get a hang condition and script is hung. Any ideas would be helpful. A little background. I am running this on a LINUX box. If I use my laptop PC and… (Show more)
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If my sense line breaks and I use MEAS:VOLT? to check the value, will I get ~0.0V reading or will I get the value I set the power supply to output? I'm using an N6701A mainframe and N6774A power supply module. Thanks.  
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