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Hi, I am using a E3640A programable power supply. Before I have used the same with Windows 7 Laptop using excel VB code, which was working. Now I am trying the same using a Windows 10 Laptop and with Python. But it is not working. So I went one level below and tried *IDN? in Tera Term, there also I am not getting any response. I checked the cable… (Show more)
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I have two E36233A power supplies that I have configured with static IP Addresses. The IP Addresses persist through a disconnect from AC power for several seconds. However, two nights in a row I disconnected from AC power and the next morning one and then the other of the power supplies behaved like I do - it couldn't remember anything. Are there… (Show more)
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Intermitent  initialization error when calling DCPS_Init   The Error message is 0XBFFA0010 invalid value ()   Configuration is:   N67XX Mainframe N6732B PS N6752A PS N6774A PS N6774 PS
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 i use this command (FETC:DLOG:CURR? (@1)) to fetch average current value, but it is always different from what i see in display panel.   Sometimes i fetched more than one time, and the returned values are different from each other.   Is there something wrong, or it is just the common case?
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Looking for the best approach to measure the sleep current of an IoT device using the N6705B/N6781 power analyzer.  A co-worker uses the scope and records the average current reading, and his values are quite a bit higher than mine.  I have used the data logger, and have seen two results using the auto ranging settings.  If I use a sample time of… (Show more)
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I want to connect 2 Power Supply N6752A  in parallel to increase the current to 40 amps, but when I connect the load the voltage drops from 14 volts to 8 volts. How can I keep the voltage at 14 Volts?
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Hi, I have a few 6032A's with various problems. On one supply the front panel indicator lights all come on, but never go off. On two others, the supplies go into over-range error mode at < 1W. I also have two that go into over-range error mode at just over 300W of output. Any suggestions? Thanks.  
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Hello guys, I want to know how to build DC analyze with SIPro/PIpro.I am new in Advanced Design System.There is a GND problem chosen.I mean If I select HV_LINK also I describe GND for it and then as a sink I select high side mosfet but now there  is no GND because current goes through motor winding with  terminal.If I select the pin over the… (Show more)
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Can someone please confirm whether there is a new version of firmware for the E36200 series since its initial release? The link to the firmware updates page doesn't show any new version that I can see as of the date of posting. Thanks in advance.
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I appreciate if somebody can explain me the concept/behavior of CV/CC on a 6612C, sorry for the dummy question. Let me put an example: Let say that I Vset = 12V and Iset=20mA, now let say that I connect a LED on the output without any resistor. What will happens? will the power supply drop the voltage and keep the amp and not burn the LED or it… (Show more)
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