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Can N5766A 40V 38A Power Supply take the current for reverse power flow application., If yes what is the current limit.
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Hi,   I am working on automating a test setup containing an HP 6680A (66xx series) power supply. I am using the NI GPIB-USB-HS (GPIB to USB adapter), with NI 488.2 drivers, and for the moment only sending manual SCPI commands via the VISA test panel to test that the communication is working properly with the power supply.   I am currently able… (Show more)
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Agilent DC Power Supply Transient response. What is it? How is it measured? And why is it important? Watch video: (Note: special promotion mentioned in video expired January 1, 2012) For more information:  
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This video explains Agilent DC power supply transient response what is it, how to measure it and why it is important. []  
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Hello ,   I am using E3631 Power supply in my lab and now I need control supply remotely using  GPIB port and python programming. I have go through the Manual  but I am getting difficulty to understand the commands to control the Instrument   Can you help me to find commands for following scenarios   Control the Supply Voltage and Current… (Show more)
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Hi,   In 66319D when we turn on the output getting unregulated error.what could be the reason for getting this error.   Thanks, poornima
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Hi,   why is the B2962A SMU not supported by EasyExpert software ?   regards   Wolfgang
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Hello, I currently have a 6675A DC power supply and have connected a constant resistance heater to it. The resistance of this heater is 12.65 ohm. On programming the output voltage to 6 V, the expected current draw from the supply should be around 0.5 A following Ohm's Law. However, with the output voltage set to 6 V, I first get a current of 3.5… (Show more)
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Hi, I want to capture and parse the screen capture of the N6705B via SCPI commands to the controlling computer (computer running VBscript). How do I capture the screen and pass it/save it on the controlling computer?   I know that the command "MMEM:EXP:DLOG "external:\data1.csv"" saves the screen capture to the USB drive attached to this power… (Show more)
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Click to view contentHi! i've got n6700b mainframe in my home lab. I realy want to use remote control via LAN, so i connected mainframe and my PC to one router with had DHCP. I can acsses to web interface, but in my brouser, if click web control tab, i see "This page requied java". If refer to this document i have to install java version 7+, so i tryed it and… (Show more)
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