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Power Meters and Sensors

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We have just purchased the N5531X System with the N5532B-550 Sensor and E4417A Meter. I've read the application notes on this and it looks like the primary contributors are the Range to Range error, Signal to Noise Ratio Error, and Linearity Error, but my question is, how does the cal factor uncertainty not get calculated in and then with using… (Show more)
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Equipped with a dumb fluid trainer (Cycleops Tempo Fluid) and no power meter I want to squeeze some data out of my indoor rides to make my performance trackable. I intend on buying a HR Monitor combined with either speed or cadence or both. It seems I can use the combination of these three to utilize Zwift or Trainer Road in some capacity. Has… (Show more)
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I am reading -14.44dBm on the display and when I execute a READ? or MEAS? or FETCH? it will return my number as -1.444...If I'm reading -9.85dBm on the screen, the READ? etc..returns a solid measurement in the correct format.  I have read through the programming manual and cannot find why it would not return my numbers as it is displayed on the… (Show more)
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I am currently trying to do a stepped sweep with a 8164B TLS and am using an N7744A PM to record the power measurements at each step.  The TLS appears to be sending out a trigger to the PM at each step. However, the PM is not triggering for each measurement.  I'm only receiving one in my output file.  I'm using pyVisa. I'm not sure if the PM is… (Show more)
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Hi , dear specialist im doing a smc mixer calibration, there is a step that power cal setting which you can see a item that is De-embed adapter, right now, out mixer is a hormonic mixer, the RF input is waveguide port. and IF output is coxial port, my power sensor port is a coxial port though, so, how do i deal with this place: de-embed adapter,… (Show more)
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In our lab, we have had sometimes strange behaving on 432A+478A-H76 mount. We measuring Vcomp and Vref voltages backside of the 432A using 3458A. Normaly when mount zeroing is fine etc, 3458A should show around 85mV when power meter DUT Ref-Out power is ON. Time after time even zeroing is perfect (less than +/- 200uV) and turn Ref-Out ON voltage… (Show more)
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