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Power Meters and Sensors

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Hi, When I connect U2055XA sensor to N1914A FW A2.01.09, LED light goes to green but power meter shows query unterminated error similar to this fix for U2044XA and does not update display with readings.   Release A.01.15 (15 Feb 2017) ---------------------------- - Keysight rebranding - Bug fix on *OPT? and SERV:OPT?. - Bug fix for query… (Show more)
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Hello,   I need to measure the power at 6 GHz and 35 GHz at the end of a cable.  The power level will be - 2 dBm and I need to do this twice a week.  Due to many factors that I can not get into, the solution I had was lost.  I can get my hands on a N8487A power sensor, but I can't get my hands on a  N441xA meter.   Getting a purchased solution… (Show more)
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I want to understand the mechanism of the limitation for wide band measurements in the U2042XA power sensor and if it would be possible to change the lower limit in firmware to 200 MHz.  I feel like it is taking a step backward to have to re-setup my test benches with E4416 & E9323 to measure performance below 300 MHz.   Attached, 5 MHz QPSK from… (Show more)
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I try to read trace data from Matlab from N1912 If I try to read it from channel A - it is ok. I receive error if I try to read it from channel B by replacing fprintf(N1912A,':TRACe1:DATA? HRES'); to fprintf(N1912A,':TRACe2:DATA? HRES');   Error message in Matlab:   Warning: A binblock is not available to be read. 'visa' unable to read any… (Show more)
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Hello, I have 34970 and 34901A. I would like to measure 4 wire resistance measurement, but I do not know how can I set temperature compensation. Do I need temperature sensor, and calculate the resistance manually from the measured temperature, or the equipment will do it accurately without any compensation?   Thx in advance.
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I would like information on how to convert my 8990B from internal HDD to removable HDD.  Also, can you have both or each is exclusive?
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to verify the "flatness" of a levelled sine signal source, the E9304A power sensor (w/ E4419B power meter) is considered as the meaurement tool. the measurment setup would be: 1. measure the power level at 1MHz, let's say the measured level is the reference, ie. 0.01dBm 2. increase the frequency to 50MHz, 100MHz, 200MHz...1GHz, record the measured… (Show more)
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I was using N8485A sensor with N1913A for over 3 years. From last week the sensor calibration process encounters error "-231:data questionable". In fact when I connect the sensor to the internal 50 MHz 1mW source, the meter reads -31 dB instead of near 0dBm, but the reading value is totally stable. I also directly connected the sensor to the… (Show more)
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Hallo,   i have a L2063XA powersensor and want to mess a peak power. I can mess signal power in not pulsed mode, but for pulsed mode i get always an averaged result. Here is my C# code:   double GetPeakPowerValue() {    double result;    try       {             _driver.System.Preset();        var peakChannel =… (Show more)
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In our lab, we have had sometimes strange behaving on 432A+478A-H76 mount. We measuring Vcomp and Vref voltages backside of the 432A using 3458A. Normaly when mount zeroing is fine etc, 3458A should show around 85mV when power meter DUT Ref-Out power is ON. Time after time even zeroing is perfect (less than +/- 200uV) and turn Ref-Out ON voltage… (Show more)
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