• Unable to read byteStream from 8164B

    Hey, I am unable to read the binary stream from the 8164B after I send the "[:SOURce[n]][:CHANnel[m]:READout:DATA? llog" command using the GPIB interface from Matlab. I get the correct number of bytes but I cannot ma...
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  • sample VEE program for the synchronized all-states PDL/PER method - updated

    The attached VEE program is a sample for the method described in the application note to make all-states PDL or PER measurements. The sample program only controls the polarization controller (N7785B or N7786B, N7784B ...
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  • Unable to Initialize 8164B with LabVIEW

    Hello,   I am unable to initialize 8164B using the provided Keysight drivers and wrapper libraries for LabVIEW. Please find attached a screenshot of the error.   Thanks
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  • Using the 8163A Lightwave Multimeter for Ultrafast laser

    Hello,   I am looking to view the pulse width and rep rate of a Polaronyx femtosecond laser.  I have read that you can do this with an oscilloscope.  My plan was to couple the monitor fiber of the lase...
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  • N4375B 26.5 GHz Single-Mode Lightwave Component Analyzer, simple experiment(s)

    Dear all   I have "N4375B 26.5 GHz Single-Mode Lightwave Component Analyzer" in my lab.   I wanted to make some simple experiment(s) on it   Is there an example experiment or a schematic for a c...
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  • keysight 8164B  can not Remote control

    The laser module is 81606a,  power meter  is 81635. Wrapper files files for LabVIEW is downloaded from keysight official website, that is for version 4.5 driver. BTW, the color of the latest vers...
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  • IVI Driver for N7714A Four-Port Tunable Laser System Source

    I am unable to find IVI driver for N7714A Four-Port Tunable Laser System Source, for connecting it to MATLAB. Can someone help me with it? Please suggest the location at which I can download the driver. Or Is there a...
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  • transient optical power measurements - python example

    There have been a few updates to the application note Transient Optical Power Measurements with the N774x-Series Multiport Power Meter, also pointing out that this can be used with the very high-sensitivity N7747...
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  • agilent 816X pnp: trigger error

    Hi All, I am trying to do a lambda scan using the agilent 816X pnp driver 4_4_2 with matlab r2011b. The laser is 81600B and the detector 81635A embeded in 8164B. I am getting the error:    Error u...
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  • 8163B -> sweep-wavelength measurements with tunable laser

    Currently, I'm trying to work out a labview program that sweep a wavelength range and log the wavelength and corresponding power value and save it to a file. The issue is that the file i get from the log is filled wit...
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  • 8163B -> stepped-wavelength measurements with tunable las

    Currently, I'm working on the narrow tunable laser and log the power value through  PC. My LabView program will sample the power value as the tunable laser is sweeping. Thus, I want to know how fast the laser can...
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  • OSA build in source handling

    What is the method to turn off OSA’s build in laser source?  
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  • 86038B PDLA data export

    When exporting measurement data, under eMeasurementType, eMeasurementType_Gain will return the Gain. However, I want to know more about the returned Gain. Because as you see, PDLA will have  4 Gain data for 4 ...
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  • Spectral power measurements with the tunable laser

    It is easy to synchronize power measurements with the wavelength sweep of the laser. Here is a simple description. Choose the start and stop wavelength and the wavelength step between measurement points for a continu...
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  • 8614xA/B Firmware

    What firmware version can I use on my Agilent optical spectrum analyzer and where can I get an upgrade?  
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  • Equipment for Time-Resolved Chirp Measurements

    The time-resolved chirp measurement application that runs with the 86146B optical spectrum analyzer is a software package that also calculates dispersion penalty for evaluating transmitters. Besides the OSA, the meas...
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  • PDLA Application Software

    Could anyone kindly tell me where I will be able to get PDLA application software? Our company lately bought one PDLA system. Unfortunately, when we use recover mode to recover the system, we lost the PDLA application...
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  • GPIB Response times of Agilent 8163A

    We have an old Aiglent 8163A Power Sensor module. We programmed an computer application which connects via GPIB to the device and reads the values. (Written in C++ on Windows). This works in principle. However only i...
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  • how to use N7788B to measure PMD

    Can any one give a detail connection
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  • Labview program for 8163B

    I have 8163B with 81940A module. I installed 816x VXI PnP driver to create Labview program (Labview 8.5) but I don't know how to do. Edited by: mkelly on Mar 15, 2012 9:14 AM  
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