• Typo report in Programmer's Guide for Infiniium Oscilloscopes (PDF)

    Hi, I'm using python to remote control DSA90804A, and found the example code in Programmer's Guide for Infiniium Oscilloscopes (PDF) has some typos. They are at section VISA Example in Python (PyVISA 1.6 and newer): #...
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  • DSO-X 3012A randomly freezes during USB data transfer

    Hello everyone,   I'm having troubles with the Agilent DSO-X 3012A oscilloscope, firmware version 02.43.2018020635. I intend to use it to perform a series of measurements (hundreds of thousands), downloading eac...
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  • Acquiring average trigger rate via VISA?

    I'm using an Agilent Infiniium DSO9064A to measure the dark current in a photomultiplier tube. I was wondering if I would be able to read off the triggering rate from the scope, possibly using VISA commands?   C...
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  • Source code for you old driver

    Hi! I'm intrested in to get source code for your older aquisition driver for 54845a osciloscope, bucause i want to use it with windows XP. In win 98 i had VxD driver, but win XP dosen't support it, but support WDM dr...
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  • AC/DC current probe

    Dear Sir:           I would like to buy a AC/DC current probe from Keysight.    The problem is all the oscilloscopes I own are from a different manufacturer.      &#...
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  • How to configure TJ@BER with filters in DSA91304A?

    We are moving from an old Tektronix oscilloscope to a more bandwidth Agilent scope. The tektronix scope had a functionality for the measurement of Total Jitter at specified BER and with the addition of a band pass/hig...
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  • Measure Times Between Rising/Falling Edges of Four Different Signals with MSOX2024?

    Hello All,   I am writing to ask for advice on how to automate my DSOX2024 scope to find times t_1, t_2, and t_3 shown in the image below.  At my bench, I place cursors on the appropriate rising and falling...
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  • We have an S Series MSOS104A  with a Protocol Decode package. We NEED to decode Quad Spi  NOT Quad E Spi. Is the Quad Spi an option on our decode? If so how do we access it? OR Maybe is there an UPDATE which we need to do to get that Protocol Decode?  Loo

    We have an S Series MSOS104A  with a Protocol Decode package. We NEED to decode Quad Spi  NOT Quad E Spi. Is the Quad Spi an option on our decode? If so how do we access it? OR Maybe is there an UPDATE wh...
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  • Is it possible to maximize the waveform viewport in a MSO4000X series O'scope?

    Hi, I'm thinking about getting a MSO4000X series O'scope and was wondering if it is possible to maximize the waveform display viewport on the screen.  In other words, if you undock or minimize the "sidebar" to t...
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  • Acquire multiple channels on a DSO-X Scope in Matlab

    Dear all,  I am trying to acquire the data from all channels from a DSOX scope using Matlab. I have found a script that can help with this on the Mathworks file exchange site:   https://fr.mathworks.com/ma...
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  • How to use MSO6054A Oscilloscope to view FM modulated signal generated by Agilent 33220A ?

    Dear all Please I need to view FM signal on MSO6054A Oscillscope : I set up Sine wave as carrier ( 1MHz ) . I select mod - FM - modulation 20 KHz - frequency deviataion 100 KHz . 
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  • N2796A compensation problem ?

    I just acquired an N2796A from the used market, in like new condition.  It passes calibration (DSOX 3000T) and 1-2GHz response looks good on another scope (54846A).  The attached image however (magenta) show...
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  • DSOX1102G without Digital Voltmeter ? This function is missing on my oscillo...

    I bought a oscilloscope DSOX1102G this week. It must have a FREE Digital Voltmeter, but this function is missing on my device. I tried to download the firmware/software update with the indication " Licensing: Does N...
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  • why can I not download the DVM for my DSOX1102G

    if I press the download button in the following link, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? How can I get to the file?   Here is the link: https://www.keysight.com/main/software.jspx?cc=DE&lc=ger&id=2...
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  • Trigger level knob broken

    Hi all, I have a DSO6014A scope (out of warranty) and the trigger level knob has a strange malfunction: turning either direction only increases the trigger level... Anyone see anything like this before?   Sugges...
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  • hello i am using a MSOS404A

      oscilloscope and i want want to capture a screen shot(image) afte a particular trigger like high to low so, how can i do it by using scpi commands
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  • storing trigger based Vp-p

    Iam using KEYSIGHT infiniium S-series oscilloscope. how should i automatically save peak to peak voltage of a waveform for every trigger? 
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  • Looking for a  user manual and probes for Lectrotech TO-55 scope

    Hello everyone, I found a Lectrotech TO-55 oscilloscope at a hamfest after it was over. It works, but there are no probes with it. And I don't have any information on the scope. So, I was hoping at the very least, th...
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  • "Lister" function for serial/LIN/CAN decoding in DSOX1102A.

    Hi, I have both an MSOX2004A with the serial/LIN/CAN decoder as well as the DSXO1102A with said license installed.   In the 2000 series, when you enable the serial decoder, there's a "Lister" button that enables...
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  • File Screen Transfer MSO7104A

    Hello,   I have a MSO7104A device that I control with LAN. I would like to transfer print screen from oscilloscope to my local computer by LAN connection.   I use the VISA api to read/write data by C/C++ (...
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