• Power Supply Noise Measurement

    Dear Team,   I need to measure the noise coming from a DC power supply (N6705 DC Power Analyzer) which is given as an input to the Comparator Present in my ASIC. The voltage range will be from 500mv to 700mv. My ...
    created by harioyyoth
  • MSOX4054A DC Voltage measurement

    Dear Team,   I am performing a DC voltage measurement using MSOX4054A. When I am using passive probes I am getting Proper voltage.   We have an SMA connector on the board for voltage measurement.When I co...
    created by harioyyoth
  • Is there program for viewing InfiniiVision oscilloscope waveforms?

    Hi,   is there a (freeware) program available for computer, which would allow viewing waveforms recorded by InfiniiVision series oscilloscopes? I have hundreds of waveforms and I would like to quickly browse thr...
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  • How to convert binary (.bin file) to ascii file?

    Hi!   how can I convert .bin file to ascii file (.txt, .csv or any other type)? I want to make conversion on computer using some script and then analyze acii data in Originlab. The binary file has...
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  • update the 54621a oscilloscope

    hi everybody... excuse me for my bad english...i'm from italy... i'm an hobbyist and i bought an used oscilloscope 54621a... it' full and perfectly working with firware v. A.01.20 Aug 17 2000 is available the (only)...
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  • Replacing Agilent 54624A "soft-touch keypad" switches - part #?

    I have an Agilent 54624A scope, and the 6 little push-button switches right under the CRT are shot from heavy use.   The part number for a replacement of the OBSOLETE 6-switch PCB assembly is:   54622-4190...
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  • MSOX3000 firmware v2.35

    Hi, Is there any way to get firmware v2.35? Im trying to fix my MSOX3054A My unit has corrupted NAND flash  (see attachment) I would like to fix it using older version to update to new much more stable version...
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  • how to know the beginning and end of the waveforme in 89600VSA software

    hi all im using DAC to convert modulated digitized waveform to analog .how to capture waveform in the way i exactly know the beginning and end of the waveform in the VSA software as the signal keeps repeating it self ...
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  • measuring EVM in VSA

    hi im trying to measure EVM of 100MHz modulated signal(16QAM) with 89600 VSA software.the problem is the EVM is not stable and changing from 2% to 14%. dose anyone have an idea why it dose not give me fixed EVM pleas...
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  • Record measurement overtime

    Equipment: MSOS404A Mixed signal oscilloscope   Let's say I am measuring an IR drop and I need to measure this IR drop waveform from the oscilloscope 1000 times (everytime my chip computes, I will need to measur...
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  • Looking for a  user manual and probes for Lectrotech TO-55 scope

    Hello everyone, I found a Lectrotech TO-55 oscilloscope at a hamfest after it was over. It works, but there are no probes with it. And I don't have any information on the scope. So, I was hoping at the very least, th...
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  • How to attach a homemade probe to an AutoProbe socket ?

    How can I make a probe that attaches to the AutoProbe interface and gets properly detected (beyond simple resistor programming) ?   Is there a way to provide probe info for the S-Series scopes so that a homemade...
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  • Test the Signals of Wireless Vibration transmitter on oscilloscope

    I want to test the analog wave signal fo sensors which are connected with wireless mesh module just like the one connected with wireless vibration transmitters and also need to check the waveform on receiver end to te...
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  • POWERLINK validation

    Good morning. I need to validate a POWERLINK connection, which is nothing more than a real-time ethernet protocol. In order to do this, I'd like to use my DSOS104A oscilloscope. I've seen this brochure https://li...
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  • n7020a measuring higher than +-24V

    Dear Sir/Madam, What is the best method/procedure to measure DC voltages higher than +-24V with the n7020a? I would be looking at measuring -32V. Thank you
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  • MSOX2024A Snapshot (Wish List)

    It would be nice if in a future firmware update <hint, hint> for the 2000-X Series that you could screen capture the snapshot measurements screen. One screen capture with all of the available info needed in one ...
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  • How do I record max. peak value over time

    I have some pulses with a 10Hz frequency to one of the channels in MSOX2022A and I can set a measure inside the ocsilloscope to observe the peak values of these pulses.   How can I record the peak value of each ...
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  • Rise Time and Time / Div

    Hello Community.   When measuring rise time I have noticed that the rise time values seem to be somewhat proportional to the time/div setting. As the time/div setting gets smaller the rise time also follows...
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  • How to upgrade/reinstall Keysight I/O Libraries on Infiniium Scopes correctly

    Is there a special procedure to install/update Keysight's I/O Libraries on Infiniium scopes, particularly the older models (DSO8000A, DSO80000A) running Windows XP? The I/O Libraries that come with the scope seem to r...
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  • Trigger on specific pulse width - Infiniium MSO9254A

    Hi, I am measuring a clock signal. This clock operates at three frequencies: 10, 20 and 80 MHz. I have measured the 10 and 80 MHz frequencies and now I want to measure the 20 MHz signal. My problem is that I don̵...
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