• How can I roll back the firmware to an earlier version?

    I would like to roll back the firmware revision on a MSO9254A scope to an earlier version, it is currently on 06.40.00714. There are number of changes which have been made which has an impact on usability, one of them...
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  • msov334 <2Gpoint limitation?

    hello, trying to capture the longest possible time span at 10GS/s, single channel, single sweep, with 2Gpoints.  in the acquisition menu tried setting the sampling & memory to various combination of auto or m...
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  • Hello , I'm using current probe to measure dc current with frequency of 5.6MHz , but I don't get the current pulse at the said frequency but at 1khz. Should i get the current at 5.6Mhz or what else can be the reason ? The probes bandwidth is of 50MHz and

    Hello , I'm using current probe to measure dc current with frequency of 5.6MHz , but I don't get the current measurement at the said frequency but at 1KHz. Should I even get the current at 5.6Mhz or what else can be t...
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  • DSO-X 3012A randomly freezes during USB data transfer

    Hello everyone,   I'm having troubles with the Agilent DSO-X 3012A oscilloscope, firmware version 02.43.2018020635. I intend to use it to perform a series of measurements (hundreds of thousands), downloading eac...
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  • Acquiring average trigger rate via VISA?

    I'm using an Agilent Infiniium DSO9064A to measure the dark current in a photomultiplier tube. I was wondering if I would be able to read off the triggering rate from the scope, possibly using VISA commands?   C...
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  • How to configure TJ@BER with filters in DSA91304A?

    We are moving from an old Tektronix oscilloscope to a more bandwidth Agilent scope. The tektronix scope had a functionality for the measurement of Total Jitter at specified BER and with the addition of a band pass/hig...
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  • Is it possible to maximize the waveform viewport in a MSO4000X series O'scope?

    Hi, I'm thinking about getting a MSO4000X series O'scope and was wondering if it is possible to maximize the waveform display viewport on the screen.  In other words, if you undock or minimize the "sidebar" to t...
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  • Acquire multiple channels on a DSO-X Scope in Matlab

    Dear all,  I am trying to acquire the data from all channels from a DSOX scope using Matlab. I have found a script that can help with this on the Mathworks file exchange site:   https://fr.mathworks.com/ma...
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  • N2796A compensation problem ?

    I just acquired an N2796A from the used market, in like new condition.  It passes calibration (DSOX 3000T) and 1-2GHz response looks good on another scope (54846A).  The attached image however (magenta) show...
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  • Looking for a  user manual and probes for Lectrotech TO-55 scope

    Hello everyone, I found a Lectrotech TO-55 oscilloscope at a hamfest after it was over. It works, but there are no probes with it. And I don't have any information on the scope. So, I was hoping at the very least, th...
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  • Hello Folks, oscillo DSOX2024A, suffering black screen after long inactivity (>1 year off). Suggestions?

    Oscilloscope stored in working conditions, and after long inactivity period denies to restart (Only black screen).   Internal visual inspection OK, all condensators OK, battery 3V OK, fan working, various power ...
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  • I have an obsolete (but still very useful) HP 54201A. One of its self tests checks the input circuits. The service manual says to connect a BNC cable from the rear BNC to the input BNC on the front to perform the test. What sort of cable is it talking abo

    Thanks for any assistance. 
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  • AgInfiniivision MATLAB driver commands

    In test and measurement tool, I am finding it difficult to use the commands in the 'scope-AgInfiniivision' Functions in MATLAB. Is there any support available where I can learn to use these commands through examples.?...
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  • Delta Time Measurement Error

    I am using DSO90804A for some delta time measurements in the order of 50ps. The scope datasheet lists the measurement error limit in pg-26.    Is the error limit applicable only when sin(x)/x interpolation ...
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  • How to attach a homemade probe to an AutoProbe socket ?

    How can I make a probe that attaches to the AutoProbe interface and gets properly detected (beyond simple resistor programming) ?   Is there a way to provide probe info for the S-Series scopes so that a homemade...
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  • Test the Signals of Wireless Vibration transmitter on oscilloscope

    I want to test the analog wave signal fo sensors which are connected with wireless mesh module just like the one connected with wireless vibration transmitters and also need to check the waveform on receiver end to te...
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  • Digital Serial Analyzer Sampling Oscilloscope DSA8200

    I have NI measurement system  consist of two chassis VSA & VSG to generate and acquiring the signals. I have connected Oscilloscope DSA8200 to measure the time domain waveform and to check them with the ...
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  • Wie ermittelt man automatisch die kleinste Amplitude? DSO-X 3024A

    Ich habe den DSO-X 3024A. Es bietet zur Messung von Amplituden eine Befehl: Typ: Ampl. an. Jedoch wird hier bei verschiedene Amplitudenformen dann das größte Signal. Es gibt keinen Befehl wo die kleinste Amp...
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  • How get minimum analog input voltage for an oscilloscope DSO-X3024A?

    How can I find the minimum analog input voltage for an oscilloscope? I've checked the datasheet for the particular one I am using(Agilent DSO-X 3024A) and only the amplitude (maximum) voltage is listed.It would be bet...
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  • Measure Delay from Trigger?

    Hi: On a DSO-3000X, I'd like to measure the period of a clock signal with a high degree of time resolution.  This may be to determine jitter, or to characterise intermittent anomalies. So I configure a simple e...
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