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Hi,   I have an automated test system with a DSOX1204A where I want to read/measure the Count or Positive Edge from a PC. Is that possible? I cant find any MEAS commands for any of the count metrics in the programmers manual.   Best regards Henrik
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Hello, I am working with a DSOX2002A and I need to measure the delay of 2 waves (Slope negative).  Manualy to select the slope negative I press "Meas", "Settings" and then I select "falling edge" softkey for each channel. 01 -  I would like to know the program code I have to insert to select this feature. 02 - What is the program code I have… (Show more)
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Hello, I am working with a DSO6104L scope and I am trying to set it up to correctly trigger off an external source for a rack of DSO6104L scopes. I am using an edge trigger that is sent using a N6705A power analyser which switches a 3V source on and off, thus creating an edge. What I would like is examples of python code that can help me correctly… (Show more)
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In taking a phase angle measurement it is apparent that only 1 cycle is analyzed even though multiple cycles appear on the scope.  In fact the resolution gets worse the greater the horizontal timebase.  Since we have some noisy signals the measurement varies considerably.  Even when we put a perfect sine wave into adjacent channels we see… (Show more)
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Is it possible to trigger CAN message at every acknowledge bit? If yes, please help me on this. I am using MSOX4154A with DSOX4AUTO and MASK options. I understand DSOX4AUTO allow us to trigger on acknowledge error.
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Is the "Infiniium Phase Noise" application mentioned in the following blog post available for download anywhere? I can't find it with Google. Thanks.
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I would like to roll back the firmware revision on a MSO9254A scope to an earlier version, it is currently on 06.40.00714. There are number of changes which have been made which has an impact on usability, one of them in particular being the mess that is the way Markers are now handled.    All markers now have to at least have a name of "M", not… (Show more)
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I'm using a DSO9254A and i want to detect and record a short signal. Therefore i want to initialize the data acquisition by an external Trigger-pulse so that the oscilloscope knows the time to start measuring. I control the Oscilloscope with python. My question is: How can i read the status of the "AUX TRIG IN", so when a Trigger-pulse has been… (Show more)
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Has anyone had a need to replace the vertical scope probe contacts on the SQiDD board?  Mine are wearing out and need to know if there is data about the manufacturer of these contacts and their internal part number.  For reference these are located at testpoints 3, 4, 7, 8, 11 and 12 on the E2646 board.  It is a low/full speed SQiDD.
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hello, trying to capture the longest possible time span at 10GS/s, single channel, single sweep, with 2Gpoints.  in the acquisition menu tried setting the sampling & memory to various combination of auto or manual but am not able to capture the 2Gpoint measurement.  although at 80Gs/s, 2Gpoint is available, dont understand the logic but this time… (Show more)
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