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Does anyone know appropriate reference for the legacy definition of RINOMA? There is much paper explaining what IEEE RINOMA is. But I could not find the paper describing the legacy equation of RINOMA used in FlexDCA.
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On my MSO9404A ( ver. 06.40.01001), how do I  set a fixed number of captures so that when I start the scope it will take (say 100) captures and stop or pause keeping the last (or infinite persistence) waveform as well as the measurements and statistics?
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This is a new scope for my bench.  I currently have a Rigol scope using Ultrascope software to display screens etc to my computer.  I would like to do something similar using this oscilloscope.  Ideally, I would like to use the same software to handle both oscilloscopes. Is there a low cost, or freeware application that can be used to accomplish… (Show more)
in Oscilloscopes
I have, Keysight InfiniiVision 2000 X-Series Oscilloscope, model DSO-X 2024A AGILENT Technologies, I am using Digitize, then waveform preamble to capture the data, using ASCII format (because the precision is really important) , I am using Visa for communication and programming in QT C++.   Now the question is that when I use byte I lose… (Show more)
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Is there a way to convert a learn string for a 6000 series scoop to a 3000 series scoop ? Or convert any learn string to a set of SCPI commands ?   We have a lot of learn strings from a 6000 series scoop and we need to "upgrade" them to a similar 3000 series scoop.
in Oscilloscopes
Hi,    I recently try to do jitter measurement on DCA-X module 86108 for a 53G PAM4 signal. I have a deembedding function to remove a S4P file, and followed by a CTLE transfer function that applies 4dB peaking. In order to use those, I had pattern locked to PRBS13.    Under Eye mode, I see that the eye is pretty open with 60+ mV eye height and… (Show more)
in Oscilloscopes
Hi,   I'm using the DSO9404A oscilloscope as a pulse counter. I trying to build statistics from measuring the mean of many measurements of pulse counting. My problem is that the scope only takes under account measurements when there is at least 1 pulse inside the measured interval. When it sees a measurement without any pulse in it, it adds a… (Show more)
in Oscilloscopes
Hi,  I have DSOS054A oscilloscope. In the datasheet, the dynamic range (SnR) is give 108 dB. But as I know, the dynamic range formula is SNR=6.02N+1.76dB where N is ADC bit number. DSOS054 has 10 bit ADC. As I understand from "Keysight Technologies Evaluating Oscilloscope Signal Integrity" application note, it increases to 12 bit with using the… (Show more)
in Oscilloscopes
Hi I have selected DSOX1102A oscilloscope. I would like to ask if you can use LabVIEW to set LIN decoding and read the decoded message to LabVIEW?
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I had used DSOX2014A oscilloscope way back in 2013 but the output diagram shows me the year 2016 instead of 2013 can you please help me with the Same
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