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Hi all, I have a DSO6014A scope (out of warranty) and the trigger level knob has a strange malfunction: turning either direction only increases the trigger level... Anyone see anything like this before?   Suggestions for solutions or workarounds?  I don't have the "digital channels" activated on the unit so I can't set the values digitally.  Is… (Show more)
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  oscilloscope and i want want to capture a screen shot(image) afte a particular trigger like high to low so, how can i do it by using scpi commands
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Hello everyone,   I'm having troubles with the Agilent DSO-X 3012A oscilloscope, firmware version 02.43.2018020635. I intend to use it to perform a series of measurements (hundreds of thousands), downloading each power trace to my computer using USB, as soon as each acquisition is completed.   To do this, I have written a C application, using… (Show more)
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Iam using KEYSIGHT infiniium S-series oscilloscope. how should i automatically save peak to peak voltage of a waveform for every trigger? 
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Hello everyone, I found a Lectrotech TO-55 oscilloscope at a hamfest after it was over. It works, but there are no probes with it. And I don't have any information on the scope. So, I was hoping at the very least, that someone could recommend some probes that work with this scope. And if someone has a pdf or other version of the instructions, I… (Show more)
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Hi, I have both an MSOX2004A with the serial/LIN/CAN decoder as well as the DSXO1102A with said license installed.   In the 2000 series, when you enable the serial decoder, there's a "Lister" button that enables a scrolling list of the data that is decoded; panning through the timeline with the navigation wheel scrolls up and down this list and… (Show more)
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Hello,   I have a MSO7104A device that I control with LAN. I would like to transfer print screen from oscilloscope to my local computer by LAN connection.   I use the VISA api to read/write data by C/C++ (tekVisa). Until now, I have not been able to find relevent commands to perform the transfer. There is an interesting note "How To Save and… (Show more)
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I just bought this scope, received it 2 days ago. The unit powers up fine, looks normal, but it won't accept any audio signal (audio generator 400-800hz) using a known working probe on either channel. Also, it won't generate a signal at the lug to calibrate probes. Issues with these, it's got a 30 return policy.   Thanks for any info, UN
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Oscilloscope stored in working conditions, and after long inactivity period denies to restart (Only black screen).   Internal visual inspection OK, all condensators OK, battery 3V OK, fan working, various power supplies checked OK (5v, 3.3v 1.2v 13v...). So, suggestions welcome to verify configuration or software troubles, any tip to follow… (Show more)
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I'm using Windows 10 - 64 bit. I have an MSO7104B which I can access via my browser using IE11 with Java enabled.  However, I recently upgraded to a system with a 4k display and now the scope screen is shown so small that I can't read the text on the controls.  I've tried adjusting the DPI settings under compatibility tab for java.exe (which is… (Show more)
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