• My upgrade from 8510B system to 8510C system has hit a snag.

    With known good working 8515A test set and 8340 sweeper I am getting a ODD error message on the 8510C screen when I bootup.It says "system key not installed". Powering up with 85102C OFF gets to the test menu screen, ...
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  • N5242A P1dB converter

    I have a N5242A with options 200, P02, UNL, 016, 014, 081, S02, 219, 224, 080, 083, 029, 084, 087 and 086. I want to get the gain compression of a Ku band LNB: Gain ~ 60 dB, NF ~1.0 dB P1dB ~ 3 dBm Input frequency...
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  • VNA Cable Length measurement

    Hi, I have 3 reference coax cables, and I'm trying to find an accurate way of measuring their electrical length. I understand a VNA is the best way to do this.   VP is 0.66 and the 3 lengths are 40m, 85m, 350m. ...
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  • Network Analyzer Video Display Issue

    Dear Sir:      I own a 8753C and the power supply recently died on me.      I got the 8753C repaired.    The power supply and some other parts were replaced...
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  • 8510C issue

    I have a 8510C and it seems like the PAL that holds the standart security key is broke, i swapped the PAL with a friend of mine and my 8510 works with his, i looked at the parts website and it seems like the PAL is no...
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  • Is it possible to apply a calibration without a Power Cal to a channel with a Differential IQ measurement class

    Hi Everyone,   Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read this.   Question: The differential IQ measurement class seems to need a Power Cal to apply a calibration, is this a true statement? Is ...
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  • 85053B verification kit airline

    I had this in storage and after a year I realise the 3.5mm 25 ohms airline has some spots on the end, see picture. The gold has deteriorated, it feels smooth to the touch but it has spots, is it useless? can it b...
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  • P9375A VNA

    Can you please tell me how often should I calibrate the P9375A?
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  • Randomized LO question?

    With  vnahelp,the spectrum mode is to achieve image reject by using multiple LOs to cover the same frequency band.If Randomized LO is checked,the frequency interval between any two LOs is a random value,,and the ...
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  • Can Active Hot Parameters extract a small/compact X-parameter model of the DUT?

    Just testing out the Active Hot Parameters software within a PNA-X on a Minicircuits 2.5GHz amp.   It was assumed that because Active Hot Parameters is a subset of X-parameter measurements that a compact model c...
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  • e5071b n4431b compatibility

    Hello, We are going to use a E5071B. Is the N4431B compatible? ( when the user guide refer to a N4431A)   Many thanks for your time.
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  • Request CAL/Conv loss info for using 8757D SNA w/2 E8257D PS

    My team is in the midst of generating LabView code to control two E8257D PSGs in combination with an 8757D SNA in order to perform swept RF to IF conversion measurements. We must use these specific models. By referen...
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  • ENA-LF measurement capabilities

    Hi folks,   I contacted KS support and they suggested I post my questions here.   I am designing a multi-stage composite amplifier based around a FDA opamp, to be used in a low noise/distortion converter f...
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  • Survey Questions:  a.) How important is cleaning a fiber optic connector?  b.) How do you perform the task?  c.) Do you inspect each one?

    Interesting discussion that waxes and wanes in our Industry.   How important is cleaning these surfaces as we pass through 100-400gig and beyond?   If cleaning is important,  perhaps this paper might he...
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  • Calibration on E5071B

    Hey,    I try to calibrate 1 port in my NA, but when i am using my 3.5 mm cal kit m type connector, result for the calibration not flat 0.0 for the log mag. but when I am using my 3.5 mm cal kit f type...
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  • How to solved this problem during 09.20 installation

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  • Using the coefficients for the short in the 85056A cal kit at 50 GHz the short model (including loss) yields: g1=0.04696625 + I*0.98682954.

    Hello? It looks like the actual reflection coefficient of short, can I know the detailed calculation process?
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  • Question about SA Coherence Mode?

    In VNA help,SA option,how to understand the words below ? "It ensures the Nyquist images of the signal tones in the IF bandwidth are not falling back on top of real signal frequencies. To be able to enable Nyquist pr...
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  • Cal Kit Editor Frequency Range Inputs

    I have been making new cal kit files for non-Keysight cal kits by editing existing files with the Cal Kit Editor. I've noticed that the Max Frequency in all the cal kits I looked at is 999000 MHz even though the speci...
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  • Request for detailed instructions on configuring an External DC Meter on VNA

    Hi everyone, I believe I have a simple question but I can't seem to figure it out.  I'm using a PNA (N5245A Firmware A10.65.08) and would like the set up triggered sweeps as a trace with a DMM from Keysight (344...
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