• N9912A Cable Data File Format?

    Is there any documentation or file format information available for the cable definitions files used in the Fieldfox 9912A CAT application?  I haven't been able to find anything on the web.   I used an exis...
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  • FieldFox N9918A-211 log frequency sweeps

    I'm surprised I can't find any information on this anywhere, it seems like an obvious feature. Is there a way to perform log frequency sweeps with the FF? I'm currently having to take and compile 5 S parameter measure...
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  • Acronis not working with PNA-X

    Greetings,   I cannot get Acronis True Image to run off a USB stick for our PNA-X Network Analyzer N5242A.  When I run it, it just hangs after I tell it to run true image.  Please help.   
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  • SCPI command SYST:AUTO:PWR not working

    Hi,   I am having trouble sending the SCPI command: SYST:AUTO:PWR 1 via ethernet to my VNA. I am using a N9918A VNA, with firmware version A.06.18 and pyvisa library to send it. Here is the test code I...
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  • N3242C "Show System" screen shot

    Does anyone have a screenshot of an N3242C (or similar) spectrum analyzer menu page "System | Show System"? The user manual does not mention what the "Source Voltage" list should display (i.e. the actual vol...
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  • How to resolved the error log message :59,LO1 VCO unlocked from N9918A?

    Encounter error prompt (59, LO1 VCO unlocked) after operating the N9918A to measure return loss of broadband antenna. Enclosed is screenshot of error log .
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  • Why differential probe 1141A can directly connect to 4395A?

    Since the output impedance of 1141A is 1 Mohm, input impedance of 4395A is 50 ohm. If connect 1141A to 4395A, how 4395A handle the impedance mismatching?
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  • Hello Everyone, I am using Agilent E5071C network analyzer

    Hello Everyone, I am using Agilent E5071C network analyzer for the measurement of permittivity, permeability and Microwave absorption. In recent few days the Network analyzer start giving the  negative value of i...
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  • Group delay measurement error with 75 ohm setup in ENA series analyzers

    Whenever I use E5071b analyzer for a 75 ohm set up , my group delay shows a small pulse like measurement error exactly at 2250 MHz for all type of DUTs. I checked with all type of analyzers used, but i keep on ge...
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  • How to trigger FieldFox when average on with SCPI commands

    In ENA, when average is turned on, I use command to turn on the average trigger, therefore one "INIT" can let the ENA do several sweeps according to the average counts.   In PNA-X, there is no average trigg...
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  • Question regarding saving trace data to csv on N9918A

    I am trying to convert the trace data to CSV format using the program provided in the link. http://na.support.keysight.com/fieldfox/fieldfox_playback_programs.htm But I am not able to even connect my fieldfox&#...
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  • Record and play in the Fieldfox N9912A

    Hi, I would have to record long periods of time in the fieldfox to find an intermitent interference, so I would like to know if anyone can tell me what is the optimun way to set it up, like what IF, span, waterfall, e...
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  • how to use any error message as a binary flag in N9916A

    I am using FieldFox N9916A for measuring S21. I have interfaced it with Matlab Instrument control toolbox over VISA. I want to use any system error message as a flag for a conditional statement to terminate a loop dur...
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  • Fieldfox Peak Power Reset Question

    Fieldfox N9916A with power sensor application installed and operating with U2021XA Peak and Average power sensor. When a peak power reading is taken it remains on display, but how to reset this peak reading in order ...
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  • Recording OOK signals with N9340B Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer

    I was checking your  N9340B Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer and I would like to check with you if it'd be suitable for the application we want to do: We want to be able to dectect and record OOK signals simi...
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  • N9912A and VSA support

    Dear Sirs We owned an N9912A (original CPU) and it seems it does not VSA connectivity but same model with new CPU does. Are there any plans to add support for VSA and N99121A with original CPU? Thanks In Advance.
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  • N9916A, VSA & DVB-T2

    I have seen Keysight demo of Fieldfox microwave analyzer with VSA running on Panasonic Tough Pad: Is it possible to use similar setup using my Fieldfox N9916A to somehow run Keysight 5990-5931EN DVB-T2 software? I am...
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  • 28, Error.; Missing Dither Waveform Initialization file on N9913A

    Hello,  when I power up my N9913A, during boot up procedure, I receive message " 28, Error.; Missing Dither Waveform Initialization file ". How can I resolve this issue? I'm not sure when I started to recei...
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  • What is the physical meaning of X(s)and X(T) for different circumstances in the X-parameters

    What is the physical meaning of X(s)and X(T) for different circumstances in the X-parameters? (Seeing attachments)
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  • How to resolve query unterminated error in BenchVue TestFlow software?

    Hello,     I have been working with Keysight''s N9917A NA mode. I'm using BenchVue along with Test Flow to obtain trace output in Excel format. Starting with connecting the instrument to PC I have been...
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