• Error when loading setup file

    When loading a setup file for the probe that has worked for several years, I am now getting an error popup that states: "The setup has been changed by the instrument". Every time I try to adjust the start and end swee...
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  • High power receiver leveling

    Hello, I am preparing a high power pulsed measurement setup with the N5242A PNA-X. Since the power levels at the input of my DUTs will be about +45 dBm. I would like to measure output power at fundamental and harmoni...
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  • Strange internal reflection in uncorrected port of E5071C network analyzer

    In looking at the reflections from our 4 port ENA (correction turned off), we noticed an extra internal reflection on ports 2 and 3. Note that the ports are all open (nothing connected). S11 and S44 look as expected -...
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  • Can not properly de-embed a evaluation board (Fixture)

    Hello,   I am attempting to de-embed an evaluation board (sound simple enough).   The board is FR4 for a differential amplifier and I will need data from 1 MHz to 1 GHz.  The differential amplifie...
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  • Cannot Display Limit Lines

    Model: E5071C     I have a program running on the machine that handles turning on/off limit lines. Normally it works, but not for one station. I am using E5071C at many other stations and the limit lines di...
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  • what determines the longest group delay a vna can measure?

    What determines the longest group delay a VNA can measure?
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  • Can I trust my AFR results?

    Hi there,   I wonder if anyone can give me a bit of advice regarding the AFR process (speaking as a complete VNA novice).   I am using a PNA-L to characterize a transmission line which is on a flexibl...
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  • 8753 - Ceramic circuit removal of A3 source?

    I got loose connections at the "R-channel" output aswell as the "10..300 kHz" input on my "A3 source" board. It is a 6 Ghz version and the VNA is an 8753E.   My question ist, if it is possible to simple remove ...
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  • *OPC? command timeout with N5222B

    I am using NI-Max to communicate with my instrument. Somehow the instrument is in a state wherein the synchronization command "*OPC?\n" always times out. Apparently the instrument is waiting for some parallel command ...
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  • Pulsed power measurements

    Hello, I am using PNA-X with FW A.09.90.1 (the upgrade to the newer firmware should be next year). I would like to perform high power pulsed measurements (S11,S21, Output power) of the power amplifiers. Since I am usi...
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  • 2.4 mm and 1.85 mm discontinuity

    A long time ago there was a curve that showed the mismatch error between SMA and 3.5 mm (and I think 2.92 mm) as a function of frequency.  Does anyone know if the curve was generated for the 2.4 mm and 1.85 mm in...
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  • TRL_Calibration.vba error

    Hi!   I am attempting a TRL calibration on my ENA (e5071c). I have downloaded and have loaded the appropriate TRL_Calibration.vba as well as supporting files. I am able to run the macro as well as manage the cal...
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  • Austentitic steel for outer conductor?

    Hi everyone, I've heard that austenitic stainless steel isn't perfect for conductors and I wanted to know why? I've just got my hands on some for very little money and I've even been thinking of hardening them using t...
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  • Pulsed power calibration with U2021XA

    Hello, I would like to perform high-power pulsed measurements using N5242A PNA-X. Since the booster amplifiers are working under pulsed conditions only, I have to do pulsed calibration. I would like to perform 2-por...
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  • Why differential probe 1141A can directly connect to 4395A?

    Since the output impedance of 1141A is 1 Mohm, input impedance of 4395A is 50 ohm. If connect 1141A to 4395A, how 4395A handle the impedance mismatching?
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  • How to add new trace for current measurement?

      Hi Folks,       For PNA-X N5245B, is it possible to add a new trace for current measurement to the Standard Measurement Class (Sp)?   On the screen, there is no entry to ...
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  • SCAP tool on Network Analyzers

    Greetings, I was wondering how I can get  Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) tool to run on an ENA or PNA network analyzer?  THe SCAP tool issued by DSS is used to configure equipment with operati...
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  • Can the uP module from an EXA N9010A work in a CXA N9000A?

    Where I am employed we use both the EXA N9010A and CXA N9000A Signal Analyzers.  We have a CXA unit that is running WinXP in the uP module and it appears the uP module is failing.  We also have several of th...
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  • Saving time domain data on E8361A

    Hi, I have an E8361A with the time domain option. I wanted to know if there is a way to save the time domain data into a csv file in the distance vs S11(dB) format as is displayed on the screen. If not would it ...
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  • Hello Everyone, I am using Agilent E5071C network analyzer

    Hello Everyone, I am using Agilent E5071C network analyzer for the measurement of permittivity, permeability and Microwave absorption. In recent few days the Network analyzer start giving the  negative value of i...
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