• Does the 4396B support 85046A test sets with mechanical transfer switch?

    I have an older 85046A test set with the original logic board (85046-60001) and a mechanical transfer switch.  I was fine with this (I thought), but upon connecting it to my 4396B combination analyzer, the analyz...
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  • P9375A VNA

    Can you please tell me how often should I calibrate the P9375A?
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  • Where would you measure temperature inside a VNA?

    I know the FieldFoxes, and believe the PNA-Xs, have a temperature sensor(s) inside. Where are those sensor(s) located?   I have a small lab at home, and can't run the air conditioning 24/7, so its fairly obviou...
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  • 8753 question - how can I save a file with a given name to the internal floppy drive?

    I wish to save the state of an 8753 to a floppy drive, with a name of my choosing - not FILE00, FILE01, using GPIB, but can't seem to work out what commands to use.   I can do this from the front panel by saving...
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  • What equipment would be needed to determine an N load has a return loss >= 42 dB?

    I was having a discusssion with one of my lecturers from university. He is looking for loads with a return loss of at least 42 dB to 3.4 GHz. What (if any) Keysight equipment could be used to measure a load and verify...
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  • Capturing Raw Trace Data in SMC (Scalar Mixer Converter) Mode

    So, I have a network analyzer (specifically the P9374A, but this question doesn't apply to just this model). Is there a SCPI command that lets me capture raw trace data in SMC mode, something like what Calc:...
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  • HP8753D CPU Upgrade (option: 000)

    Hi   I would need to get firmware v7 on my HP8753D. This requires the new cpu board (08753-60272) to be installed. The board is quiet readily available on the used market, but I cannot find an installation manu...
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  • HP8753B mistake

    When I calibrate HP8753B (open, short, load, done), the text on the right side of the display turns upside down. Where can the problem be? I tried to replace the display module without success.
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  • SCPI error -108 when communicating with PNA-X N5245A

    Dear all,   I am recently building a VNA-FMR using the Agilent PNA-X N5245A tool. I'd like the analyzer does the frequency swep between certain values, and measure S21 at each frequency. To sweep the frequency, ...
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  • SMC+Phase Group Delay Issue

    Hi guys,   We're having some trouble getting a good group delay measurement. It's a frequency converting system and our group delay takes awhile to settle to its final value. The entire trace will shift up and d...
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  • S-11 Trace Drifting Upward After Calibration

    Hello, my lab is using a PNA N5225A with electronic calibration kits N4433A and N4692-60001. I am trying to make S-11 measurements in the frequency range 400-1300 MHz for unmatched, electrically small a...
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  • Inserting electric/magnetic wall

    Dear All,   I have been reading Hong's "Microstrip Filters for RF/microwave applications" recently. In his book, he mentioned many times to do the measurement by inserting an electric/magnetic wall at the symmet...
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  • E8357A Hard Drive backup

    Acquired a E8357A with 266MHz CPU, 10GB HD and 128K RAM running Win 2000. It seems to have all the latest FW and SW updates. I ordered a Micron MT16LSDF3264HG-10EG4 512K RAM for upgrade. I assume this will be com...
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  • 85130F testport adapter issue

    I noticed, that one of our 85130F testport adapter set NMD2.4-3.5 female adapter (85130-60011) has loosed body from the center. See attached picture and red area where connector has loosed. I managed to tight it with ...
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  • VNA with frequency translation options (080, 082, 084)

    Hello:   We are using a few VNAs with options 080 and 082 to make measurements of high power Block Upconverters (BUCs), and at the moment we are considering whether to update another analyzer for similar SMC typ...
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  • HP 8753E, how to remove software option 011?

    Hi,   I have acquired new CPU board for my analyzer but it comes from analyzer with 011 option, my analyzer don't have 011 option and I would like to remove this option from software. How to do that? I have repl...
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  • Current measurements using current probe and external DMM

    Hello, I am using N5242A with A.09.90 firmware. I would like to perform current measurements in pulsed mode using N2782B current probe with 34465A multimeter. I am trying to add external DC Meter according to: Config...
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  • coupling coefficient extraction of two coupling resonator

    dear all,   I am new to filter design. I am following the book "Microstrip filters for RF/microwave applications" 2nd edition by Jia-sheng Hong. I tried to reproduce the simulated resonant response of S21 t...
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  • Acronis not working with PNA-X

    Greetings,   I cannot get Acronis True Image to run off a USB stick for our PNA-X Network Analyzer N5242A.  When I run it, it just hangs after I tell it to run true image.  Please help.   
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  • trying to hook up the "multiport" U3042 E04" for my PNA-L5232A.

    Trying to hook up the "multiport" U3042 E04" for my PNA-L5232A to make my set up an 8 port. I do not have the test set in my program files for E04 therefor i can not select the "E04" as an option for setting up M...
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