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Regarding my E5062A I see that in the pull-down menu for cal kits, when the 85032 kit is opened up and examined I only see a total of (4) CLS definitions yet there are (6) components in that cal kit, OPEN(m), OPEN(f), SHORT(m), SHORT(f), THRU, and LOAD. Should there not be a CLS associated with each element in a cal kit? I wish the manual talked a… (Show more)
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In our lab we use an N5222A PNA coupled with a U3042A 16 Port Test Set Extension for our network measurements. This 20 port calibration takes a significant amount of time at the moment and due to the nature of the DUT connections and temperature cycling, we often have to replace cables as we move through our weekly cal cycles. Our technicians are… (Show more)
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I am trying to connect my PC to a E5071A ENA Series Network Analyzer, but when I do it, the Fail LED on my GPIB cable turns on. My objective is to control the VNA from Matlab, using the Instrument Control Toolbox, but when I click on the scan icon, it doesn't find the instrument. I found out Matlab offers a support package called "Instrument… (Show more)
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HiI am trying to extract the data for the uncorrected sytem performance after performing a 2-port calibration of the E5071C.I've read online that this is possible to extract after performing the calibration however I have been unable to do it. With the B-series there is a VBA program available to do this but that program does not work for the 'C'… (Show more)
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Hello   Checking if their any availability on getting Extended Security Updates for the Embedded Windows 7 on the N5242A? I don't believe their is 3rd Party ESUs are available for embedded systems?   I know long term for support need to purchase upgrade kit to the  B and get Windows 10 Embedded.   Thanks
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I’m trying to test fixed-IF mixers using an N5230A with option 082. I can set the measurement up and it works, but I can’t seem to get it to use corrections. I followed the help file on this, but it won’t let me turn corrections on in the frequency offset mode. Is this possible with option 082?
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Click to view contentHi Groups,   I am studying the app. note "recommendations for testing high power amplifiers using the pna microwave analyzers". For the p.22, I don't understand how comes the source provides -42~13dBm but it becomes -40~-12dBm after the 20dB source attenuation ? Looks like the source attenuation does not affect the power level ?   Thanks.
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Click to view contentHi all,   after finally upgrading the FW to v6.14 my HP8753D with 6GHz option I'm now running thru the adjustment tests. I have test 44 (Source Default Correction Constants), 45 (Source Pretune Default), 46(Analog Bus), 48(Source Pretune), 52(ADC offset), 47(RF Output Power), 51(IF Amplifier), and 54(Cavity Oscillator Frequency) running… (Show more)
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I have an E5071B ENA RF Network Analyzer.  The system doesn't boot up. I took a picture of the display to show the error messages. I thought the HDD has some issues so I replaced the harddrive with an empty harddrive, The error messages changed and I only get the following error messages: PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable. PXE-M0F:… (Show more)
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Can anyone please suggest how to do SOLT calibration perfectly? We have calkit 3.5mm 85033D that goes upto 8 GHz, but I need to do some calibration over the range of 5GHz-15GHz.   Also for one of my research work I am trying to do some free space measurement. There are TRL, GRL calibration method I found in website but I am not getting good… (Show more)
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