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With  vnahelp,the spectrum mode is to achieve image reject by using multiple LOs to cover the same frequency band.If Randomized LO is checked,the frequency interval between any two LOs is a random value,,and the discrete spectral lines of the fft results of the two LOs may not be matched. How to perform image reject to ensure that the spectrum at… (Show more)
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Can you please tell me how often should I calibrate the P9375A?
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Just testing out the Active Hot Parameters software within a PNA-X on a Minicircuits 2.5GHz amp.   It was assumed that because Active Hot Parameters is a subset of X-parameter measurements that a compact model can be extracted. Now I pulled the data via *.xnp file, but I am stuck. Is this a fair assumption?   I used an external DC to power it,… (Show more)
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Hello, We are going to use a E5071B. Is the N4431B compatible? ( when the user guide refer to a N4431A)   Many thanks for your time.
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Click to view contentHi folks,   I contacted KS support and they suggested I post my questions here.   I am designing a multi-stage composite amplifier based around a FDA opamp, to be used in a low noise/distortion converter front end. Despite my best efforts rolling through the RC parts bin, I have been unable to get a design to reach stability. It turns out it is… (Show more)
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Click to view contentInteresting discussion that waxes and wanes in our Industry.   How important is cleaning these surfaces as we pass through 100-400gig and beyond?   If cleaning is important,  perhaps this paper might help move the question from "products" to "best practice" procedures.  
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Hey,    I try to calibrate 1 port in my NA, but when i am using my 3.5 mm cal kit m type connector, result for the calibration not flat 0.0 for the log mag. but when I am using my 3.5 mm cal kit f type connector the result for calibration have flat 0.0 for the log mag, can you help me for resolve my issue ?    Thankyou. 
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I have an HP 85051A 7mm verification kit with s-parameters on a tape cartridge (serial numbers written on the cartridge match those of the four devices.)   Is there any recommended way to retrieve the files and transcribe them to floppy, USB or just have them e-mailed? I don't have any analyzer or computer with compatible tape drive so I'm… (Show more)
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Good afternoon, I'm a PhD student and I'm writing a paper about the use of Keysight 85070D dielectric probe kit (an open-ended coaxial cable connected to a network analyzer) to contaminated soil. I did not find, in the application notes, any information about how (mathematically) the real and the imaginary dielectric permittivity are calculated… (Show more)
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