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I have an E8358A whose A4 power supply (P/N 0950-3384) has failed.   This happened in 2003 when I first bought the unit, and was repaired under warranty.  The same failure seems to have occurred again, but the unit is no longer serviceable.  This also happened recently on one of my 60 GHz analyzers at work (of the same vintage), and Keysight… (Show more)
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Can you please tell me how often should I calibrate the P9375A?
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Hi, I am facing a problem of the error number -410 *Query interrupted * in model PNA N5230A(10MHz-20GHz). Please help to resolve this issue. I have attached an image and a small program where the error is being occurred. Kindly help to rectify this problem. Thank you in advance.
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Hello! I'll try to control analyzer E5071C by software on C#.  If i do calibration using buttons on front panel of device it looks like: Cal -> Calibrate -> Thru -> (S21, Thru) -> Done. Is it possible to do this on C#? Thanks!
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In the previous testing by using 4395A, a test set of transmission/reflection 87512A is placed.  any test set is required if using 8753D?  Thanks
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We are using a PNA-X and a probe core to test an Integrated circuit.  The IC has differential inputs and differential outputs.  For reference, the IC inputs are on Ports 1 and 3, and the IC outputs are on 2 and 4.   Due to a high amount of loss on the board and in the probe core, we want to calibrate to the pins of the probe core.  We have… (Show more)
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Hi,     I used the mechanical calibration standards to perform SOLT calibration, and I want to know the residual errors. Can I use the data from the calibration standard user's Guide(some electrical specifications) to caculate the residual errors? or only by ripple method to measure the residual errors?    Thanks a lot!
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I am using CW time sweep in network analyzer software. I need to know how to save data automatically in a predefined file after a specified time interval. will you please help me in doing so its urgent!!
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I have a N9912A with a U2021XA power sensor.  The pulses I am looking at are 100 us long and there are only 4 of them in the pulse sequence.  How can I set the trigger so that it only acquires on the pulse and then does not reset after.  The unit seems to capture the pulse and keep it displayed for a few seconds but then goes to jsut the noise… (Show more)
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I know the FieldFoxes, and believe the PNA-Xs, have a temperature sensor(s) inside. Where are those sensor(s) located?   I have a small lab at home, and can't run the air conditioning 24/7, so its fairly obvious that my 8720D drifts more than it might otherwise do. I'm trying to quantify the drift, and see if it follows room temperature, or the… (Show more)
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