• Agilent 16902a WinXP SP3 Restore Image

    I am looking for a Windows XP SP3 Restore Image for the 16902a Logic Analysis System. It seems nowhere to be found on the main web-site. The goal is to instal the Logic and Protocol Analyzer Software v5.90, but i...
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  • Ask for help, my  16902A fail of the WindowXP, after reinstall the WinXP and recovery file from WEB-site, the running results display "verify harddrive image fire ---failed". how to rescue this situation? Thanks

    ask for help, my  16902A fail of the WindowXP, after reinstall the WinXP and recovery file from WEB-site, the running results display "verify hard drive image fire ---failed". as attached screen photo,  how ...
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  • How can I view the pattern generator output waveform on 16823A without external connection?

    Hi, I'm Christine. I'm using Agilent 16823A Logic Analyzer with its built-in pattern generator. I have set some patterns in pattern generator and use the internal clock as the clock source. And I want ...
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  • How to link the optimizer with the National Instruments library

    Hello all,   I want to use lumped components for matching network but I don't know to link the optimizer with National Instruments or Digikey Libraries so I can use components that exist in the market for the ma...
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  • 1680xA recovery DVD fails (16800-14103)

    I'm trying to run the recovery DVD (16800-14103) for my 16804A, but it errors out with a return code of 1, which comes after I CONTINUE through the first 2 screens, the second one is where it mentions that it basicall...
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  • 16900A recovery CDs (Windows XP)?

    Hello! My 16900A's Windows XP installation is in pretty bad shape (background apps crash looping, etc.) and could do with a wipe and re-install. However, I don't have the recovery CDs for this device. Could you post t...
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  • LA 1683AD Recovery CD's 01680-14106

    Hello,   I have ran into a wall after a wall during attempts to downgrade 1683AD back to A.03.67. Turns out our repair vendor upgraded this instrument while servicing it to WinXP Service pack 3 which l...
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  • Can't Connect to my LA16804

    I have an LA16804 with Win XP sp3 Firmware version 5.70.0002. I'm trying to connect to a pc with a LAN connection. The PC has Win7 o/s  using the LA connection tool version 5.70. I get an "unauthorized acces...
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  • Removing 16700 module thumb screw retaining rings

    What is the recommended method/tool for removing these? They're small and fiddly and I don't want to accidentally damage the plastic bracket in the process of removing them.   Thanks!
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  • Receiving "NO VALID ID DETECTED IN FRAME!" while trying to install Agilent LPA 5.90.1100 on a 16903A?

    I am getting an Agilent Services Notification:ERROR "NO VALID ID DETECTED IN FRAME! REQUIRES PROPER SYSTEM BIOS!" popup after upgrading a 16903A, SN MY43000122 that was running LPA 3.70.0003 to LPA 5.90.1100. Th...
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  • 1680AD Recovery CD/DVD 01680-14100 image?

    I have a 1680AD logic analyzer with a corrupted hard drive which will no longer boot. It is the version with a Radisys SC815E 1GHz PIII motherboard so I am looking for an .ISO image of the 01680-14100 recove...
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  • How can I save values from logic analizer in binary

    When i save data from osciloscope I want the values from logic analizer to be save in binary and not HEX format. Can someone tell me how to do this? Thanks
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  • 1691A Does not connect.

    Our analyser appears as a device in device manager on our XP machine, but when we try to launch the Agilent Logic analyser software (3.2 - this has always worked before) there is an error "Agilent Logic Analysis is ei...
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  • csv payload

    I am studying a .ala PCIe trace in version 6.30.1011 of the Keysight Logic and Protocol Analyzer software.  Whenever I export the protocol viewer data to a CSV file (I use the 'CSV' toolbar button located in the ...
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  • 16902b trigger errors

    I'm having an issue using a differential probe and trying to trigger on a minimum pulse width violation.  I am setting the trigger to wait on either edge and then detect a pulse width outside of a specific range....
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  • 16902b video issues

    Hi all,   I picked up a 16902B mainframe cheaply as "for parts or repair."  The seller could not get the LCD screen to work, but they claimed they were able to use an external monitor.  I am able to ge...
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  • 16902B BIOS settings

    Hello,   Is there a list of correct BIOS settings for the 16902b?  I'm having some video issues at higher resolutions than 640x480 (and no output on the LCD).  I have seen systems in the past where thi...
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  • How to Analyze Sine wave in Logic Analyzer 16803A

    Hi All,   I have a piece of code which generates a sine waveform , my question is in Keysight Logic Analyzer 16803 A how to observe my sine wave form output..   Please help me.
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  • SPI analyzer for the 16800 logic analyzer?

    Is there a SPI protocol analyzer available for a 16800 series logic analyzer? I presently have access to two logic analyzers: 16823A 16804A   I have a 50MHz SPI bus to troubleshoot. The high sample rate and ...
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  • I want to translate the  .MES and .STR files to ASCII. Or at least view the content offline. I found a tool in EasyExpert called SetupFileConverter.exe that translates the MES files to xts files. This was great but it doesn't support the STR files. Is th

    The floppy drive on my 4155b died. I want to translate the binary .MES and .STR files to ASCII. Or at least view the content offline. I found a tool in EasyExpert called SetupFileConverter.exe that translates the MES ...
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