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Why isnt tool B4602A avaliable now? I would like to find this tool because i need it in 16862A Logic Analyzer
in Logic and Protocol Analyzers
I am looking for a Windows XP SP3 Restore Image for the 16902a Logic Analysis System. It seems nowhere to be found on the main web-site. The goal is to instal the Logic and Protocol Analyzer Software v5.90, but it requires WinXP SP3, and won't install on WinXP SP2 that is currently installed on the device.
in Logic and Protocol Analyzers
Logic analyzer 16861A: installing the latest instrument solftware version. 06.50.0001, I get the Keysight Service Notification Error: "Failed to get physical slot number from blade". As a consequence the instrument is only a PC and not an instrument. Prior to the installation I the 16861A got a Windows 10 Enterprise upgrade from Windows 7.
in Logic and Protocol Analyzers
Hi, I have a need to perform the recovery image process on an old 1680A. The instrument HDD was scrubbed by the previous owner due to security matters. I found the following thread with the link to download the image but it seems the files are not there anymore: Logic Analyzer 1680A and recovery media 01680-14106   Is it possible to… (Show more)
in Logic and Protocol Analyzers
ask for help, my  16902A fail of the WindowXP, after reinstall the WinXP and recovery file from WEB-site, the running results display "verify hard drive image fire ---failed". as attached screen photo,  how to recovery my machine from this situation? Thanks
in Logic and Protocol Analyzers
Hi, I'm Christine. I'm using Agilent 16823A Logic Analyzer with its built-in pattern generator. I have set some patterns in pattern generator and use the internal clock as the clock source. And I want to view the waveform of pattern generator output on my logic analyzer, is there any way to view the pattern generator output waveform without… (Show more)
in Logic and Protocol Analyzers