• MAX490CPA RS422 RS485 library for I3070

    HI, Have someone has a library of the MXA490CPA RS422 RS485 TRANSCEIVER.
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  • Internal Error -20

       Hello Discussion Forum.   This is new error in medalist SW9.20. I recently installed in my windows 10 PC and this is happening when I open a BT-Basic window. Also I install the 9.20pc patc...
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  • Third Party dll in testplan

    Can you use a dll to call a third party dll? We already have one dll in our testplan and was wanting to add a function to call another dll to update our SQL database. 
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  • Control of PLC from the testplan

    We have an in-line i3070 5i system. Keysight gives us limited control of the PLC from the testplan. We can set auto mode, stop, check if board is ready for barcode, etc. I'd like to have more control. Here are so...
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  • RmiServer Service Failed to Start

    How to fix this Startup problems (XP) HP3070i Thanks in advence
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  • Internal Error -11.

    i just have this error(Internal Error -11.) when I tried to load a testplan, I just installed 8.40 software version on my laptop.
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  • topology get device pins Comp1$, Pins$(*), Nodes$(*), Val1

    I use the 'topology get device pins' command in my testplan as a way of finding device pin node information. The exact statement I am using is as follows: topology get device pins Comp1$, Pins$(*), Nodes$(*), Val1 &...
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  • Short after power on board

    Hello,  when i will do a second test on a board, System found a short (2 Ohm), first test is passed! I have this issue only when i run powered test's on this board, without power on board the "short" ...
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  • Wrong character set on basic window

    Hello, after install i3070 08.40pc for test development Workstation, all combination with AltGr (such as Bracket Left, At, Bar) are not Display in Basic window. Can it be a Problem with a USB Keyboard? ...
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  • Test Time estimated

    Hello everyone! I devloped a test program on i3070 for a panel of 8 cards, I want to have the estimated test time before starting the manufacture of the fixture to prepare my process I'm using version 9.01p KeysightI...
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  • how to install perl module

    how to install perl module on ICT HP3070 (OS Win) cannot able to open the PPM or from the command line : perl -MCPAN -e "install 'Archive::Tar'"
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  • i5000 unmuxed fixture running is required to migrate to Muxed sytem Series 3/5. Is there any recomended path to reduce the amount of re-wiring?

    Migrate fixture unmuxed(cards unmuxed) to muxed system(hibrid standard) 
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  • Pull Down Tower Failure

    Does anyone have a description of disassembly for replacing the 3070 pull down towers?
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  • Failure on Hybrid Card

    Hello all together I´m new in here and now I´ve got a question about a failure I have on a Hybrid Pin Card The failure is numbered 4512 Subtest 0  during the auto adjust " Control Card timeout wait...
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  • i3070 08.21p on Windows 7 64 bit

    Is there a way to install the i3070 08.21p software on a 64 bit Windows 7 system, or do we need to wait for version 08.30p?  
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  • Dll in BT-Basic

    Hello everyone! I am trying to start with DLL in BT-Basic in my testplan's. I have already used the DEMO from Keysight and works perfectly, but, I haven't any information about how to write the DLL or their header or ...
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  • ASRU Functional Ports

    Hello , I need to connect a external signal generator to DUT and i think to use the ASRU functional ports on J5.   But I don't know what software configuration and  command used for connecte to the fixtu...
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  • how to give different operator permissions in btbasic. We have 3 operators and i need to give them different password to login during testing. How to do this in btbasic?

    please let me know the answers. I am new to this community
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  • any suggestions with this fail:

    Test 2100, Subtest 10, Module 3, Slot 1 FAILED. ASRU card status register after reading Result Received = 0000000000010000 Binary Result Expected : xxxx000000000000 Binary Test 2100, Subtest 13, Module 3, Slot 1 ...
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  • HP3070 testhead critical alarm appear frequently

    Hi guys, My ICT machine hp3070 testhead behavior is very erractic. Sometime it tripped off during testhead booting and sometime during the card testing.  The message displayed in red color is "Testhead critic...
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