• Fixture ID

    Hello everyone, Is there a command in BT-Basic or a way to read the fixture ID wired by the fixture vendor ? This ID is the one used by the Autofile.   Thanks for the help.   Jean
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  • i5000 unmuxed fixture running is required to migrate to Muxed sytem Series 3/5. Is there any recomended path to reduce the amount of re-wiring?

    Migrate fixture unmuxed(cards unmuxed) to muxed system(hibrid standard) 
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  • Bead Probe Probes

    Is there a special probe that should be used with Bead Probe Technology?  
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  • Fixture house recommendation?

    Can anyone recommend some fixture houses in India? Do you have a list of preferred fixture providers?  
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  • How do I do a plotgen?

    How can I output a HPGL file of the fixture so that I can print it? There used to be a tool called plotgen. Where can I find it?  
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  • CFT Top and Bottom Side Devices and Pins

    When using cad format translator, use the following commands to set the top and bottom devices. block file                  &#...
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  • interface pin block hp44202P

    Do you know if the part number HP44202 interface pin  block is always produce by Agilent ?  
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  • 3070 fixture consultant (windows)

    Any help will be appreciated: I have two customers, 1 in China and 1 in Tokyo. ICT test type is Agilent3070 for windows. 3070 tests done in Tokyo, then software and fixture brought to China. All compilations produce...
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  • Looking for PADS cad.format file

    I'm looking for a PADS cad.format example file for the .asc file using CFT. Does anyone happen to have one?  
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  • Fixture overflow error - best solutions.

    I'm in the process of fixture design for a pretty big board - component and node count, and have got an overflow error. Can anyone help in the steps to take to resolve the problem. Verify Fixture Type is OK. Verify ...
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    I am trying to use 6 different colors for my fixture wiring(3070 unix) and I have a little idea about the set-up. I know that you have to modify the .hp3070 for this but I do not know the proper syntax. Anyone who s...
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  • How to connect BNC to fixture

    Hi All, i have a problem with a test setup i am using. I have a diecast box that contains a PCB with the DUT mounted inside it. I am measuring leakage current with a power supply and electrometer. The problem i have...
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  • SJ50 AOI .dat file

    Hello, Excuse me if I put my topic to bad place. We use SJ50 serie AOIs. I made a program which watches the .dat file and if an algorithm changes then my program makes a log file from the parameters of the modificati...
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  • Wire wrap bits for 3070 P-Pins?

    I am looking for the “special” Agilent wire wrap bits that are necessary to wire the Agilent 3070 personality pins.  Specifically the 28 and 26 AWG bits. In the Agilent technologies 3070 Family Build...
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  • SJ50 II AOI

    Hello, We use SJ50 II AOIs. Somebody knows it which one the last GUI version, that is useful to this series? Which version you recommend and where I can download it? We use Windows 2000 on AOI PCs but we would like t...
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  • Preserving a test fixture

    Hello- I have a simple question. If I already have a fixture built and want to re-use it when the board spins, which 3070 file do I send to the layout engineer so that they do not move any existing testpoint locatio...
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  • board_xy.o object file is corrupt(HFS 341)

    Hi ALL, I have a problem when do “fix cons” to generate the fixture file, system can’t load the fixture due to placement error : see => fix_cons_error.jpg says “board_xy.o” corrupt,...
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  • probing on smd pad's?

    Hi, I have this board, that has smd on the bottom side (the first time i see this here). Now 6 nodes are inaccessible unless i probe on smd pads (resistors). Is this a good idea, who has done this?. Regards, Andre...
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  • Testsight Plot Generator

    Hi, is anyone how use Plot Generator from Testsight to preview fixture data? thanks sepp  
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  • Survey: Special fixture requirements for Boundary Scan?

    Hi all, How's everybody doing? I would like to poll everybody's experience in the testing of boundary scan using the 3070 generated boundary scan tests. Do you need to have any special fixture requirements? What are...
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