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We have an in-line i3070 5i system. Keysight gives us limited control of the PLC from the testplan. We can set auto mode, stop, check if board is ready for barcode, etc. I'd like to have more control. Here are some reasons why:   We've seen where the board alignment sensor gets disabled. I'd like to be able to detect that in the testplan and… (Show more)
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Click to view content   Hello Discussion Forum.   This is new error in medalist SW9.20. I recently installed in my windows 10 PC and this is happening when I open a BT-Basic window. Also I install the 9.20pc patch, and this error continues.   Any hint would it be helpful.  
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We have one 3070 that started blowing fixture lock relays a few months ago.  It happened twice two months, now they are failing almost every other day.  The lock down mechanisms have been lubricated.  Any ideas what is causing this?   This is a single bank system.
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Good day. I am a user of Keysight i3070. We have an issue on the log files from i3070. The sequence of the parameters inside the log file are always changing (not in order). We have our own software that imports these result. The parameter sequence in our software is defined. Any changes on the Keysight log file sequence will cause failure on our… (Show more)
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How to fix this Startup problems (XP) HP3070i Thanks in advence
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I am working on a project to collect 3070 log files. Can anyone guide me through previous experience and projects done on similar topic. Also i would like to understand if we need some setting changes or enablers to be done on ICT to get most of the log file content. Does the log files creation delays on test time?
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i just have this error(Internal Error -11.) when I tried to load a testplan, I just installed 8.40 software version on my laptop.
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When I run board grading for my latest development, I get all of the *.dat files with data, but not all of the *.rpt files get generated.  When I run "grade tests; report", it still does not generate all of the *.rpt files for which *.dat exist.  Looking more closely at the *.dat files, I see the ones that do not generate *.rpt files are missing a… (Show more)
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The polarity test fails every time even though the capacitors are in the correct orientation. Here's what the ticket prints:   Polarity failure on c218    Measured: 1.77    Threshold: 1.00 Status:       2aH Auxiliary Source Current Compliance Detector Over Range Integrator Over Voltage   This is an unpowered test but yet there's a source… (Show more)
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