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Hello, I have encountering issue on DGN report. The DGN report is just show simple report only, exp. Module 2 slot 11a FAILED. I want to see details report as below sample:   Test 2348, Subtest 0, Module 3, Slot 1 FAILED. Module power supplies -PPM(-10 V) Low Limit : -1.05021500E+01 Result expected : -1.00000000E+01 High Limit : -9.49805100E+00… (Show more)
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Hello together, to reduce cost more and more "functional test with communication over UART" and this on ICT 3070 is subject. Any other do this? Solutions?   Thanks Josef
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I needed to replace an 8 port serial card. Installed a new Digi Neo card in an XW4600 controller with the latest Neo driver for it and now the Keysight software does not work.  After rebooting the controller and test head, when starting DGN, the DGN window appears; however, the window is empty and grayed out. If you start the GUI and press 'load',… (Show more)
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Hi guys I need to install or enabled test monitor on my testers do you know how to do it?..
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Hello guys! We run HP3070 tests on production line and everytime we have hardware problems it takes a lot of time to solve them. So I wanted to know if you guys can help me on some questions I have to speed up this proccess: 1 - Is there a way to measure DUT and MPU voltage by BtBasic? So we don't need to disassemble 3070 just to confirm if… (Show more)
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