• How to connect my Digital Multimeter 34465A to PC using USB

    Hello,   I'm trying to use BenchVue together with my Digital Multimeter to measure some currents. I'm using BenchVue 2018 Update 2 and connecting to the PC via USB. In the "Start here..." section it says that in...
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  • Measure the correct frequency

    Hello, how can I measure the "correct" frequency. I have a frequency generator and a counter. should I connect 1.  10MHz OUT of the generator to the counter 10MHZ IN or  2.  10MHZ OUT of t...
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  • 53210A occasional errors with remote measurement

    We're using a 53210A instead of the 53181A and are experiencing errors that either do not occur with the 53181A or are masked for some reason. The errors as queried from "SYST:ERR?" command via GPIB in order are: +3...
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  • Measuring the time of several pulses

    We use a older HP 53132A in our company and now we bought a Keysight 53220A as a replacement. Now I want do the following measurement: count a certain number of pulses (e.g. 100) and measure the total duration time un...
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  • Allan deviation in 53220A. Fractional or absolute?

    Is the Allan deviation in 53220A calculated in terms of fractional frequency, or absolute frequency? It shows no units so I suspect is fractional frequency, but I have seen pictures of the 53230A on google with Hz uni...
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  • 53230A Frequency ratio data logging

    Hi, we are using 53230A to measure the frequency ration between 2 signals which are around 48000Hz. We are using data logger to store samples to the csv file. The issue is that after some time the number of samples ...
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  • 53131A Error 221 LabVIEW

    Hello, I am writing a LabVIEW program to collect a time and period measurement from a 53131A. After I read the measurement the counter displays "HP IB -221 ".  A measurement is collected no error dialog is thro...
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  • 53230A firmware 2.05 "Powerplay.exe has experienced a serious error..."

    After updating my 53230a to the newest firmware, an up side down errormessage appears on the screen; "Powerplay.exe has experienced a serious error and must shut down". There is no way to remove the errormessage. The ...
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  • 53220 manually stop totalize

    I'm using the totalize function of the 53220, which is connected to a 1V, 1 kHz square wave generator. Setting the 53220A in the continuous mode, after triggering I see the number running on t...
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  • 53230A Lost 010 Option Upon FW Upgrade

    After upgrading a 53230A to FW 2.07, it appears to have lost its 010 Ultra-high-stability OCXO Timebase option. The other options 106, 150, 400 remain on the About screen. Any solution short of replacing the counter?
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  • Frequency standard verification with 53230A

    Our lab has GPS disciplined rubidium freqency standard (Datum 9390-6000) and two free running rubidium frequency standards with 1pps synch options. One of those free running standards is Stanford Research PRS10 and an...
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  • 53131A option H05?

    Hello,   I recently purchased a 53131A counter with option H05. I can't find any information on what this option is. Does anyone know? Thanks.   Jay
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  • 53131 remote use timeout issue (GPIB connection)

    Hi all,   I'm trying to measure some devices (automated) with a Frequency Meter 53131A with python and I’m having some trouble with a timeout issue. These timeout issue appears when the connection between ...
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  • Burst Signal to Agilent 53230A & 53220A

    Hi, I have a doubt whether Agilent Frequency Counter model number 53230A & 53220A can take below mentioned signal on Input: Type of Input Signal: Burst,AM,FM,Noise I am quite sure about AM,FM and Noise bu...
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  • Stability Analysis Using Allan Variance & Agilent 53230A Frequency Counter

    Watch this short video ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIyoWAFo9X0 ) to see a demonstration of making stability analysis measurement on a clock or oscillator signal using a free MatLab program and an Agilent 53230A F...
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  • Differential versus Single-Ended Measurements with 53181A

    Hello, How do you measure a differential clock with the single ended probe provided with the 53181A frequency counter? I have success measuring single-ended clocks always displaying steady at the right frequency, b...
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  • 5342a MW freq counter repair

    I have a 5342A mw frequency counter that has stopped automatically scanning the input for center frequency.  If I manually tell it what frequency to expect, it will correctly show the exact MW input frequency....
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  • How make long period measurement with 53131A

    Hello everyone I need to make a period measurement very long (around 60 seconds, start marker with positive pulse, pulse lenght 400 ms) and I've a problem. I set the 53131A as period measurement, use channel 1, set...
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  • Time Interval Measurements

    53220A Time Interval Measurement  
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  • Post disappeared - censored?

    I had posted a question about long time that it takes for the 53132A counters to give a reading after a 100:1 change in frequency, got an initial reply, then posted another comment/question. The thread apparently was ...
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