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Hello,   I'm trying to use BenchVue together with my Digital Multimeter to measure some currents. I'm using BenchVue 2018 Update 2 and connecting to the PC via USB. In the "Start here..." section it says that instruments plugged in via USB should automatically get connected, but mine does not. When I press "+ADD -> Keysight Connection Expert" it… (Show more)
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Hello, I'm new to this community and I'm looking for a test equipment that can measure both 24MHz and 32.768KHz. I think one channel is enough as I'll try to use a relay card to switch from one to the other. Does anyone have any suggestions on which model of the frequency counter I should purchase? Thanks very much!
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Hello, how can I measure the "correct" frequency. I have a frequency generator and a counter. should I connect 1.  10MHz OUT of the generator to the counter 10MHZ IN or  2.  10MHZ OUT of the counter to the generator 10MHZ IN or 3. free run of both systems. regards robert  
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Labview 2015 failed to connect with Agilent 53220A I am trying to read the frequency detected by the Agilent 53220A in Labview2015 (NI-488.2 17.6 , NI-VISA 18.5, NI-SCOPE 18.7), with NI GPIB-USB-B I run the example provided by Agilent 532XX Series (Agilent 532XX Series Acquire, in an old laptop, the example works well, but the… (Show more)
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We're using a 53210A instead of the 53181A and are experiencing errors that either do not occur with the 53181A or are masked for some reason. The errors as queried from "SYST:ERR?" command via GPIB in order are: +320, "Input signal frequency shift caused internal counter overflow" -410, "Query INTERRUPTED" Both errors are generated after a… (Show more)
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