• open .7zads

    I'm using 2019 ads. I need to open .7zads. Can you please help me to open it? I have attached the file herewith .
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  • Is there a random function in ADS?

    Hi, everyone. Is there a random function in ADS? I want to produce a signal with random initial phase. Thank you.   Best regards,
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  • Can I create a LTE Systemvue project with only one UE, resource allocation type 1. The result CRC pass in VSA decode

    Hi Specialist,   I come from Vinsmart Company. I'm trying to use Systemvue to create the Reference Testvector for my RRH in LTE Project.   So I create a project having only one UE, resource allocation type...
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  • How can I implement Verilog-A components with vector ports in ADS?

    I build components with vector inputs and outputs in Verilog-A. But as soon as I connect these components with usual wires, information gets lost and only the norm of the vector is trasmitted to the following compone...
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  • Genesys worspace tree disappeared

    I'm running Genesys 2014.03(x64) and I accidently deleted my workspace tree. Now I can't get it to show up. I go to View and check Workspace Tree but it doesn't show up whether it is checked or unchecked. How do I fix...
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  • Can we find a varactor diode in ADS?

    Can we find a varactor diode in ADS? If not, how can we model it to get a varying capacitance diode which can be tuned by changing input voltage or power? 
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  • Layout in ADS

    Hi,   I am new to ADS and need help building the layout for a RF energy harvesting circuit so I can develop a PCB. The image below is what I want to transfer to layout. The diodes are based of a component I foun...
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  • Creating Custom Simulator Functions in ADS

    Right now I have an ADS workspace with parts, where I have measured SNP data files for each part's serial number.   In a s-parameter simulation I can perform a paramsweep over an array that lists all the se...
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  • Simulation problem in ADS software

    When we simulate our circuit in ADS software then error message is shown and error message is- 'MOSFET1'is an instance of an undefined model MOSFET1'. So tell me how I remove this error for simulation of our circuit. ...
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  • Simulate S Parameters for All Pass Filter with OpAmp

    Trying to determine how to simulate the S Parameters and Group Delay of an all-pass filter using an Op-Amp. I have the model setup but I am unsure how to obtain the S Parameters since all of the examples that I have f...
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  • "Instance does not have defined parameters."

    ADS, Circuit Design Cookbook, Design of Distributed Wilkinson power divider: Unable to sim circuit due to "Instance does not have defined parameters." Able to create symbol, etc. How to get ADS to generate parameters ...
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  • mesh option for memtum

    Hey,guys   when i simulate a RF inductor with momentum used in mmic(pic.1),i have serval questions as follow: 1.generally,how many cells/wavelength should i set in the option of mesh density?if the num is 80,16...
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  • How to use LTD substrate file in ADS ?

    I want to simulate Transmission line in ADS momentum for that I'm trying to use substrate ,which I got from technology library(65nm TSMC) as a LTD file which I'm able to import in ADS momentum "substrate editor" but I...
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  • Please help me to understand the difference between in ADS EM simulation and HFSS simulation to excite the microstrip line and CPW line.

    I want to the CPW transmission line  S11 below -20dB,  how to reach that?  Is that my port set wrong in EM simulation?   Thanking for any answer.   The substrate for microstrip line (perm...
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  • Hi,I want to do layout simulation in ADS for an antenna with SMT components. So I added SMT passive library into my workspace. But not possible to connect the selected resistor to my layout trace. How to solve this issue?

    Layout simulation with external SMT library components
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  • BRD Import Error: The Cadence Allegro "extracta" utility was not found. Cadence Allegro PCB  Designer must be installed to import a *.brd file.

    Tips: Importing a Cadence Allegro *.brd file into ADS requires an Allegro utility called "extracta". Please make sure that a Cadence Allegro PCB Designer installation is available, and that the location of its "extrac...
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  • Component tolerance variability analisys

    I would like to know If ADS can simulate tolerance ranges of the circuit components and make a dispersion plot from a Montecarlo simulation or something like that.   Thanks in advance
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  • Layout and board tutorials

    Are there any good resources to turn to after watching the tutorial videos for a more thorough guide to board layout in Genesys? I'm designing a multi-layer RF board, and am not sure how to use all of the features....
  • I am not able to replicate the simulation flow in this tutorial for electrothermal simulations : //www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvqTlMOL9gM

    In the substrate definition, a map new layer as a heat source option is not available. we have ADS_2016.   
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  • "K" values in 2D model

    Is there a way to employ admittance inverter models in a TEM cavity model within 2D- circuit editor to calculate 'coupling' values in a filter?  I have seen this accomplished in AWR and want to do the same in Gen...
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