• Schottky Diode Model

    Hello, This is a question about how to model a Schottky Diode. As we know, schottky diode is diffrent from PN-Junction diode, but only PN diode can be modelled in ADS, and how to model a schottky diode using PN-Juncti...
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  • Crashing ADS 2011.10 leads to 'locked' schematics/layout files

    This has happened a few times. I'll crash ADS and then reload it to try accessing the layout/schematic I was working on and I'll get the following error: http://imgur.com/D1PEXva This makes the layout/schematic in...
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  • Is it possible to get loss parameters(RLGC) of transmission line in ADS Momentum ?

    I have created layout a for transmission line using commercial IC technology PDK  and performed sp simulation in ADS.Is it possible to get loss parameters(RLGC) of the transmission line in ADS so t...
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  • Taking Average of 2 x s-parameter files then Export as Touchstone

    I have managed to take the average of my s-parameter measurements https://community.keysight.com/message/27114?commentID=27114#comment-27114. I am able to plot them in GENESYS and create a table successfully. My prob...
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  • comparison between the SystemVue, ADS and LabView

    need comparison between the SystemVue, ADS and LabView, especially in perspective of Radar System design and simulations?
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  • SnapShottoData not working as expected

    I created a Matlab script that creates a histogram variable "Counts" depending on which path and measurement I want to analyze from corresponding MonteCarlo datasets.  "Counts" contains the bin values (specified ...
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  • SiPro Differential S-Parameter Plots

    Hi, Have imported a simple flex ribbon cable Allegro layout into SiPro which worked fine.  Setup all of the ports and finished the simulation which completed and converged without any warnings or errors. Went t...
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  • Failed to write LTD file to Disk

    Hello,   While simulating in SipiPro we are encountering below error,How can i resolve it?   "Error:Error:Fails to write LTD file to disk"    Also attached error image for your reference.
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  • Optimizer's strange behaviour

    Hi, i've got strange bug during optimization in ADS.   I've make schematic based on few SnP files and AMI model of FPGA Tx and Rx to perform SI analysis and optimize transciever parameters. So i've specify Tx an...
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  • ADS 2017 envelope simulation error

    I am simulating a Power amplifier design and my input is an envelope modulated signal with a sampling frequency 92.16 MHz. while using envelope simulation the "TIme Step too small" error is coming.  And it is tak...
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  • Ideal Frequency Multipliers in ads

    Hello, I need to know how to fill the ideal frequency multiplier data based on the datasheet. I will be grateful if you could let me know for this specific component. (My mixer is RMK-5-571+ mini-circuit)
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  • How to set the width of a rectangle as a tuneable parameter

    I have the gerbers for a PCB antenna, which I have imported into a Genesys layout. Changing the length of the antenna element changes the antenna's resonant frequency. How do I get Genesys to tell me how long it has t...
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  • S parametre fitting

    Hi, all I have a problem that how to extract the circuits from microstrip in Fig1? I have measured the S parametre of the microstrip as a 2-port network and then how to fit the measured S_parametre by extracted circ...
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  • Problem importing this PSPICE model

    Whenever I import this (http://epc-co.com/epc/documents/spice-files/PSPICE/EPC2036_V100_PSPICE.net): ----- ----- ----- * (C) Copyright Efficient Power Conversion Corporation. All rights reserved. *************...
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  • Creating Custom Simulator Functions in ADS

    Right now I have an ADS workspace with parts, where I have measured SNP data files for each part's serial number.   In a s-parameter simulation I can perform a paramsweep over an array that lists all the se...
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  • Issues with SIPro

    Tried to run the sample program of the Panda_Board layout using DC IR Drop analysis.  Did exactly what the online video asked, but get an error with the following dialog:   Starting PI-DC simulation.The comm...
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  • Problem with the number of phase fronts when attempting to generate OAM

    Problem with the number of phase fronts when attempting to generate OAM: In brief, an OAM (Orbital Angular Momentum) beam with a specific mode l should present exactly l number of helical phase fronts in its radiatio...
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  • IBIS-AMI Model Generation Error in SystemVue

    HI, I am try to generate the IBIS-AMI model using SystemVue W1714EP AMI Modeling Kit. I have Visual Studio 2015 update 3 installed in my laptop.   It gives the below error.   Please find below the e...
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  • How to use LTD substrate file in ADS ?

    I want to simulate Transmission line in ADS momentum for that I'm trying to use substrate ,which I got from technology library(65nm TSMC) as a LTD file which I'm able to import in ADS momentum "substrate editor" but I...
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  • DAta access component - change file during sweep

    I run a sweep optimization, and every time I am reading the circuit parameters from DAC (data access component). I want the current simulation generate the parameter files for the next sweep. So, I need to write the ...
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