• SystemVue cann't configure ModelSim

    I am doing example 2 "discovering digital filter2_FXP-HDL". after i finished related work about schemetic design and run the simulation, an error happened. The error is" path of Modelsim is not specified correctly, pl...
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  • Scaling problem in ReadBaseBandStudioFile in SystemVue 2016.08

    I found the description for "ReadBaseBandStudioFile" as the following in " Home > Part Catalog > Algorithm Design Library > Sources Category > ReadBaseBandStudioFile Part " IQ is represented as a...
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  • Hello Sir/ma, am a new member and am New to ADS. I will like to know if i can use it to model Trancievers at mmwave frequecy.

    Hello Sir/ma, am a new member and am New to ADS. I will like to know if i can use it to model Trancievers at mmwave frequecy. Thank you
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  • Zero IF Receiver

    In 'Simple Tx Rx' example in SystemVue, ZIF Receiver gives a demodulated output even when i make LO frequency different from RF frequency. How do you explain that? For ZIF Receiver to work, LO frequency should be same...
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  • rician channel in DVBS2_AWGN_BER examples

    Hi, How can i add rician channel in DVBS2_AWGN_BER examples, I am trying to compare BER with rician and without rician, can somebody help me please thanks. I did try to add comm channel like this but simulation...
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  • VTB_WLAN library problems

    Hi, I tried to use the VTB-WLAN_11ac library, and I have problems if I chose the MCS=0, if I chose MCS=3 or above it works OK. Do you know if there is an issue on the library.?   I use the Tx_1Ant_Analysis bloc...
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  • I want to export a graph dataset (points) (from SystemVue workspace Design_x Analysis). How do I do that?

    I want to export a graph dataset (points) (from SystemVue workspace Design_x Analysis) to be recognized by a plotting software. How do I do that? The SystemVue print function only has "PrintScreen" ???
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  • BFSK modulation and demodulation

    I was using LTspice for the simulation and I am trying out ADS to test its advantage for my task.   I would like to have a BPSK and BFSK modulator and demodulator circuit. In LTspice I was doing this modulator b...
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  • Bit-Error-Rate (BER) simulation error.

    Hello,   I am new to SystemVue and I am trying to simulate a simple system in order to get Bit Error Rate curves. Apparently I am doing something wrong but I cannot find out the mistake. Could somebody please h...
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  • Simulation of Complete Satellite-to-Ground Communication System

    Hello,   I want to use the SystemVue to model the entire RF and digital communication system and perform simulations to calculate BER and verify link performance for a LEO Earth Observation Satellite with a onbo...
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  • Delay synchronization issue in BER simulation for OQPSK system

    Hi, I am new SystemVue user and I am trying to simulate a OQPSK system in order to get Bit Error Rate curves. There is a mistake in the delay function (synchronization) and I cannot find it. Could somebody help me? ...
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  • Technical Support Documents & Examples (Knowledge Center)

    Looking for self-help online?  Visit SystemVue Technical Support Documents & Examples
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  • Can not register

    I am not sure if this is the correct place to ask this.  I am trying to regsiter systemvue using Network server.  When I go Purchased software - Network License Server and then enter the name nothing happens...
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  • SystemVue Product Documentation Online

    Looking for product documentation online? * SystemVue 2009.08 Product Documentation * SystemVue 2009.05 Product Documentation * SystemVue 2008.12 Product Documentation * SystemVue 2006 & 2007.03 Product Documenta...
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  • Additional web links

    Helpful SystemVue URLs to bookmark These SystemVue links require a valid Support Login Tech Support articles for SystemVue: http://edocs.soco.agilent.com/display/eesofkc/SystemVue SystemVue 2009.05 Documentation...
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  • Real Filter simulation on SystemVue

    Hello. I have been work at a real Satellite Comunication System simulation. However, I had been some problems to simulate my real elliptical filter. In order to predict the precise filter degradation on my system, I ...
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  • Spectral Power Measurement

    In ADS Ptolemy is a measurement *spec_power()*, which integrates a spectrum and returns the total power within the given bandwidth. Is there a similar function in SystemVue or how to calculate this measurement using M...
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  • *.wav file in SystemVue

    Hi, Is it possible to import in SystemVue an audio signal from a *.wav file? Alain  
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  • Matlab Cosimulation part

    hello all; when i use matlab cosimulation part i have the following error Error: MATLAB_Cosim `Design1__M1': There is no MATLAB session Error: MATLAB_Cosim `Design1__M1': Please make sure MATLAB is installed with co...
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  • comibner in system vue

    Dear..i am new user of system vue.I am facing the problem to combine two or more baseband signals at trnasmitter and then get back them at recevier separatly. I did not find any combiner block in the system vue tool.p...
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