• SnapShottoData not working as expected

    I created a Matlab script that creates a histogram variable "Counts" depending on which path and measurement I want to analyze from corresponding MonteCarlo datasets.  "Counts" contains the bin values (specified ...
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  • Failed to write LTD file to Disk

    Hello,   While simulating in SipiPro we are encountering below error,How can i resolve it?   "Error:Error:Fails to write LTD file to disk"    Also attached error image for your reference.
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  • IBIS-AMI Model Generation Error in SystemVue

    HI, I am try to generate the IBIS-AMI model using SystemVue W1714EP AMI Modeling Kit. I have Visual Studio 2015 update 3 installed in my laptop.   It gives the below error.   Please find below the e...
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  • Can I create a LTE Systemvue project with only one UE, resource allocation type 1. The result CRC pass in VSA decode

    Hi Specialist,   I come from Vinsmart Company. I'm trying to use Systemvue to create the Reference Testvector for my RRH in LTE Project.   So I create a project having only one UE, resource allocation type...
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  • How much it cost a ADS license

    Hi im interested to adquired a ADS License but i wanna know how much it cost for a studen   somebody can help me?  
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  • How much it cost a studen license

    Hi i want to know how much it cost a studen license , and the type of support that give a student
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  • RFAMP as LNA in SystemVue

    I am using RFAMP component from 'RF Design Library' in system vue. I want to define this amplifier as low noise amplifier (LNA) by defining its s-parameter values and noise figure at operating frequency.   But n...
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  • DVBS2_FrameSync in DVB receiver

    Hi,   I’m working on DVBS2 receiver with SystemVue. In the library there is a block called „DVBS2_FrameSync“. Please refer attachment for description of it. My question is, I can’t find ...
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  • Hi, We are using W1714EP (AMI Modeling Kit)

    Hi, We use it to generate IBIS-AMI models. We run equalization adaptation in our IBIS-AMI model and would need to know a way so that we can write the final adapted values in a log file etc. Is there any block/mod...
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  • How in SystemVue the two thermal noise floor adds up after a combiner?

    I am making a Tx chain using IQ mixer, so the signal first passes through Hybrid-90 and then IQ mixer and they are combined (as shown in Figure below). The combiner at the output doesn't have any phase difference (i.e...
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  • two questions to the DVBS2 library in SystemVue

    Hi,   I have two questions to the DVBS2 library in SystemVue.   There are CRCEncoder and BBScrambler blocks for transmitter but no corresponded counterparts for receiver. How to perform such tasks? The DV...
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  • Hi, We are using W1714EP (AMI Modeling Kit)

    We use it to generate IBIS-AMI models. We have a flow that can generate .DLL files for windows but we cannot yet figure out how to generate the *.so files for linux using the flow . Can you please guide us what setup ...
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  • SystemVue Phased Array Beam Pattern

    Hi,  How can I select the beam pattern and its settings in the results section after I have put together a simple Rx array chain?    Thanks
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  • RF to Digital Simulation

    I want to use SystemVue or ADS to model and simulate a microwave receiver front-end. I want to simulate from RF input through the A to D conversion and generate digital I/Q signals for analysis. Can anyone point me to...
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  • Radar example in SystemVue fails

    Hi,   I just ran the example simulation PD_Radar but an error occured:   Sdata ‚PD_Radar__Ant__S1‘: DataFileName provided „...\AntSData_new.s2p“ is not a valid file.   Can ...
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  • FPGA programming and Hardware in Loop validation with custom firmware and chipset

    Hello, I need to program my FPGA+Antenna module pair, working as massive mimo with custom "Software defined radio" firmware. Is it possible to load it in fpga block in systemvue, and program my modules over...
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  • SystemVue tool crash

    Hello Sir,            I am trying to debug an issue using systemVue and I am unable to get the solution of it.     Issue : For all this time I was simulating file with...
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  • SystemVue simulation

    I encountered such a problem in the simulation process:"Failed to allocate memory during initialization",I hope experienced experts can guide me to solve the problem,thanks
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  • How can I combine a LTE and CW signal, and then download to M9381A using M9381A_Signal_Downloader

    As the subject, I'm trying to combine a LTE signal and CW signal using Combiner in SystemVue, and then Download to M9381A using M9381A Signal Downloader.
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  • How do you feed table data into Amplifier_M@data flow models?

    I have a file of losses in a feed network generated within Genesys. I now want to use this file to assign appropriate losses to a 2x4 array of antennas. I see in one of the examples that they do something like this to...
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