• CMOS RFIC substrate ground

    Hi   I want to simulate a RFIC inductor layout in CMOS technology. During EM simulation which layer will be used as a GROUND, since in RFIC several metal layers and substrate itself can be assigned a ground? ...
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  • Failed to write LTD file to Disk

    Hello,   While simulating in SipiPro we are encountering below error,How can i resolve it?   "Error:Error:Fails to write LTD file to disk"    Also attached error image for your reference.
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  • How much it cost a ADS license

    Hi im interested to adquired a ADS License but i wanna know how much it cost for a studen   somebody can help me?  
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  • How much it cost a studen license

    Hi i want to know how much it cost a studen license , and the type of support that give a student
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  • Circuit Simulator View

    I am using the Momentum-Virtuoso tool for creation a symbol by Circuit Simulator view tool but the Symbol can not be detected by Calibre nmLVS does anybody know about the mentioned matter
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  • BFSK modulation and demodulation

    I was using LTspice for the simulation and I am trying out ADS to test its advantage for my task.   I would like to have a BPSK and BFSK modulator and demodulator circuit. In LTspice I was doing this modulator b...
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  • How is RFDE different from ADS?

    RFDE is the RF Design Environment.  You can find a lot of information about RFDE at:  http://eesof.tm.agilent.com/products/rfde.html
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  • Missing cells in $HPEESOF_DIR/cdslibs/adsLib

    I installed ADS2003A(2003A.300 Apr  9 2003) with choosing "complete". But the following cells are missing in $HPEESOF_DIR/cdslibs/adsLib.    adsLib/Amplifier type="cell"    adsLib/Amplifier...
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  • Issues on rfdePdc and rfdePsin

    If I use following component specification in Spectre,   PORT1 (out 0) port r=50 type=dc   PORT0 (out 0) port r=50 type=sine freq=1G ampl=5 mag=1 ADS netlister map these lines to following as ADS netlist....
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  • Any tip for translation of bsim3v3 of Spectre

    Hi, expert. I translated bsim3v3 model of Spectre to ADS'model using nettrans(Netlist Translator (*) 230.300 Apr  6 2003). Followings are extraction from model and translated one.   (1) Spectre model model...
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  • Issue about analogLib/xfmr

    "termOrder in simInfo->ads" of analogLib/xfmr is improper When I netlist circuit including "analogLib/xfmr", spectre's netlist is like following:   PORT0 (in 0) port r=50 num=1 type=dc   R0 (out 0) res...
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  • Issues on translating device model file

    When I translated Spectre's model files into ADS syntax using "nettrans(Netlist Translator (*) 230.300 Apr  6 2003)", I noticed some defects in translation. My setting for option of "nettrans" is "-pl spectre -g ...
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  • nettrans do incomplete translation

    When spectre nelist file name is same as subckt name, "nettrans" do incomplete translation without any message as logfile. For example, try following "cap.scs" and "sub.scs".  % nettrans cap.scs cap_scs.ads -pl...
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  • Step source for TRAN and HB

    In spectre, I use a step signal as voltage source to kick start oscillator. For example, I use following step voltage source.   V0 (vcc! 0) vsource dc=5 type=pulse val0=0.0 val1=5 rise=1n This voltage source wo...
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  • How to set Analysis Order

    In Spectre, we can set analysis order by specifying it in "Analog Circuit Design Enviornment/Setup/Environment/Analysis Order", e.g. "dc noise tran ac". We can specify analysis order also in native ADS using "ParamSw...
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  • "-l" option is invalid in "nettrans"

    It seems that "-l" option in "nettrans" doesn't work for Spectre. For example, try following Spectre's netlist   parameters  re=450   parameters  rc=1k   parameters  flo=1G If I use ...
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  • How to import graphics under RFDE to MS Word

    Using HPGL filter provided by microsoft.com, you can import graphics under RFDE to MS Word/PowerPoint. First get HPGL filter from microsoft. See EEsof Knowledge Center>Support Documents>MDS>MDS Misc Document...
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  • Data Items in RFDE

    I know how to utilize data items with more than 10 ports in ADS, but how do I do this in RFDE?  There is a way, right? Thanks in advance for any help!  
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  • LoadPull Example Needed

    LoadPull analysis is extremely useful in amplifier design.  Is there any chance that EEsof can provide a LoadPull example for RFDE?  Does one already exist that can be placed on this EEsof Knowledge Center d...
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  • Noise correlation for phase noise

    This is cross posted in the ADS Analog Sim board with more info. I am trying to get statistical noise data from a phase noise analysis of a doubler.  I am using an OSCwphnoise source and am trying to find out ho...
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