• HSPICE Netlister

    Hello, Trying to ouput an HSPICE test netlist.  Read documentation on the new FEF tools, and found the HSPICE example files in $INSTALL/netlist_exp directory.   Question:  How to install these files o...
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  • RFDE crashes when netlisting

    RFDE crashes when netlisting design.  When RFDE is first loaded and design is opened, netlister works fine on circuit.  If I change the slightest parameter, regardless of the parameter, the netlister crashes...
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  • Multiple Sims under OCEAN

    Anyone know if it is possible in OCEAN to run multiple sims of the same type using the same dataset. For example I would like to run two S-parameter simulations SP1 (w/ swept frequency), SP2 (with swept temp) and have...
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  • Monte Carlo and Temperature

    Is there any way to add temperature to a Monte Carlo Run?  Is there any way to run a parameter sweep with Monte Carlo?    
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  • Compiling and loading AEL without reload

    Is there any way to add and use custom AEL code without having to exit CDS every time.  I find it very time consuming to debug code by exiting and loading CDS everytime I need debug (which is seems is very often ...
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  • How to design 11a PA with Loadpull RFDE?

    any one could give advices will be appreciated!! Thanks a lot!  
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  • Disabling Extrapolation from last DC convergence

    Is there anyway of disabling the feature that uses extrapolated information from the last DC convergence for the next Analysis/datapoint.  It is preventing convergence in many of my simulations Example.  I ...
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  • Missing components in RFDE

    Hi all, Here is my problem: OpAmp behavioral component is missing in RFDE environment while available in ADS. (Mixer behav. component is there in RFDE though) I've heard from an Agilent guy that some of ADS componen...
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  • Budget Analysis?

    Hi All I am currently working on Receiver design, and come to know that ADS can do Budget Analysis for system level and transfer the data to Excel. Can anyone tell me how to do this or any document that can help to...
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  • could not edit adslib component parameters

    Hello, I could not edit the parameters for any of adslib component ? Regards  
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  • how to use "nettrans" to transfer HSPICE

    I shall try using "nettrans input.file output.file -h -g,translate HSPICE file to RFDE file ,but couldn't. please help to me  
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  • Voltage probing and clock generation problem

    Hello All, I am new to ADS and I have following questions. 1. I tried to probe voltages at different nodes by labeling them with "Wire/Pin Label". But, I am not able to see them in the dataset. Do I need to enable s...
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  • Convert numeric data into voltage

    Hello, I am new to ADS. I have very basic power amplifier. I am generating input stimuli using numeric source. How do I convert numeric '1' & '0' to voltages '1.4V' and '0 V' to drive MOSFETs of the amplifier ? ...
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  • design_name() for RFDE

    Hi. In ADS_Native Environment, I use design_name() from "Example ID: 150488" to insert design name into Data Display Window. (1) "design_name()" look for "netlist.log" (2) "design_name()" sees "TopDesignName=" state...
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  • hello

    Dear Sir, I am a new RFDE user. Please kind advise where can I find user guide, reference, examples...anything Thanks in advance,  
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  • Information about Spectre-Compatibility feature

    There is a new document that RFDE users might be interested in: Caution about Spectre-Compatibility feature for RFDE and Dynamic Link 2005A/2006A users.[/url] nilesh
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  • Changing SimKit version

    How can we change SimKit version in our RFDE simulations ?? As NXP, we use 2.4 version (soon 2.5 ) of SimKit but RFDE uses by default 2.3.2a that is standart preinstalled version. Which config files should be modifi...
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  • analogLib source vs adsLib source

    Hi, I am simulating a differential amplifier and I wanted to compare the results from Cadence with the results from RFDE. I used a 2-tone signal (10M, 15M) and used a transient simulation (stop:400n, max step: 100p)....
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  • Source ppwlf in ADSsim ?

    Hallo, I have the following problem: in Cadence, there is a port ppwlf whose voltage behaviour is described in a specific file. Trying ppwlf in the simulator Adssim, I get the error message: "While evaluating expre...
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  • RFDE is not opening through VNC

    If you are facing problem while opening RFDE through VNC and getting the error/warning like: "Agilent Technologies RF Design Environment *WARNING* file /gfs/ind/tcsnas02/home_01/kuprasad/CDS.log File is already locked...
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